Internship @ Vrinda Grover, Senior Advocate, New Delhi: Great for Would-be Human Rights Lawyers, Some Clerical Work, No Stipend

Name of Organisation

Chambers of Vrinda Grover, Senior Advocate

Office-N-SQ7, Saket, New Delhi

Team: One Junior Lawyer

Application process

Send in your CV a month or two in advance at

She is the junior lawyer, who also handles the applications for internships. Follow up in case you don’t get a reply within a week. You will be asked to send in a written sample to assess your application.


10 am to 6 pm. Saturdays are working.

First day formalities, etc:

Her office is located in Saket, near PVR Saket. The office has two floors. Ms. Grover sits on the first floor, and the interns sit on the second floor, along with her junior lawyer. There are mostly 2-3 interns at a time.

On the first day, we were introduced to Ms. Grover after lunch. There were no such formalities as such.

Main Tasks:

The main task was mostly research work, depending on the case that was being dealt with by Ms. Grover. There was a lot of clerical work also, which got  dull at times.

There were no court visits or attending conferences with Ms. Grover, though some interns in the past were taken to court.

Work environment, people:

The work environment is average. The junior lawyer assigns most of the work, and is helpful in all ways.

Since it is a human rights internship, there is no dearth of work. However, there is plenty of clerical work to do too. This may include translating from Hindi to English, printing, preparing new files, etc.

Best things:

You get to interact with Ms. Grover directly at times, and are required to brief her on the work you are doing.

If there is an ongoing case in the Supreme Court, she expects you to be updated on the matter, and research on it.

A good experience for someone looking to make a career in Human Rights.

Bad things:

You are required to bring your own internet device.

The office has a wifi, but the password is not shared with the interns.

Surrounding places:

There is a small market close by, where one can eat lunch.

However, if one wishes, there is a dabba service that delivers lunch to her office. The same can be ordered through phone.



Biggest lesson:

If your work does not meet her expectations, be prepared for some harsh comments. But at the end of the day, one gets to learn!


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