VIT Law School Fest ‘VITness’ 2015 [Oct 18, Chennai]: Register by Oct 1

VIT Law School , VIT University, Chennai is organising VITness, a law school fest in the month of October.

One of our events is the Think Thank Championship , a policy formulation event.

How would it feel to step into the shoes of the cabinet for one single day and frame policies that could revolutionize the entire world we live in today? Fascinating?

Well here, we are. VIT Law School , VIT University , Chennai  is extremely honored to present VITness THINK TANK CHAMPIONSHIP 2015.

As the name suggests, the event will focus on policy formulation. In this era of globalization, it is unfortunate that we see most of the policies failing all over the globe, not because they lack deliberations but because they lack implementation.

So, it’s time to wrack your brains to solve unsettled social – legal  issues effectively to bring about a change.

Further details can be accessed HERE.

Registrations can be done HERE.


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