By Tanuj Kalia

NOTE: The post was first published on December 7, 6 PM.

An Assistant Professor at the College of Legal Studies, UPES Dehradun has been caught red handed asking for a bribe of Rs. 25,000 to wrongly rectify the attendance shortage of a student studying in the college.

Some time back the same student was asked to pay a bribe of Rs. 1.5 lakh to avoid a ‘year back’.

Another student confirmed being asked to pay Rs. 50,000 to avoid being debarred from a subject due to attendance shortage.

The students told Lawctopus that a couple of the UPES’ students also have the bank receipts for such transactions.

Lawctopus has access to the audio recordings of the phone calls between Dr. Kumar and the concerned students and parents.

We’ve also confirmed the news with four current students and an alumni of UPES Dehradun.

According to independent sources, around 5 such confirmed instances of ‘money for attendance’ all involving the same professor have happened.

A source on the condition of confidentiality told us that a regular practice of the concerned faculty is to make up a list of students falling on the ‘borderline’ of attendance shortage and then call up the parents of such students filling them on chances of a ‘year back’ and the repercussions and expenses such an event would incur.

On the third or the fourth phone call, the concerned faculty goads the parent into paying him a bribe.

UPDATE 1, 10.30 AM: We tried reaching the UPES’ administration for an official response, but they were not available for  comment.

UPDATE 2, 6.15 PM: We’ve received a reply by the University via email. Below is the content of the email, reproduced verbatim. Emphasis in bold is ours.

A complaint was received alleging that [Dr. Kumar], Assistant Professor Selection Grade of the College of Legal Studies had purportedly asked for money from a student’s parents for improving the attendance record of a student in his charge, so as to enable him to qualify for appearing in the examinations.

Based on this allegation, the [concerned faculty] was suspended immediately from duty on 5th December, 2014.

An investigation has been initiated on this matter. A departmental enquiry for misconduct and violation of the University Rules governing discipline and good conduct of employees has been ordered.

Pending findings of the investigation, the faculty has been declared persona non grata and asked not to enter the campus without permission as also not to exercise any pressure on complainants / their parents to influence the proceedings.

The email further said: This prompt action of the University shows that UPES has zero tolerance for such kind of misconduct and disciplinary behavior. This act of University is a clear message that there is no place for corruption in UPES.

UPDATE 3, August 12, 2017, 3.50 PM: We stand by everything mentioned in the original post which can be accessed via the Wayback machine.

However, on compassionate grounds, and recognizing the ‘right to be forgotten’ w.r.t online content, we have edited the post to remove the full name of the faculty concerned.

We’ve also removed the University’s logo (which was a big bone of contention in the then comments).


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  1. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Village Bidholi, Dehradun offers courses in Engineering, Management and Law courses. I just want to raise or say just put forward some genuine points about UPES, Dehradun:
     Your placement was never 100% since inception. This is well known to everyone working there but on paper you forge it. UPES is master of forgery!
     HOD of […] Department is facing CBI enquiry because he forged his Ph. D. and become Ph. D. guide of many students whose carrier is still hanging. Not only had you offered him job but fake and worthless UPES Ph. D. degree too. Why because 420 people are liked by 420 organizations.
     This time admission is 600 students less than last year i.e. 2015 in engineering courses and claim yourself world class! Shame on you.
     There no research facility or lab equipments required for research, then you come so many Ph. D. coming out from UPES. Obviously fake degree.
     Engineering graduates from many braches get merely 15,000 Rs per month and still you are proud of your placement.
     One company like Larsen and turbo comes and say your courses are outdated for civil engineering and still you are continuing with that course. Pity on your civil students.
     In many cases after the semester is ended there is always a course or lab which is not conducted throughout the semester and you still manage it proudly! Great managements.
     Regarding attendance they are always on flip flop between manual and card punching system of UPES. Some faculty debars students based on online attendance some based on manual attendance. In nut and shell if you are attending classes then also you can be debarred. I personally suffered due this faulty system. Great UPES!
     I do not claim all but 80% faculties of UPES are worthless. Neither they know how to teach nor how to handle students. There no fixed criteria for post or salary for faculty e.g. N B Soni HOD of Electrical department is just M. Tech. and is Associate Professor! And is about to become Professor after completing worthless Ph. D. from UPES.
     Dean […] from UPES is neither interested in taking classes nor is research oriented. Honestly interested in politics only! Great Dean
     […] is like a pawn with no courage or inner strength.
     Some faculties are M. Sc. Or MCA and still teaching in Engineering and are awarded Ph. D. degrees from UPES! Milestone in teaching
     They will force you to spend full 2 hrs in a lab which is not fit for spending 15 mins also.
     You know […] became dean and Professor as soon as he got his Ph. D. degree, Why? Because is always interested in Palm greasing of Management.
     They start any course without any on ground preparation just because we fool students take admission in that course just by looking at it’s name.
     In M. Tech. Energy System students are placed in tour and travel agencies as booking clerk, just to show 100% placement.

