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Law School Rankings  [India, 2013]

By Tanuj Kalia

NOTE 1: Put in a comment below and we might be able to have a more rigorous discussion.

NOTE 2: I don’t think a law school’s rank matters much*!

Get into a good college and from there on, it’s your work which counts. A top tier law college will make your life easier, for sure, though.

But you can end-up a failure (whatever that means for you) starting from NLSIU, Bangalore and end up as a success (whatever that means for you) from UILS, Chandigarh (no offence).

So why have I put up the rankings? To give you my opinion.

L : What I like about the college

D: What I dislike

The ranking is personal, but I’ve tried to be objective.

You can also call the rankings ‘educated’. I’ve been running Lawctopus for two and a half years (how arrogant) and have interacted with law students across most law schools.


These law college rankings are for the 5 year law course.


nlsiu bangalore, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india
1. NLSIU, Bangalore

L: Reputation, Academics, Placements, Culture

D: Trimester system which makes breathing difficult

nalsar hyderabad, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india2. NALSAR, Hyderabad

L: Reputation, Academics, Placements

D: Location

nujs kolkata, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india3. NUJS, Kolkata (am from here)

L: Reputation, Culture, Placements, City

D: Administration

nlu jodhpur, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india4. NLU, Jodhpur

L: Reputation, Placements

D: Don’t know enough to comment

nlu delhi, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india5. NLU, Delhi

L: Upcoming + Reputation, Faculty, Location

D: Culture (too strict)

nliu bhopal, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india6. NLIU, Bhopal

L: Reputation

D: Location, Placements, State Reservations

gnlu gandhinagar, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india7. GNLU, Gandhinagar

L: Reputation, Improving placements

D: Administration (alleged corruption)

amity law school delhi, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india8. Amity Law School, Delhi [UPDATED]

L: Placements

D: Don’t know enough to tell

symbiosis pune, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india9. Symbiosis, Pune

L: Reputation, Location

D: Culture (too lax), Placements

glc mumbai, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india10. GLC, Mumbai

L: Location, Running internships

D: Curriculum

hnlu raipur, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india10. HNLU, Raipur

L: Proactive student body

D: Location

ils pune, top 10 law schools in india 2013, law college rankings india, law school rankings india, best law schools in india10. ILS, Pune

L: Reputation, Location

D: Course structure

There have been a lot of comments regarding NLIU, Bhopal being placed low.



1. Placements:

Well, NUJS’ and NLU Jodhpur’s placements [2012 statistics] have clearly bettered those at NLIU, Bhopal.

NUJS’ 2012 placement stats are here. (5 foreign firms, 10 in Amarchand, 10 in Luthra, 5 in Trilegal, 3 in AZB, 2 JSA, 3 in ICICI)

NLU, Jodhpur’s 2012 placement stats are here. (9 in Amarchand, 6 in Luthra, 4 in Trilegal, 2 NDA, 1 JSA, 1 Khaitan, 1 ELP, 3 ONGC)

NLIU, Bhopal 2012 stats are here. (5 in Amarchand, 5 in ICICI, 2 in Trilegal)

The figures in brackets are very skewed towards the corporate placements; for a fuller round-up, the links should help.

You can delve deeper into this: Best law firms in India rankings are here. Salaries some of them pay are here.

UPDATE: 2014 Day Zero stats are here. NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS are way ahead of others here.

2. MPL (Mooting Premier League) Standings [Student Achievements]:

Well, giving too much importance to mooting performance for college rankings will be an utter folly. (Read ‘moot court trap’ here).

But they do represent a ‘student achievements’ in a narrow sense. Mooting surely is a popular and competitive sport in Law Schools in India.

MPL 1: NUJS (Rank 3); NLU Jodhpur (4); NLIU, Bhopal (8). See here.

MPL 2: NUJS (Rank 2); NLU, Delhi (Rank 4); NLU, Jodhpur (Rank 5); NLIU, Bhopal (Rank 9). See here.

MPL 3: NLU Jodhpur (2); NLU, Delhi (4); NUJS (5); NLIU, Bhopal (9). See here.

MPL 4: NLU Delhi (2); NLU Jodhpur (3); NUJS (4); NLIU, Bhopal (23). See here.

NUJS, NLU Delhi and NLU Jodhpur have consistently done well; while NLIU, Bhopal has consistently been an average performer.


3. Plus, of course, the state reservations at NLIU, Bhopal are a turn-off.

I have nothing against NLIU, Bhopal. It’s a top notch law college, a place whereto I’d love to send my kids.

I have some acquaintances who chose NLIU, Bhopal over NUJS, have no qualms about it and are doing very well.

The only reason I’ve put the above 3 points is to address the dozens of comments regarding NLIU, Bhopal.


Note 1: I don’t think a law school’s rank matters much*.

Get into a good college and from there on, it’s your work which counts. A top tier law college will make your life easier, for sure, though.

But you can end-up a failure (whatever that means for you) starting from NLSIU, Bangalore and end up as a success (whatever that means for you) from UILS, Chandigarh (no offence).

*So why have I put up the rankings? To give you my opinion.

Note 2: Put in a comment below and we might be able to have a more rigorous discussion.

A great resource to do your own research on law college placements is here.

FAQs Answered for Worried CLAT Aspirants Who’ve Just Got Their Results. CLICK HERE.


Comments are welcome.

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. i have a rank of 13169 in CLAT 2016 can i get seat in any NLU. i have got a seat in LPU is it worth for BA.LLB. should i take or leave it or put full one year to join NLU

  2. Hey, why don’t you come up with new rankings, since a lot has been changed by now and also a couple of decent colleges have come up?

