Internship Experience@ Zeus Law, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi: Great Work Environment, Stipend of Rs 1500

Intern Detail

Neha Niharika, 4th Year, BBA LLB, Amity Law School, Jaipur

Name of the Organisation

ZEUS Law, New Delhi

Addssress : 2, Palam Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi- 110057

Duration of Internship

1 Month

June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016

Application Procedure

I got this Internship through my college Student Resource Centre (SRC) but You can apply by sending your CV along with a cover letter on the email address mentioned on its website.


Since I am from Jaipur, so the only option I had was to stay in a PG. There were not mucH PGs around the office. But you can find lots of PG in and around Hauz Khas (8 km from office)

First Impression

I was quiet nervous on the first day. I reached office half hour before the scheduled time. later, 5 more interns came and we were made to sit in the conference room for an hour.

Then our HR Ms Pooja arrived and she gave all of us a kit containing some instruction papers, a form, one notepad, assignment sheets etc.

Then all the interns were introduced to all the associates, senior partners and other interns( who were already present there)

After that, we all were allotted our seats. I was given Litigation department. Each department had several teams containing 4 members each (one senior associates, two associates and one intern).

All of us were assigned to our mentors. Ms. Anubha was my mentor. She was so generous and humble. She guided me all the way.

Main Tasks

The main task was research work as research is needed in almost every work from filing a case to drafting. Mostly, I had to search relevant case laws related to the case.

I had also drafted a letter on behalf of the client. Ms Aastha guided me a lot and taught me the drafting work.

I also had to read lots of cases and had to prepare LOD (List of Dates).

In the last week of the Internship, I had to give a presentation on any topic of my choice addressing all the associates and other interns. I presented on the topic NATIONAL JUDGES APPOINTMENT COMMISSION.

Work Environment

All the associates and staffs were very friendly. You can easily interact with each of them.

Office hour was from 9:30 a.m to 7:00 p.m . so, it used to be very tiring day. But the best part was that you can have tea or coffee available at your table at any time.

The office had a little kitchen and a dining space. All the associates and interns used to have lunch together in the dining space. Many a times we used to order high tea and snacks in evening from outside.

Best Things

The best thing was that the office had a great work environment and helpful associates. They used to teach us what we did not know.

Unlike other internships where interns gets grilled and associates alot their work to the interns, Zeus Law did not had any such drawbacks. The mentors were always there to guide you.

Every day I used to get a new assignment. so, the work was never boring and also I could learn a lot about various topics.

Bad Things

The worst thing was that there was no good place to eat around the office.

The AC used to make me feel like I am sitting in Shimla.

We had to wear formals everyday. That was hard to maintain after having entire tiring day.

We mostly had office work. They should have taken us for court visits.


1500 per month

Best Lesson

I learnt a lot while interning in ZEUS Law and the experience will be hepful in my further internships.




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