  2. To sum up in one word, its “awful”. Though the students themselves are annoying and cliquey, you always have to watch your back before speaking out the truth. Ouch! It hurts 😉 Still wondering how people spend their freshman year with such scam universities. with a major in Petroleum and Natural Gas (don’t take it in literal sense)! LOL! 😉 Everyone studying there is so hyped about this post, but to be honest its just an informative post for other people considering to join this petroleum or gas or whatever this gas station is offering!

    For all past, current and future students I just wanna say “it’s too late to actually penetrate any of these douche social cliques that serve as gateways to any sort of life there”! RIP! Period!

    Thanks for this post anyway admin! 😀 😀 😀 Brilliant Job! (Applaud) 😉

  3. Iam an alumni of UPES. I have literally seen a senior most authority from [] asking 1 lakh as bribe to not get year back. Several faculty also ask for bottles of liquor as bribe to give good grades.
    People must know these names.
    They are: […]

    • [] is the most corrupt dept in UPES. They can do anything! All you need to have is a big bag of cash. Throw each note at these greedy dogs and see how your grades change!

      Iam also an alumni at UPES.

    • And I am a STUDENT (Current one); and I wonder how come I haven’t come across things people out here are claiming! Well, it would be a different story if you folks went about begging for attendance and grades!

      Clean Hands mates, clean hands! 🙂

      • You not knowing the corrupt does not mean that corruption does not exist! Most of the UPES faculty are really corrupt. Trust me guys. I was there for 5 years. You have less attendance or want to get good grades or prevent year back, just throw away money at them.
        I still remember the days my friend was called up to a faculty’s house and was asked to pay 5k for getting A- grade.

        All the faculty are not corrupt. Infact there are people who are very transparent and fair enough. I am talking about those who are corrupt.

  4. My end semester exams started today..i had a good time discussing the comments with my roommates during the night when we got sleepy. Some of the comments here are REALLY foolishly hilarious.
    I mean here is a post regarding a faculty who took a bribe and people are arguing about petty issues such as how bad a random guys english is and why the logo of the university and the name of the university is mentioned again and again.
    People first of all this post has the logo of the university ONCE. The thing that your teeny tiny minds are not able to grasp is that the this post is the updated version of the one posted yesterday. So the things which were there in the yesterday’s post are still there. The post just has the reply of the university added to it and even if the logo and the name is being repeated again and again then so what? This incident did actually take place in this university right!! So no other institution can take the blame on this university’s behalf, UPES and the people comprising this institution have to take the blame for it because it is ours to take.

    Yes, i am a student of this university like most of the people with comments on this particular post but unlike most of these people i will not go ballistic on the admin and every person i possibly can just because i did not like what they said or because the grammar was not correct or just because this post shows something bad that one member of this university did. Even if the admin puts up the logo of the university 10 times during this post it should not be a problem because the institution needs to take the blame for it even though it was a single person who did this. When a person looks at this post and reads the headline that a Faculty of UPES was caught taking bribe and during the entire post sees the logo of the college, may be he/she will end up thinking “okay this college is not good”. But then as the person will read further he/she will see the consequences this particular faculty has suffered for his act. Now if the reader thinks about the logo while thinking about the faculty taking bribes..then the reader will also think of the logo when he/she reads “This prompt action of the University shows that UPES has zero tolerance for such kind of misconduct and disciplinary behavior. This act of University is a clear message that there is no place for corruption in UPES”.
    So instead of trying to blame someone let the university take the blame for this on Mr.Rakesh’s behalf because its the university’s and Mr. Rakesh’s blame to take and be proud that your university took such a strict action against Mr.Rakesh Kumar so that this kind of situation does not arise again.