  3. Admin why specifically did you mention uils chandigarh?specific reasons?Ive friends there who tell me people from there do very good in the judiciary exams.Also Ive a family friend from there (very senior to us) who got into harvard with full scholarship.yes you heard me right.I don’t know anyone from any other law college getting into harvard with full scholarship!
    ps I’m a glc ,mumbai student.So you can’t blame me for supporting ‘MY COLLEGE’

  4. I am in final year of 5 year BA LLB from Jammu University. Appeared in CLAT for LLM and my all India rank is 2104. Will I be able to get seat in any of the NLUs? Should I go with the on-line counselling? What preferences of NLUs should be followed?

  5. hey , i am an economics graduate from hindu college, university of delhi and i now want to pursue law . there are’nt enough good colleges except faculty of law , delhi university that offer a 3 year llb degree.
    i personally want to go for a corporote law firm .
    1. what other colleges can i apply in ?
    2. since last year(i.e.2014) SLS pune has come up with the 3 year course as well , and i am very keen on joining it because of the reputation of the college, but do you think SLS will be worth a gamble at this new stage of its 3 year course ? and also would it be possible to crack and prepare for an LLM abroad from the top three universities ?
    i would appreciate any kind of help and view .
    thank you 🙂

  6. Admin
    Is there much difference between Symbiosis Pune and Symbiosis Noida… My entrance exam was good and i may get a good marks I guess… but i want to go Noida rather than Pune.. So should I hesitate while opting 1 of them..?? If I get chance in both of them…

    • SLS Pune has a great reputation …. SLS Noida has a long way to go … Furthermore, SLD Noida is embroilled under litigation wherein UGC & Bar Council has not approved the institute under “Off-Location Campus” issue. Their recent petition has also been turned down by Supreme Court. Don’t risk your career with SLS Noida.

  7. Mr admin !! I m in a top 5 nlu !! Nd i don’t want to do law !! I m in the 1st year !! I hv decided to do mba !! So should i drop the clg and do bba first from a ok ok clg called flames in pune and later do management ? Or should i stay in the clg and do management after completing the course ?
    Also i hv decided that i don’t wanna go in law !! Be it become a lawyer or judge or ias officer or corporate job or whatever ! Please advice !

  8. hey guys !can anybody tell me about law in delhi university
    and if i dont get sellected in clat than what are other good colleges (dosent matter govt. or private).

  9. Location- you have listed Bhopal as a disliked location but not Jodhpur or Gandhinagar or Raipur.

    Mooting- NLIU is 4th this year, see how the moot ranking changes in a year so mooting as a parameter is very vague.

    State Reservation- This seems to be your biggest concern so let me tell you the latest trend state cutoff for NLIU is 471 with a lot of students having higher ranks than NLUJ;s students despite being state reserved, it doesn’t affect the student quality as much as you want to advertise and it’s not a big turn off after all (atleast for NLIU).
    Also, you haven’t listed GNLU’s state reservation as a big turn off despite it’s cutoff being rank 3043 i.e nearly SEVEN TIMES higher than that of NLIU.
    If it isn’t your biased attitude towards NLIU then explain what is it.

    As of now I feel these rankings are absurd, I might be wrong and so I await your reply. 🙂

    • Raipur is not good for a location, but I don’t think that’s the biggest for HNLU.

      Mooting: congrats!

      BTW these are rankings for 2013, as clearly mentioned in the title of the post.

      Also, any ranking will seem absurd to quite a few people! 🙂

      • Tanuj, either you seem to miss the point here or you are shying away from answering my simple query.
        Let me make it easy for you if you missed it.

        You say that you dislike the location of NLIU i.e. Bhopal but you claim to not know enough when it comes to NLUJ, why didn’t you list location as a disliked factor for NLUJ when we both know that Jodhpur is in no way better than Bhopal as a location for a college(I hope you were not thinking about tourist location while making this list). Same is the case with Gandhinagar.

        You seem to keep mum on the biggest turn off of NLIU Bhopal. You seem to hate NLIU for its state reservation than anything else. Chalo I agree that state reservation are degrading NLIU(which in no way is true) despite having a cutoff of around 500 with a lot of people having ranks more than NLUJ people despite coming from reservation. But, you don’t seem to have any problem with the GNLU state reservation where cutoff goes beyond 3000(which might seriously affect a institution) as it does not figure in the disliked coloumn of GNLU.

        My simple question is that if you were not biased then why did you list location and state reservation as a turn off only for NLIU Bhopal whereas I see no such description for other college with similar or worse scenario.
        P.S. I know rankings are for 2013 but the factors(location, reservation) were same.
        I hope you will be able to answer my query now. 🙂

        • Let me make my reply simple too for you.

          We highlighted only the major draw-backs in this post.

          ‘Faculty’ for example is not good nearly in all NLUs except NLU Delhi now. So, I did not go about writing ‘Faculty’ in the dislikes for every college. 🙂

          Similarly, I do not go about high-lighting ‘location’ for many of the NLUs.

          Why highlight NLIU’s reservation and location? Here’s the reason:

          NLUJ, till recently, did great with placements and their ‘location’ did not seem to be hampering that.

          Moroever, GNLU actually benefits from its location (see the number of ‘Gujarat’ jobs its students get or the sort of support it gets from the Gujarat government).

          The biggest turn-off is NLIU’s placements which are below par when compared to the likes of NLS, NALSAR, NUJS and NLUJ. And this could be due to the 50% state reservations + the location and thus they become major drawbacks.

          PS- As far as reservations in GNLU goes, I don’t think it had state reservations at the time of publishing the article or maybe GNLU had just introduced the same. Even if it did, it’s impressive placements that year negated the same.

          • Haha! Major drawbacks!!! Are you kidding me?
            How did you reach the conclusion that location and state reservation are affecting the placement in NLIU? Did you do any kind of research before reaching this conclusion? I would like to know your research methodology by which you could prove that Bhopal as a city hampers placement whereas Jodhpur doesn’t.

