Why a Law Aspirant can Join CNLU: An Open Letter from CNLU Students

Why a law aspirant can join CNLU

With the results of the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) finally being out, Social Networking platforms are full of debates and arguments as to which law school to prefer over another.

If you are a law aspirant in a similar dilemma, it is very important for you to understand a very important point before you take into account any of these facebook threads or even this article.

Please Note that people who are not a part of any institution, cannot analyse or judge the place; All they can do is merely SPECULATE. And making a choice on the basis of speculations is not a sensible option.

Chanakya National Law University

We write this not to prove to you how and why CNLU should be preferred over NLUO or NUALS or RGNUL, neither do we intend to comment on these law school because we do not feel we are in the perfect position to do so. Here we have for you few simple reasons why you as law aspirants can come and be a part of CNLU and what does this college offer to you.

ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITIES:  The opportunities that you will get in CNLU are enormous, not being in the top few NLUs will not just reduce the takers here, but also if you feel that you have it in you to exploit this chance and make it big.

The competition that you will face here trying to snatch that opportunity from you will be lesser.

CLASSES 9 to 1:30 : In CNLU we have classes from 9 to 1:30, that gives you more than sufficient time to invest in avenues that you want.

Be it academic research, mooting, debating and etc, the classes will never occupy such a substantial part of your day that you will have no time for these activities.

GOOD LIBRARY AND DECENT INFRASTRUCTURE:  CNLU has a decent infrastructure that is up and functioning. We also have a good library where students can invest time in research and academic purpose.

A COMPARABLE CROWD TO ALL THE NLUs: If you come to CNLU you will find people of all the genres. The Intellectuals, The Academic Oriented, The Revolting Ones, The Stupid and Irritating Ones and etc.

The proportion might vary in various NLUs, but the crowd is by no way an aspect which you can count against us. We have them all.

Inclusive of everything said above, we also have our share of problems.

Our placements have not been phenomenal and we remain dissatisfied about it.

Editor’s Note: In 2012, out of a batch 0f 80 students, 68 sat for placements. 

Only 25 found jobs.

Out of these 25 jobs, 11 were in Quislex (an LPO), 3 were in Pangea3 (another LPO) while 6 were in AIR (All India Reporter).

None of the big law firms made job offers. See HERE.

We have few faculties whom we are not satisfied with and we constantly raise up our voices against them. We have our differences with the administration and stand up for what we believe is right. But these are problems that any other law school (if you take away the top few) can identify with.

The very reason why you are even thinking of CNLU as an option is because you cannot get the top few NLUs – Please do not forget this. So you can’t expect CNLU to meet up to those standards.

People who have worked hard from CNLU have reached places. If you have your perspectives in the right place, you too will succeed from here. As an institution CNLU is growing and it will.

To those people who are constantly speaking ill of the institution on the grounds of our resentments that we were vocal about, should know that “WE BEING VOCAL ABOUT OUR PROBLEMS IS NOT BECAUSE CNLU IS A FAILURE. IT IS BECAUSE WE WANT TO PERFORM BETTER AND ARE NOT READY TO SETTLE DOWN FOR ANYTHING INFERIOR.”

If you consider our institution too worthless for you great stature, please do not join CNLU. We do not want to have you here. As for others who plan to join CNLU, the existing students are always there to help JJ

Make Smart Choices (Yourself)

Students, CNLU


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