    • Really bro? Get your facts right. You say you are a student of this university. And Rakesh kumar ain’t the name. Stop acting over smart. This is serious, not your bit of entertainment.

      • I apologize for the mistake of “FACT” here. I meant […] everywhere i typed […] and i know its not my bit of entertainment but the bad thing has already happened so i don’t really think there is any harm in smiling a bit while discussing about it. I know this is a serious thing..hence the long comment u read above, the laughing bit is just of two lines.

  5. Now that they have suspended – and in all probability will fire […] does this mean that there’s a vacancy at UPES? Please students do let me know if there’s any requirement at UPES for a faculty who’s well versed in the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.


  6. Ok well, agreed that this post might have been a necessity, to caution other law schools/colleges from hiring […]. But I begin to wonder, why hasn’t the positive facet of this entire saga been highlighted!

    Let me tell you something which your anonymous sources haven’t, The College Administration was made aware of this wrong doing at about 10 am on December 5, 2014 and the faculty’s services were terminated at around 11.30 a.m post a preliminary investigation!

    What should have been highlighted here, is the bravery of the whistleblowers and the efficient response taken by the management of CoLS, UPES.

    Nonetheless, I wouldn’t say that reporting this wasn’t the right thing to do. I am glad it has been reported; but at the same time disappointed to see the way it has been reported!

    I am not asking that it should have been completely in favour of the University; I am just saying it would have been great should you have looked at both sides of the coin before posting it!

    Good job, could have been better though! 😀

    • The post has been updated with the admin’s response.

      We got to know of the incident on Sunday, got the recordings, confirmed it with students and and alumni and published the report.

      There were several versions as to what action was taken against the faculty and we couldn’t confirm the same. We asked our sources if an official notice has been issued by the University and it wasn’t the case.

      We contacted UPES today, got a reply on the email and promptly uploaded the same (verbatim). The Univ’s prompt action is definitely worthy of appreciation!

      Thank you for your good words. We’ll always strive to be better 🙂

      PS- Just to put this on record, a lot of senior UPES’ students called these ‘whistle-blowing students’ (who are junior to them) ‘fools’ and not ‘brave’.

      • Well, all of us are entitled to our opinions! Likewise, they are entitled to theirs as well! I am pretty sure had they been at the receiving end, they would have done the same thing that these kids have done!

        That being said, I do appreciate the fact that you guys did promptly upload what the University sent in their reply, but the repeated usage of the University Logo and links to Dr […] profile on the page, makes it look more like you are targeting the University. That was precisely the reason why I suggested that the post be in a manner that it looks at things from a 360 degree!

        • We put the link to the faculty’s profile on the University’s website to tell our readers (authoritatively) that the faculty belongs to the University. It’s a regular web practice!

          And the logo occurs (once, not repeatedly) to highlight where the ‘wrong’ was being committed.

          UPES, as an institution definitely has to take responsibility for the ‘wrongs’ that are done by its employees, wrongs which are wrt acts that form the core of an educational institute, wrongs which happen within its premises, wrongs which happen to its students.

          • That i know! I just thought, given that there was an official response from the University, which did endorse the fact that Dr […] was a faculty, I thought that wasn’t a necessity 🙂

            Nevertheless, you are right at your part! I was just stating the kind of message it gives out, that’s all 🙂

  7. if u want to do whistleblowing plz bring out administration faults in NLUs why target privates.this is serious you did not pay heed to nujs faulty administration and their recordings but when it came to upes you are at the top critizcizing

  8. Tanuj, as a responsible journalist, as you claim to be, don’t you think it would have been more responsible on your part to break the news to the world, alongside take care of the collateral damages that may occur due to this so called act of bravery by not sensationalizing the issue a little too much.

    Veterans in business of legal journalism have so far refrained from reporting on the issue. Any guesses, why?

    • Veterans? Who are they? Ever heard of barefoot journalists? Who are they? Veterans? Ever heard of the ‘social’ media? Who are the people on the ‘social’ media? Veteran journalists?