            First of all the placement scenario at NLIU is at par with other NLU’s, just because Legally India was not supplied will all the placement figures does not mean that rest of the people were not placed.
            Also, at NLIU we have a minimum 6 lakh per annum cap for on campus placements and so there might be less on campus placements than expected and we don’t bother to claim off campus placements for us. This ensures the quality of placements is maintained.
            This is very well substantiated by this economic times articles(which is a lot lot more RELIABLE than legally India)
            Clearly NLIU’s average package of 12 lakh is much more than NUJS’s average of 9 lakh, because you don’t get a below 6 lakh placement on campus in NLIU.
            I hope this might help you in researching better the next time you publish such list.

          • I don’t need to give you a research methodology, because I’ve stated that the rankings are based on my ‘opinion’.

            I am free to take an educated presumption (which is subjective) and you too are free to disagree with it. May I know then, what causes the slightly bad NLIU Bhopal placements vis-a-vis the other top NLUs.

            And I am sorry, please don’t assert that something is wrong with the ‘placement stats’ supplied. Anyone can do that! 😀

            Also, please top fiddling with the stats!

            1. You say LI stats are wrong, but ET stats are right. That’s ridiculous.

            2. Economic Times’ article clearly states “At NLIU Bhopal, the average salary so far has been around Rs 12 lakh per annum. ” And it was written in Noveember 2013. Only the best placements (PPOs and all) happen by then. And the average salary is bound to be high around that time.

            I hope this might help you the next time you make sure a flaccid argument.

          • Also I think you missed the headline of the post. It says “Recruitments pick up steam at country’s top law schools NLSIU,Nalsar, NUJS”. Just kidding 😛

  10. My daughter might be getting a seat in Amity Law School or Vivekananda Law School in Delhi. Is it a good idea to continue with the studies and complete the 5 years programme or continue with the studies now, take further coaching and try for one of the top NLUs. kindly advice.

    • If she’s getting Amity Law School, Delhi, she should go for it and try for a seat in the top 5 NLUs next year (if you think Amity is not proving to be good enough).

  11. End of the day in professional word the skills of individual matters most.

    Go Getter

  12. sir,
    a notice has come that says that tamil nadu nlu is now a part of clat..can u plzz tell me its ranking among the nlu’s?

  13. sir,
    a notice says that tamil nadu nlu is now a part of clat..can u plz let me know where wud it stand among the other nlu’s in the ranking../?

  14. dear admin
    which one is gud among these law colleges
    ipu campus‚ sls pune & lower ranking clg of clat like nlu odhisa‚nlu ranchi‚nlu assam or kochi…
    specially placement wise

  15. Hi all,
    I am studying in KLE LAW COLLEGE, Bangalore..How important will the Brand Name of the college have an impact on my career..?

    • They will make you to attend each and every day of college for the sake of 85% compulsory attendance. the Academics is not so effective. Moot Court….what a joke..their moot court policy is such that you will be allowed to go for moot court only once in a Year wherein other Institutions allow the students to go for it on the basis of interest of the candidates prevailing at that point of time. Here, they will conduct a intra moot, which will remain effective through out the year and moot court competition will be allocated to you as per your ranking. if you are not in the list, you are out of it for the whole year.

      any reasonable person can understand the consequences of it. Even international intras are also not so effective. at each intra, they will change the moot policy and will let u down.

      My suggestion is that if you want to enjoy college life and do not want to get placed or do not planning for taking up placement, you can go for it but from placement perspective, please…dont even think of it. Their dictatorship and internal policies will not allow to do even simple activities on the campus. for each and every clearance, you need to clear no. of hurdles to get the work done.

      • Somebody should really enlighten the prospective students who are planning to go NIRMA. not opt for it and this is my suggestion being one of the alumni of it.

        • I scored 90.75 in CLAT 2014 with merit of 6089. What are my chances of getting into Nirma in NRI quota? Does anyone know last year’s cutoff for NRI quota?

  16. I am studying in GLC, Mumbai. Doing 5 year course. And I am currently in my first year. Can I apply in other collges outside Mumbai, from middle? (From 2bd year) Because the course I have been doing here is BLS, LLB and I don’t think this course is offered anywhere else. If yes, what would be the eligibility? (Would I have to give CLAT or it would be on my first year’s performance?)

  17. Sir i am jaiashish . I have done B.A and hardware&Networking .And i want to take admission law .I have done B.A for geography .so it’s sutebal for me or not .I want to know. How many fee you will take for law .mail me about fee.

  18. Hello,
    I’ll be done with my BA in the coming academic year. I wanted to know which are the best colleges in India for a 3year law degree?
    I’m from Mumbai and have above 80% grades.
    Thank you.

  19. Sr.i am a nonmedical student from Himachal Pradesh I have completed my 12th class and now I am planning to take admission in BA LLB….so where should i take admission and what is cut off for it???

  20. my daughter is in Alliance law college Banglore ist year. She wants to try for Banglore law college. Will it be a good decision?

  21. nludelhi is awesome culture, administration, infrastructure, class room, connectivity, home delivery for all outlets available, atm’s, location, ground, library, guest house, students, vc, hospitality, hostels, canteen, amul parlour, auditorium, mess every thing is great, and there is mall and Mcd also i love u nludelhi and my friends are also there

  22. dear admin,
    i have done my bcom hons and is in ca final n want to persue law.can you please suggest me some course which will be suitable as per my qualification and will add on to my cv n qulification portfolio.

    • You can do a 3 year law course. Campus Law Center, Delhi University has the best 3 year degree program. There are many other colleges too which have 3 year law degrees.

  23. I am pursueing my graduationafter completing it i wnt to do law . plz tel me d name of the colleges which offer law after graduation for llb (3years)

  24. sir, I belong to O.B.C (Jaat) only in U.P and have U.P domicile and i want to take admission RMNLU (LUCKNOW) then minimum marks required in 2014……..??? approximately

  25. I am a B.E passout 2012..
    I plan to do 3 yr LLB..
    What entrance i need to give in order to get placed in the good colleges and what are the prospects?

