This post was first published on July 18, 2014.

The University Five Year Law College, Rajasthan University, Jaipur is organizing the 4th edition of UFYLC Ranka National Moot Court Competition from 20th September to 22nd September 2014.

The Competition is open to all law schools across India. You are invited to send a team of three members, including two speakers and one researcher. Each institution can send only one team for representation. Kindly direct all mails to


(i) The Registration form completed with all Team Details must be submitted online and also sent to the College on or before 30th August 2014.

(ii) A registration fee of Rs.3000/- is to be sent by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of Director, FYLC, U.O.R., Jaipur payable at Jaipur along with the registration form.

(iii) No change in the names of the participants shall be permitted after the receipt of the Registration Form, except at the sole discretion of the Organizers.

(iv)Teams should clearly mention the participants’ name, contact no. including year/semester of study.


Two (2) hard copies + one soft copy on one (1) CD for each side (appellant and respondent) must reach the organizers latest by 10th September, 2014. No memorials shall be accepted after the prescribed date.

Eight (8) hard copies from each side (appellant and respondent) shall be submitted by the teams on reaching at the venue of the Moot Court.


1. Winning Team Award:
The winning team will receive a trophy and a cash prize of 10,000/-

2. Runners-Up Award:
o The 1st runners up will get a trophy and a cash prize of 6,000/-

3. Best Student Advocate:
Best student advocate will get a trophy and cash prize of 3,000/-
Second Best Student Advocate get a trophy and cash prize of 2,000/-

4. Best Memorial award will get a trophy and cash prize of 3,000/-

5. Certificate for participation will be given to all the participants.


Kartik Sharma: 7737642945

Pragati Shrivastava: 9783989915

The Moot Proposition is available HERE.

The Rules and Regulations can be accessed HERE.

The Registration Form can be downloaded HERE.

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  1. Before i submitted my application in the college for going for this moot, i was asked to not to go well prepared because at last either u will end up thinking that u are at helm when it comes to bad luck or you will start doubting your own abilities. I genuinely disregarded all the ambiguities but they turned out true!! Firstly, they don’t comply with rules given in the competition and even if u ask their coordinating committee to execute the same they will take the defence of judges’s discretion . secondly, for reaching up to heights in this competition you should never speak in the expected mooting style rather go on expanding your single point while harping again and over the same fact and not to forget the hindi words and mahabharata shloka that would help the judges feel at home!! thirdly, never forget to exceed the time limit, i know in most cases the time limit is decided so that u don’t exceed it, but here if u speak for one hour even if u have 25 minutes at your dispense , darling u will fetch the highest marks, and last but not the least that you should never work on your memorials for 2 months as they will give prize to only those to whom their judges have given sorry their worthy judges!!
    so, try and get into this competition so that u can have the best of your non knowledgeable skills utilized,good luck ahead.. Rajasthan University!! 🙂

    • Totally agree with you. The discrepancies in the marking style was beyond stupid but then what are you expecting from a moot in which the finalist in their rebuttals says (and I quote ) ” Under Article 136 the HIGH COURT has power to accept”.
      Even when the judges make you admit that your complete argument is wrong and the other side is right and if then you are scoring a win then only god can help the other teams. Either the judges were “most respectfully” moronically stupid or the people in the management blatantly cheating. I was informed of the problems with this moot but still thought to give it a try and the results are if you have any iota of knowledge of law don’t expect to win this moot.
      And one thing I would like to ask what is the point of asking students to get a total of 9 memorials and then u wont even submit it, the participants are supposed to carry them around ( and let me tell you they were heavy especially if you have a compendium) till there rounds and where the college keeps a copy (for god knows what reason) ans yippe you get to keep the other ones till the next round, wow what a way to increase your luggage.

      P.S. : Came to know from a local team that the moot problem was taken from a previous moot held by the University’s 3 year program college.

  2. The change in the last dates of memorial submissions and registration is still not updated on UFYLC website and the rules and regulation sheet ,Kindly confirm about the change in the dates.

  3. Amazing competition to discourage NLU’s. If you belong to any NLU then you probably aren’t good enough for this competition. An the judging system is something really worth appraising. Guy’s u’ll never know what hit you after the scores are out. One tip really important for the competitors….. plz do watch DAMINI before going to this moot…. study and practice that style and forget the actual mooting style and ethics coz that’s what people (judges) are gonna like there….
    So all d best !!!!

    • Sir,
      The moot court committee of UFYLC tries to put all possible efforts to make the competition a great success by keeping high standards of judging and providing the participants with all possible facilities. The panel of judges include retired and sitting judges, practicing advocates and senior professors. But in case you are not satisfied with the judging and scoring methods we apologize to you and promise that we would try to make the event more competitive and satisfactory for the participants in the next editions.
      I would also like to add that the competition is not to discourage the NLU’s. It is just that the committee does not have any control over the way judges deal with the participants and that the committee can only provide the judges with the guidelines.
      We are thankful to you for providing a feedback about our judging system which we would keep in mind in the present and future editions.

    • Sir …its a humble request that what have been your experience regarding the Ranka Moot Court , might be absolutely subject to your opinion and your intellect…. Though i understand that YOUR the Budding Lawyer instincts which might be out springing or trying to get vent out of u, u must show case them at a better place…instead of GENERALIZING YOUR PERSONAL OPINION. ITS NOT A VOX POPULI !!


  4. great going for rajasthans best law college ‘university five year law college’, awesome moot court competition.


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