      Secondly (and am sorry for boasting here) Lawctopus is the most trusted website for law students in India. If someone has to take the onus to break a law school news, it’s us. In this space, we are the veterans.

      And well…what’s the collateral damage?

      • Exactly, you wouldn’t know who veterans are. Barefoot Journalism! Social Media! I do not need to remind you of their authenticity, do I? Objectives of social media is less journalist and more populist. If that is what you call journalism?

        I give you on your popularity, but claiming authenticity based anonymity is hearsay. It may influence the layman, however a lawman would always question it.

        Collateral damage is the loss of respect both for faculties as well as the institution in the eyes of current as well prospective students. You talk of taking the onus to buck the trend, set an example first by not targeting the institution but the alleged assistant professor instead.

        • We haven’t relied on ‘anonymous’ people. We’ve relied on sources/people with names and identities they want to keen ‘confidential’. There’s a difference!

          And here’s a 101 on how media operates and why we keep our sources confidential : (if you don’t know it’s a regular practice followed across the world, including the veterans).

          If these people/sources are not guaranteed ‘confidentiality’ they won’t disclose much for the fear of being victimized or being subject to needless legal processes.

          Also, when a college student/faculty/dean does something great, both the institution and the people involved are held in high esteem. If something bad happens, the institution as well as the person involved has to take the blame.

          • Talking of media ethics and how journalism works, keeping sources anonymous is different from making a desperate attempt to make the article credible.

            As a journalist, you should know two responsibilities of an institution that you talk of are two different faces of the same coin. You’re not suggesting them to be same here, are you?

            Lastly, breaking a news to the world comes with a lot of responsibilities. I being a journalist at a reputed national daily leave you with one advice, you must break the news, but make sure you never hurt the sentiments of the innocent.

          • A desperate attempt to make the article credible? Haha. The University has itself responded with a stern action; so that again tells you that our story is ‘credible’.

            If an institution can take such a stern action based on prima facie evidence, a media publication can definitely carry a story.

            We wish you best with your current job and your advice is well taken 🙂

    • And well today is a Sunday, most of the ‘veterans in the business’ take an off today. 🙂 They’ll get to know about this soon and will probably cover this.

  9. It is quite sad to see that such events have taken place. For a noble profession such as teaching, this is definitely a black mark. Even though I am depressed with the events that have occurred in the University, I am even more depressed that this post is tarnishing the reputation of the university.

    Utilizing the university logo, and by emphasizing upon the university’s name, you have put enough efforts to damage the reputation of the university.

    Furthermore, just by relying upon the facts put forth by the students does not make a perfect base for this issue. Therefore, dear admin, you as a professional, should have waited for the university to take an action and then publish the news.

    Tomorrow when a student walks in for an interview or even an internship, people would definitely connect this incident with the student. He/She may be asked if this faculty in particular taught them. Was he/she asked for a bribe, or whether he/she gave a bribe, or worse whether any other faculty did the same.

    It would very well hurt the student’s feelings and any form of morale. We as working professionals are also being questioned at our work place about this incident.

    I agree that to you, and for your business, this news is a big deal. But looking at it from a different angle, you have used the name of the university, the logo, and the half baked story “from the student’s point of view” which is tarnishing the image of the university.

    What the faculty did was wrong beyond forgiveness, but publishing this post highlighting the name of the university isn’t correct either .

    • So, we shouldn’t take the Univ’s name? And say what, “A law prof is caught…”?

      Please check some other posts on Lawctopus. We always use the Univ’s name. The reason is so simple (I mean, why do have you have a ‘name’!) that it really doesn’t warrant any reasoning.

      • Dear admin, I have given a fair reason for my concern in my previous comment itself. Its quite sad that you still stand by your act as being 100 percent right.

  10. Thanks lawoctopus for this report. Upes already has a fee much higher than other institutes and tracher asking for bribe it’s ridiculous. I was thinking to take admission their but after reading this I have left that thought. Thanks again.!!

      • He is not even a Law Student yet. And it seems you are from the very same college which is mentioned here. And please, for god’s sake dont tell me that getting a call from UPES is a dream. It is the very last option of a law student who is willing to pay a large chunk of the savings of his parents for a degree of Law.