  26. Hi Admin,

    My brother has done 12th last year and He is looking for a best collage in law so can u help me once minimum rank is required in clat for:-
    NLSIU – Bangalore
    NALSAR – Hyderabad
    NLIU – Bhopal
    NUJS, Kolkata
    GNLU, Gandhinagar

    And these are the collages or universities comes in CLAT entrance or not and what is the minimum rank required please let me know?

    Symbiosis, Pune
    NLU, Delhi


  27. hello , am not from India and i am relay want help . I decided to study in India i relay want to do so , but unfortunately i don’t know how shall i propose to the college , i liked ( NLSIU, Bangalore) college would you please help me to apply to the LLM studies ..

  28. LIKE SERIOUSLY AMITY LAW SCHOOL !!! hahahahahha … amity law school cannot be over there for god’s sake.. it sucks … !!! its pure SHIT !!!

  29. It is my last sem. I am runing BBA. After this I want to do low , so plese suggest me about this briefly .

  30. Don’t just forget about RMLNLU. It is also progressing at a very fast rate and this development can be seen in the last year placements.

  31. i am shit confused. i am getting hnlu as well as jindal. jindal is offering me 1.5 lakh scholarship. please help me what should i choose… i feel jindal would be better…its new. but in the coming years it would shine….please help me…

    • Choose any. Both are pretty good.
      ILS has easy timings, easy schedule and less fees. (So you can do a lot of stuff yourself).

  32. Sir, This year i joined Symbiosis noida….ad the only assurance i hav in mind is it is a sister institute of SLS pune
    I have doubts abt SLS Noida cuz its very new.
    i also got through ILS Pune ad my IP CET rank is 165
    Please suggest what should i go for ….continue with SLS noida or prefer other options?

    • Hey@ antara..can u plz me…i m clss 12 student..wnted to knw abt ils pune..i mean d procedure n oll..if u read it someday..plz contact me through gmail..i wd be more then oblidged..i desptly wnt to noe abt it through smone whose actually got admited der

  33. Dear sir,
    After B.A. , I studied MBA in Operation & HR (Distance education) and take admission in LLB, plz suggest me how it is good for me. & how I prepare about NET.

  34. I have cleared IP CET-13 and on the basis of rank I got I might be able to get into University Institute of Legal Studies, Dwarka and Amity Law School, Delhi. Which one is better?

  35. i have got a call for admission at sls pune, but for me nlu tag matters , tnnls in tamil nadu i have applied for it…
    stilll i wanna know why should i prefer sls pune in par with other nlu’s??? or should i give clat 2014?

  36. Hi sir
    i am confused between HNLU and GNLU 😐
    GNLU (in my opinion) has a better campus, the city is better and people with a higher ranks (all india general) have been allotted a seat there
    So why do people still favor HNLU ?

    and if given a choice which one would you pick and why?
    please advise

  37. Hello everyone,,,to add i would say this work done by tanuj is full of flaws,,I think he should have done this way,,,,
    1.NLU guwahti,,2.ranchi,3cnlu 4.hnlu5.amity6.nirma 7.BVP 8.odisha,,9.glc and ils 10. Jodhpur,,11. Kolkata,,12. Nalsar 13. NLSIU!,,,,,,dont go to nlsiu is just ok,,,rather,,go to BVP…….


    JOkes apart,,,,,guys,,,geniuenly telling u,,nlsiu,nalsar,nujs,delhi,jodhpur,bhopal,gnlu,,,,,,,till here everything is great,,,after it just consider other factors like distance from ur home town,food(not really),,life etc. In all consider that how conducive is the atmosphere,!!one of my known hates the food they give at NLSIU,,but does that matter? Most of u can eat crabs every day for NLSIU,,,Moreover what the fuck are u creating abt placements,,this year outta 60 students,,42 were selected by good law firms at Washing powder NIRMA,,but out of 42 only 12could clear interview,,so now u want nirma to guide dem for interview too?..


  38. Hi…..I have got 5050 rank and I come under OBC category. I am from TamilNadu. Will I get a seat in GNLU university ?
    Please reply me.

    • Hi…..I have got 5050 rank and I come under OBC category. I am from TamilNadu. Will I get a seat in GNLU university ?
      Please reply me.

      • definitely reservation rocks……..only people like u get the admission over general category….u don’t even prepare that much as the gen category do.and u all get edge over gen category ,,,,even in govt jobs
        keep it up

  39. i m taking admission in bangalore institue of legal studies. i want to know about placement and studiesin this college? hows this college? is it gud college? please advice asap… thnx alot

  40. Hi All

    I got allotted to NLU-J in the first list, and very likely get into NUJS, though I ‘ve consciously forgone that option and decided to stay with NLU-J. Now, should I pay my undivided attention to academics at NLU-J or attempt CLAT 2014 to get into NLSIU / NALSAR?

    How is the academic work load in the first two semesters at NLU-J? Will I be able to do full justice the academics while practising for CLAT 2014 (without busting my butt, of course, and without seriously compromising on R&R activities)?

    Any replies from *current students* of NLU-J and NLSIU are appreciated.

  41. hi guys..
    howz the college.. Rajeev Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law..(RGSOIPL)-IIT-kharagpur(LLB hons-IP)
    how is the reputation of the college??
    placements??-(any clue)
    (i am a mechanical engineer..:))

  42. hi..
    can anyone tell me about Rajeev Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law (RGSOIPL)(IIT-kharagpur law-LLB Hons).. howz the college??..
    any idea about placements there..
    (i am a mechanical engineer..:)

  43. Dear Sir,
    being a science graduate (ME-Electrical from be College, kolkata univ.1991),presently in a senior post holder in public sector, request you to make me understand the prospect of BBA LLB, since my elder daughter is in class X student, to be appeared in ICSC from a reputed school in next year in kolkata. she is intelligent , having good memory, serious in study, introvert in nature , strong in Englisgh, Hindi, standard in science subjects.
    my question is whether we will shift her in commerce combination in ISC ,IS IT HELPFUL for her in BBA-LLB .
    Also want to know the better scope in between BSc LLB & BBA LLB (merits & demerits )


    sanjoy giri
    Dy General Manager
    Simplex Infrastructures ltd,kolkata
    mob 9836988033

    • Commerce subjects should be helpful in law.

