Are Government(s) Pro-‘Cure’(Ment)? The WTO and Beyond PDF
Ali Amerjee 1-7
Helping Nations, Businesses and People to Succeed: How Government Procurement Influences Institution Building, Good Governance, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development PDF
Nicholas C. Niggli 8-20

Articles, Notes and Comments

Anti-Corruption Provisions in the New GPA ABSTRACT PDF
Chang-fa Lo 21-41
The Revised WTO Agreement on Government Procurement as an Emerging Pillar of the World Trading System: Recent Developments ABSTRACT PDF
Robert D. Anderson, Anna Caroline Müller 42-63
Negotiations and the Development of International Standards in Public Procurement: Let the Best Team Win? ABSTRACT PDF
Caroline Nicholas 64-88
GPA Accession: Lessons Learned on the Strengths and Weaknesses of the WTO Government Procurement Agreement ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher R. Yukins, Johannes S. Schnitzer 89-119
Life Cycle Costing in Defence Acquisition: The Challenges of Transforming Complex Aspirations into Factual Ground Realities ABSTRACT PDF
Sandeep Verma 120-136
Innovation, State Contracting and Public Procurement Law ABSTRACT PDF
Geo Quinot 137-155
Cui bono? Scope, rationales and consequences of the exemption for development procurement in the revised text of the GPA ABSTRACT PDF
Anna La Chimia 156-184
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