        • Agree he is not a law student but he must have passed or will soon be passing his 12th examination…
          Can concentrate on his English as well as on other subjects so that he may pass CLAT and go in some reputated law school
          At least stop criticizing

          People have excelled through the specialization the college is providing
          U just need to channnalise
          I am not favoring UPES
          I just can’t take unnecessary allegation

          The one which are true can’t be hidden.

          • You should probably focus on your English before picking on others.
            “U just need to channnalise”
            “I just can’t take unnecessary allegation”

          • All I can see it that you all are having all the qualities to be a successful Advocate
            ‘Fighting on those unnecessary issues’ and trying to act as if you all are a very knowledgeable person of society.
            Grow up

  11. Woah! It seems a lot has changed in UPES in the past couple of years. It is so surprising to come to know that students were extorted by a faculty, and that too […], and for what – Attendance! I for one never had to pay or offer anything to get my name off the debar list or even the year back list during my 5 years at UPES.

    Also, for all those who want this post removed, please do stop. Everyone will forget about this incident in a week or so. And trust me, this post will in no way affect your placements.

  12. Dear Admin,
    Don’t bother about comments on you..I am practicing at Jodhpur and happen to see so many Asharam’s fan..when there are so many people with the rapist then it is just matter of bribery..but you did well…but It should not be limited with upes only, there are many other Universities where this practice (giving attendance in lieu of money or favour) has been going on, and it should come out.

  13. The recording is fake and if there is any such recording then who knws its been made after pursuing the teacher to take the bribe and then they recorded it just to revenge the teacher or prove nyrhing

  14. Just inquisitive! What is the logic behind putting UPES logo over there except for sensationalization? I mean its not a college project! 😛 😀

  15. You deserves thank you 🙂
    i know people r troubling u by calling you and asking to remove post but they r being mean & self centered. i am also — yr student from COLS but what is right we should stand for it and i support your blog 🙂 🙂

    Whole of the college students have audio on their watsapp so you don’t need to show that to anyone, everyone know that it was that man only and your blog is true and students should praise to post it and trying to bring justice in the system but ” I DON’T KNOW WHAT STUDENTS ARE THINKING RATHER SAYING THANK YOU THEY ARE TALKING SHIT”.

  16. Well, I can see a lot of people defending the faculty. I seems as if such SHAMEFUL conduct of the faculty is not wrong in their eyes. The reputation of the University is not at stake, the University has already done its part by terminating the concerned faculty and this act of University sends a very strong message that there is no place for corruption in UPES, this is the very first instance that surfaced in UPES and I’m proud to say that the faculty was terminated the very moment the Director came to know about it. So sh*theads talking about the reputation of the University should better not be defending the faculty instead let others know what the University has done to address the issue.
    And yes, whether he was favourite or not, that is totally irrelevant, what is important is that people should together and display a concerted action that such corruption is not going to be tolerated, doesn’t matter how popular is the person. This entire episode demands some serious discussion on the practices going on in different educational institutions cuz education is no business.
    #Hats off to the whistleblowers..sincerely..your senior!!!

  17. Mr. Admin, i am least bothered what are your sources in regards to this matter……let the college take action against him….who are u to make such remarks on this platform…..and u better listen the recording again if u genuinely have it…..its the parents who are saying again and for money not […]

    • We’ve fact checked, listened to the evidence (recordings), talked to a dozen students, verified their accounts from independent sources, and only then published the post.

      As far as other things go, some of you really need to revise your press laws. Here’s a brief primer.

      (Reading this will do anyone’s recruitment more good than getting this post removed). Kidding 🙂

  18. I Don’t Whether It Is True Or Not Untill Or Unless he is Convicted U should Post It Like This . COZ this Affects the reputation of our College. I don’t know Abt This Teacher But All The Teachers Which I Came Across yet Are Very Good at whatever they Do. And If U Are that Sure Abt This Leak Then U Should Post The Recording Which U Are Claiming To Have And U Shouls Also Disclose the Name of Victims So that Appropriate process of Enquiry can Be Done.