      If she is more inclined to science related subjects, it makes sense to do a B.Sc LLB.
      The prospects for a BBA.LLB or a B.Sc LLB are largely the same if done from a good law college (good law firms will take you)
      Getting a B.Sc LLB degree with a strong background in science gives you an added advantage to become a patent agent.

    • Sir,
      I am a science student myself, currently in the 5th year of the 5 years course in Government Law College, and I would suggest you that its better that your daughter goes for the 5 years course, and if that, then she should most definitely go for CLAT.

      However, if she wants to do Bachelors in some stream and then come for Law, then I suggest she goes for either commerce or arts, and then law.

      I would still, however, suggest 5 years course over 3 years course, any day.


      • hello,

        satyanshu .. . . . .
        i got 84.6% in HSC outside maharashtra
        and wanna take admssion inGLC . . . tell me the admission procedure

        and one more quest, wanna put up about comparision b/w GLC and ILS
        wich would be the best according to placement . . .

  44. Okay what on world gave u a reason to put Amity Noida above likes of SLS Pune and ILS ?
    Are these ratings paid too kaila ?

  45. Hi.. Please guide me for persuading Law courses (integrated would be preferred ) after bein experienced in IT for more than 1.5 years.

    Guidance would be appericiated.

    Thanks in advance

  46. hello admi.,
    my daughter hv 85.5% in arts frm mumbai jaihind coll.,she has nt given clat xams,bt she wil gt in glc coll. as per this yr result nd lastyr cut off… query is is appearing fr clat xams very important……as she hv nt done it……

  47. Get a life people! These rankings aren’t the end of the world. The admin tried their best and a heated discussion later, but some crap written to the admin is totally unwarranted for. Study , participate in moots and make yourself and your college proud. Chill 🙂

  48. hi admin,i wanted to know how is DES pune for law?what sholu i choose amity delhi or DES,kindly let me know in respect of placements,faculty and all,kindly help

  49. i want to know how is des pune for law in respect of the placements,faculty and all,should i prefer amity law college or Des pune,kindly help me

  50. hey please help me ,,,, i want admission in law school but bexause of 44% in 12th board am not getting admission…does there is any college for me who accept my admission for 44 % please help me please…

  51. hey please help me i want admission in law school…. but no one is accepting because of 44% in 12th board exam ,,,does any college is there who accept admission with 44 %,,, please help me

  52. Dear Admin,
    I m an SC candidate n I’ve been allotted NLU Jodhpur in the 1st. Allotment list as it was my first prefrenc I m nt satisfied with nlu Jodhpur. As now I can’t even upgrade my college and no chance of getting other college. I seriously do not want to regret next 5 years of my life. I’ve heard that Jodhpur is nt a nice place n the campus is also nt Gud enough. Help me!!

  53. can i get any nlu with 2445 rank??
    pref.. 1. bangalore 2. hyderabad 3. kolkata 4.bhopal 5. lucknow 6. gandhinagar 7. jodhpur 8.odisha 9.patiala 10.raipur 11.kochi 12.ranchi 13.patna 14.guwahati domicile u.p

  54. I am intrigued with some analysis of CLAT and AILET results. There are 10+ students from the first 88 ranks in CLAT who are from MP while not one of them got into the first list of AILET.

    Of course many AILET selected candidates have also made it to the top in CLAT – but I am very surprised with the performance of students from MP.

    Not sure if I am missing something.

  55. ey,i am confused a lot,i scored 20548 rank in clat,i come in sc category,if get a NLU,maybe bottom rank,will it be preferable thn SLS,bcoz i have been cald for GDPI at SLS PUNE,i dont want pune as a city,as SLS pune is not having hostels,nd moreover i dont wanna diverted now,i wanna become a good law graduate from national law school,but i want a good placement also,i saw on net tht ,SLS pune doesnt give good placement,as compared to NLU’S,nd if i get a nlu,i wont get diverted,if i get diverted,i wil spoil my carreer,as in case of pune ,i would get diverted nd moreover i want a goverment job!! pls help !

    • Hey, whether you get diverted or not is COMPLETELY up to you. I have been studying in SLS and I know of many seniors who have cleared the IAS, made it to top diplomacy schools abroad and are also pursuing LLM’s at Universities such as Harvard and Cambridge. Additionally, our placements are pretty good. Our college gives us ample opportunity in the 5th year to intern (as attendance is not so strict) so that we may be placed at top law firms. Simply going to an NLS need not mean academic excellence. If you ask me, if you get into NLS, NALSAR, NUJS,NLIU or NLU its worth it, otherwise Symbi is the place to be!

      All the best!!

      • You made my day :D..I got into sls..and many people were trying to tell me to not join. Your comment helped a lot

      • hey , i am an economics graduate from hindu college, university of delhi and i now want to pursue law . there are’nt enough good colleges except faculty of law , delhi university that offer a 3 year llb degree.
        i personally want to go for a corporote law firm .
        1. what other colleges can i apply in ?
        2. since last year(i.e.2014) SLS pune has come up with the 3 year course as well , and i am very keen on joining it because of the reputation of the college, but do you think SLS will be worth a gamble at this new stage of its 3 year course ? and also would it be possible to crack and prepare for an LLM abroad from the top three universities ?
        i would appreciate any kind of help and view .
        thank you 🙂

  56. CLAT rank 713
    catagory :General
    domicile: UP
    1. In the first allotment list I have been given NLU kochi. Kindly tell what are my chances of getting RMLNLU or HNLU in subsequent lists?
    2. Pl. also advice should I join SLS Pune or any of the above mentioned NLUs.
    Please do reply as I really need your help

    • You’ll probably get RMLNLU (does it have a state quota?)

      Yes, you should prefer SLS, Pune over RMLNLU but not over HNLU.


      • @Admin – Stop being so biased against RML. You need to talk to RML students more often to know frame an opinion.
        Sukriti, you should most definitely pick up RML; as your option.

  57. hey,i am confused a lot,i scored 20548 rank in clat,i come in sc category,if get a NLU,maybe bottom rank,will it be preferable thn SLS,bcoz i have been cald for GDPI at SLS PUNE,i dont want pune as a city,as SLS pune is not having hostels,nd moreover i dont wanna diverted now,i wanna become a good law graduate from national law school,but i want a good placement also,i saw on net tht ,SLS pune doesnt give good placement,as compared to NLU’S,nd if i get a nlu,i wont get diverted,if i get diverted,i wil spoil my carreer,as in case of pune ,i would get diverted nd moreover i want a goverment job!! pls help !

  58. Need some help. Should I go for NLU-Jodhpur or SLS, Pune? Or GLC, Mumbai?
    The reason I ask is because, I’m not very convinced about the location of NLU-Jodhpur. It’s not exactly the best of cities to study in, is it?

      • Also, I’ve filled NLIU Bhopal as a higher preference than Jodhpur, should I prefer Bhopal over Jodhpur, or confirm my seat at jodhpur?

        • Hi. I’m a NLIU graduate. I’d say both the colleges are evenly matched. However, mooting and placement support at Jodhpur are slightly better.

          • hi i am from nepal could u plz tell me how to apply to nujs kolkata for ba/llb 5 year programme. i went through website but could not get it.

  59. RGNUL vs HNLU vs RMNLU ? Also should I consider NLUO as I’ve been told that it’ll be one of the best law schools in the country after 5 years(that’s when I graduate). PS: I’d love an unbiased opinion 🙂

  60. Which one would you suggest to get into apart from the colleges included in clat and why? It would be really helpful if u could reply asap… The college rankings differ from site to site and thus its a little difficult to decide.. Am from chennai! It would be great if you could help.

    • GLC Mumbai, ILS Pune, Amity Delhi, Symbiosis Pune.

      SOEL in Chennai is good too. Christ in Bangalore too if you’d want to prefer a college in South India.

    • If you cannot get into the colleges mentioned by the admin you might consider about UPES, KIIT. They are doing pretty decent in terms of placement.

  61. Which is the college you would suggest to get into apart from the ones included in clat? It would be really helpful if i could get a reply asap. Also the rankings of every college differs from site to site.. I’am from chennai.

    • You can not have any private university ahead of a decent nlu. Colleges like Symbi Pune, ALS Noida and JGLS, Sonepat are no match to RMLNLU, RGNUL, HNLU and NUALS. The placements occur merely beacause of having contacts. They(private universities) aren’t bad. But, they aren’t good enough to challenge an nlu also. 😀
      Colleges like GLC Mumbai, ILS Pune, Symbi Pune are pretty good and are definitely better than infant nlus like that in Assam, Orissa etc.

    • Again, very honestly speaking, it is not worth going to an NLS unless it is THE NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, NLIU or GNLU. To a certain extent maybe NLU Jodhpur as well. Other than that Symbi is a better option. Apart from the fact that you can actually learn at Symbi (which depends upon you) as a college it will give you skills that you actually require to survive in the real world which, honestly speaking, no other law school in the country will. Additionally, placements at Symbi have improved drastically in the past 3 years (Firms like Nishith Desai, Bharucha, DSK Legal, Khaitan and Kochhar have been religiously recruiting us every year for the past 4 years at least.) I have many seniors who are doing extremely well and are going places. (THIS year I can name Alumni who are going to Cambridge, Harvard, NYU as well as one who won the Rolex Scholarship for a fully sponsored LLM at Geneva. ). Additionally I also know seniors who have cleared the IAS or are studying in Diplomacy schools abroad. The culture at Symbi is no longer as lackadaisical and attendance is actually compulsory. The GDPI system that they started will ensure that you have quality classmates who can speak well, up to date with current affairs and are intelligent. It gives you freedom and a college atmosphere that NO OTHER UNIVERSITY in this country will give you. It is not surprising that we have many students who have taken up creative professions (such as modelling or acting) as well and are very successful. Rather than following the narrow minded Indian point of view, please do take other factors into consideration. The city of PUNE doesn’t ruin students lives. STUDENTS ruin their own lives.

      • Your last statement is quite stirring, I must say and true too…but..
        What do you have to say about the suffocating size of the college where u barely have space to walk?
        Or the deplorable miniature cave that u call “library”??

      • you seem like advertising symbi.
        how could you know such details of placements ?
        and let me tell u i got into top 5 nlu’s and i even didn’t applied for symbi.
        Do you know the reason bcoz one of mine friend who is son of a MLA got admissions into symbi. through donations and political connections.

  62. With NLUD zero day placements surpassing those of NLUJ, shouldn’t the college move to 4th to challenge NUJS and NALSAR? Please update. That makes location + faculty + placements + mooting. Perfect recipe for success.

  63. Guys! You can make your point without using the CAPS Lock button you know?! The CAPS Lock button online is equivalent to shouting offline. Now surely you can’t put across a valid, logical point by shouting? So, please follow internet etiquette and type like a normal person.