  19. First of all dear admin and the writer of this post u do not have any right to defame our professor who has been teaching for so long with a good reputation in the university. Also sorry to say that your sadist post is not going to help anyone rather splash mud on the reputation of our university. Please stop bluffing that you have the recordings of the concerned faculty here as it is a rumour being spread by the some of the incompetent students who for hiding there own incompetency have put such allegations. Presence of some anti social elements spoils the whole environment and that is what has happened here, due to some students a well reputed professor has been suspended with false allegations. He deserves a fair inquiry. I request you to kindly retract this post.

  20. This is an internal matter and until the college has investigated the matter and have divulged the findings, could you please take off this article from the website? All this does is ruin the reputation of the college.

  21. […] Sir is my Favorite Teacher. He taught us Family Law. He is Just like a open Encyclopedia. His way of teaching is toatally different from all UPES LAW teachers. He is the Best in his field. I don’t know what is going on? But i know , he always remain my favorite Teacher And I will not believe that he can do anyting like that. Sir, I don’t know about others , but I am with u.

  22. As a current law student in UPES, this incident has left a scar deep down to the very foundation of respect I felt towards teachers. Though this is to inform anyone reading, please do not form a bad opinion of the college because of this single isolated incident. The college is very very good and the other professors are the epitome of professionalism. I really hope this does not ruin the reputation of the college we have worked so dearly to build.

  23. What forensics have you used to verify the authenticity of the audio clips Mr.adminstrator? The college authorities are yet to confirm the authenticity pending an inquiry ? Could you please show those transaction slips… Tired of hearing your esteemed web site sensationalise news about administrative discrepancies without validating the facts.

      • How have you confirmed the genuity of the recordings? How have you confirmed the voice of the person on the other end is the concerned professor ? How can you conclusively say the sound recordings have not been altered or modified ? Relying on students rather than waiting for an inquiry to adjudicate such a serious allegation displays a lack of professionalism.

        • A media publication doesn’t work like a court of law.

          We research on a story, confirm facts from our sources and examine the evidence ourselves. We exercise restraint when such stories are concerned. But after we are satisfied, we publish.

          • Admin…. This is merely a half-baked story.

            Who caught him red handed?
            And also let us know about the action taken by the College concerned?

          • The people who recorded the audio recordings caught him red-handed.

            There’s no official word as to what’s the action taken by the admin. It’s not on the website. We couldn’t contact the admin today as it was a Sunday. There are different ‘versions’ as to what the admin did, but we’ll get the official word tomorrow and update the post.

          • Admin.. This is simply hilarious.

            You were so inquisitive to post that you cannot wait for one more day to confirm the same from college and accordingly bring out the whole story.

          • Yes,that is absolutely agreeable. But a media publication is also supposed to publish the truth and report the same without any prejudices. The basic overtone of the entire report seems to be dictating a verdict of guilt on the concerned faculty. If such would be the case it would be great to hear the methods by which the evidence was examined. I am sure a responsible media publication will have no qualms to disclose the basic tests by which the genuity of the tapes was established . Furthermore an unbiased report would also highlight the action taken by the institute to look into the alleged act,the status of employment of the concerned faculty etc. It is completely agreeable that such incidents must be out in the public but it should be done in such a manner whereby which the truth is displayed and not sensationalised.

          • This unbiased report will update you with the action taken by the administration after we’ve had a word with them. OK?

    • We have those as email attachments. We’ve confirmed that the voice is of the professor concerned. We are not putting up the audio files due to confidentiality issues (the students/parents want to remain anonymous).

        • Whenever a news-story is broken to you see all evidences attached and uploaded? If that was the case, you’d have 300 word news reports running into 100s of pages. 🙂

          We have our evidences and are willing to disclose them (if required) in a court of law.

          • I don’t discredit or question the dependancy of law students on this website as I am one too and am informed about various facets of legal studies and profession by your website. There is just one thing that came to my mind on reading this post, i.e., since students do acknowledge and appreciate the points of discussion and interest conveyed on the website and keeping in mind your credibility acquired over a good run of the website, non disclosure of information relied upon by you to the people who would rely on you just cause a perception and effect of questioning the veracity of the information and thereby the reliance of us law students on Lawctopus?

        • We’ll forward it to your admin if they ask for it and/or disclose it in a court of law (if they want that).

          The recordings contain some personal information which we do not want to disclose. The person who’s sent us that, specifically wants this to be the case.


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