  64. Dear Viewers

    PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ON THE RANKS POSTED ABOVE. THESE ARE BASED ON PURE ARBITRARINESS AND PREJUDICE. Mr. Kalia thinks RMLNLU does not stand anywhere in the top ten! RMLNLU is among the top NLUs. This is clear from the MPL Rankings. Mr. Kalia says “RML Mooting is good but not exceptional”. First of all we don’t need you to certify our credentials. We establised in 2006 and considering the fact that we are just 7 years old we ARE THE BEST! In such a short span of time we have done BRILLIANTLY well in every field –
    1. Take this year’s moot records –
    (a) We are winners of STETSON North India rounds, and we bagged TWO BEST SPEAKER AWARDS and we were the SEMIFINALISTS (when other NLUs like NLS, NLUD could not make it to the semi-finals!!!)
    (b) Jessup North India Rounds runner up, and we made it to the World rounds.
    (c) Manfred Lachs – teams from NALSAR, NUJS could not make it, but WE made it to the Asia Pacific rounds!! (Dear NUJS, NALSAR and other law schools – we respect your colleges. Your colleges have been mentioned only to make the readers understand that RMLNLU is one among the top and they SHOULD NOT REPLY ON GROSSLY MISLEADING RANKINGS LIKE THE ONE PUT UP BY Mr. KALIA!!)
    (d) Winners of Sarin Leiden International Air Law Moot, India Funding Rounds and we made to Abu Dhabi

    2. Extra Curriculars and other areas
    (a) We organized our flagship moot and alumni of almost all the NLUs were present to judge the competition. EACH AND EVERY JUDGE HAD PRAISES FOR OUR COLLEGE. The participants just loved our organization! The kind of hospitality our college provides is UNPARALLELED!! We had the esteemed EBC and SCC ONLINE sponsor the moot. Legal Luminaries like Mr. SURENDRA MALIK, SUMMET MALIK, SUDEEP MALIK – all of them had UNEQUIVOCAL praises for our university – in all areas – academic and extra curricular achievements of Students. When such enlightened people recognize our RMLNLU as the top in the country, what is yours, MR. KALIA!!
    (b) We have excellent Senior-junior relationship and its like a family to stay in RMLNLU (although ocassionally there are fights- that is not uncommon. Every college has fights!! All colleges are not made up of saints!!). To understand the bond between us, kindly talk to a few people who have come to our college for Moots or Conferences or otherwise.
    (c) Cultural Activities – We have our own band of instruments and singers and also have a theatre club. Besides this, we conduct debates, PDs, semiars, Conferences, special lectures by reputed Universities from abroad and many more.
    (d) Placements – we are still a young college, so our placements might not be 100%. But at the rate at which we are progressing is FANTASTIC! Placements are going are decent rate. We however wish not to disclose any information on this forum!

    So, Mr. Kalia, we understand you may have some prejudice against our college, but kindly do not show it to the rest of the world through such misleading rankings!!



      • Comparisons!
        Okay, the colleges that are ranked above RMLNLU have the following dates of establishment-
        NLSIU Bangalore est. 1988,
        NLU-Delhi est. 2008,
        NLU-Jodhpur est. 2001,
        NUJS Kolkata est. 1999,
        Symbiosis Law School est. 1977,
        ILS Pune est. 1924,
        NALSAR Hyderabad est. 1998.
        RMLNLU Lucknow was established in 2006.

        Now compare!

  65. Dear Tanuj,

    Having graduated from one of the these universities, I am seriously of the opinion that where you study does not actually matter as long as its a good college. And I believe determining the ranking of a college on the basis of its placements is very biased towards all colleges in general. There are various factors which affect the job market apart from the quality of the batch. Considering your primary objective of giving out your rankings is to guide young aspirants, its not required. And considering the reputation your website has garnered among the legal fraternity and the students of law schools and colleges across the country, I feel its judgmental for any individual or institution to determine the quality of a college from the outside or inside. Every college has its problems and benefits, none of these being permanent. So in the interest of the already confused students who have written CLAT and will be writing in future, I advise and request you to not indulge in such controversial and never-ending arguments.

    This is utter nonsense.
    The writer was bored and you guys are giving him entertainment. That’s it.
    Get off the internet, open your books, go to work and get a job regardless of whatever any site has to say.
    I’m from RML and i know how well we’re doing with Stetson , Jessups, amazing improvement in placements, etc. and knowing this much is enough to feel good about my college’s performance but certainly i’ll get my job regardless of what Lawctopus has to say. If you’re all sure about this then there’s no point in arguing.

  67. “Abhay Arora says:
    May 18, 2013 at 12:56 am
    I’m from RMNLU and I believe that Amity Law School, Delhi definitely deserves to be in the top 10.”

    May I know Sir which RMLNLU are you talking about because as far as I know there’s no Abhay Arora in the University. Next time you take a fictitious name do confirm that somebody of that name is in our university.

    As far as ranking goes Good Job Tanuj, you knew it that this kind of ranking will create unwanted rivalry, lots of back-lashing and in the end more exposure to your website. Good Job Tanuj creating controversies where none exist or where there are already too many. I see few months back you did involove Lawctopus into matters of GNLU and RGNUL, what about troubles at NUJS. Dont say there are none. My next door neigbou is in 3rd year at NUJS and things aint as god as they see. Right? 😉

    • Hi, we always try to ‘disseminate’ whatever we get about law schools.

      FYI we did share the ‘NUJS slapping a student’ incident via our Facebook page.

      • Tanuj, I really am disappointed in you. If you honestly do believe what you’ve posted here, I don’t think you’ve put a lot of thought into it. You are supposed to have a sense of responsibility as the creator of a website that has the ability to influence aspiring students. In the future, it is my humble request that you be thorough with your research.

  68. Dear ADMIN.


    • The VC till now was Mr. Balraj Chauhan and the administration under him was NOT running well at all. [RMLNLU students complain to Akhilesh Yadav about placements, disorder, net access]

      The placements too haven’t been good.

      Let the 2013 placement stats come out. Am sure they’ve improved!

      As far as moot performances go, RMLNLU has been good but not really exceptional:

      • Mooting has not been exceptional. Better still better than GLC, GNLU, HNLU, NLIU and Amity.
        Why are you just giving stupid reasons to put the college down?

          • Haha. you think i gave old rankings to prove a point?

            well, the link i’ve given is what occurs on legally india under ‘mpl standings’. chill!

          • Dear Admin.

            Please just recheck your ranking. RMLNLU deserved a spot.
            Thanks. 🙂

          • Dear ADMIN, that letter sent to the CM was to improve the internal management of the college. The administration required certain changes that is why we had a discussion with the VC about it and since the CM is our chancellor we drafted a proposal to him about the same. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THINGS WERE NOT RUNNING WELL TO THE EXTENT THAT WE”RE BEING RUN DOWN FOR THAT !! IT WAS TO MAKE THINGS BETTER!! (and I repeat, it is still way better than NUJS ADMINISTRATION)

            Dear ADMIN, we understand this is your personal opinion however such biased opinions should not be expressed through a forum like LAWOCTOPUS because these may cause prejudice in the minds of many who do not know our institutions. When we have been consistently working to build a name for a young NLU like RMLNLU and have been achieving well enough to stand with your older and stronger NLUs, it is absolutely disgusting to be run down like this on personal prejudices. YOU MUST TAKE THIS PAGE DOWN WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR RESEARCH AND STATISTICS ARE UNRELIABLE AND MISLEADING!

          • Internal management means administration.

            Can I have the full stats for the 2013 placements? Vis-a-vis other colleges? We can only base our rankings on the stats which have been published.

            RMLNLU’s MPL ranks for this year and last year has been at number 8; which is, as I’ve mentioned very good, but not exceptional.

          • Admin, by the standards just mentioned by you, how could you justify including Amity and GLC? Amity has a bunch of spoiled brats and in GLC all students ever do is moot. There is absolutely no class attendance and have you seen the admission policy in that place and ILS? Please, for Christ’s sake, do not base your rankings on one or two factors. If this was the way Engineering college rankings were undertaken, Manipal would’ve aced all of them and trumped all the IITs solely by merit of the facilities it provides. I hope you either rectify these rankings or take them down. Knowing you, I’m sure you did post this with the best of intentions, but I am sorry to say, I’m yet to see a more poorly researched article than this. (You don’t even know what you dislike about Amity).

      • Also, PLEASE DO NOT USE OLD INFORMATION TO DEFAME OUR COLLEGE. The protest by the students during Professor Balraj Chauhan is old news. VERY OLD in fact. The situation in the college has improved drastically since then.

  69. I’m a student from RMLNLU and thus far I have always relied on LegallyIndia to give the correct information but I am appalled at the current, completely arbitrary rankings put up on this website. As an upcoming college, in the last 2 years our college has shown marked signs of improvement, whether it be in terms of mooting or in terms of placements or even faculty for that matter and even if we were to believe that placements had an important role to play in these rankings, I fail to understand how Amity Law School has better placements than us or even Symbiosis for that matter. This is absolutely arbitrary.

  70. I’m from RMNLU and I believe that Amity Law School, Delhi definitely deserves to be in the top 10. It boasts of faculty like Prof MK Balachandran, Advocate Lalit Bhasin , Prof Alok Mishra, Prof ML Upadhyaya and Prof Rose Verghese , Prof Ashutosh Hajela among others, calling these teachers legal luminaries would be an understatement. All these teachers have numerous research papers and books to their credit. I participated in the 12th Amity National Moot Court Competition and I was pretty impressed with the judging standards too.. The Semi Finals and Finals were judged by High Court Judges…

    • Sure thing, you are from RMLNLU! 😀
      Do not lie like this at least? If you think your college deserves it, then say it without hiding behind some other college!

  71. Amity Law School, Noida truly sucks but Amity Law School, Delhi is good. We have had students of this college coming here and winning our client counseling competition and trust me they just swept all awards at our client counseling competition (NLUD) …they deserve to be in the top 10..

  72. for true objective ranking, why don’t you ask your campus journalist to prepare a internal survey based on objective parameters and then do the consolidated ranking? After all faculty/ students studying in the Universities can be the best judges after 4-5 years of experience. But only problem here can be of “self glory” obsession , which can be figured out!

  73. 2003- no one bothered to rank us
    2013- rank no. 14
    2023- rank 4
    2033- rank 1
    2043- Amity Law School, Noida, becomes a law company after demutualization and corporatization.
    2053- Amity Law School & co. is declared an independent nation.
    2063- rhe anticipated world war,

    • lol…agree with you as far as Amity Noida is concerned. RBEF is greedy about money, they are more concerned about sponsoring IPK teams than about buying books for their library. However, you must be knowing that the rank list talks about Amity Law School, Delhi which is a government institution affiliated to IP University.


  74. Other things remaining same, for this admission year (2013), one can follow this grouping of colleges:

    I – NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, NLUD & JGLS are safely best five.

    II – NLUJ, NLIU, GNLU, HNLU, ILS, Symbiosis Pune, GLC Mumbai are next 7.

    III- RMLNLU, CNLU, RGNUL, NUALS, NLUO, AMU, Christ, Nirma, Amity Delhi, KIIT, SOEL, AIL, GGSIPU, VIPS, ULC Bangalore, PU Chandigarh, Osmania Hyderabad, BVP Pune, DES Pune, Allahabad Univ., Lucknow Univ. are next best.

    There are few more law schools like SLS Cochin, GLC Cochin, KLA Trivendram, ITM Gurgaon which one can think of.


    • JGLS better than NLU-J, NLIU, GLC, ILS?
      Are you kidding me!, for a college that almost asks you to come join them.
      Where throwing the right amount of money, anyone can get admission.
      Yes, great faculty n shit, but seriously I don’t see how the student quality compares.

      • @Raghav, GLC, others,

        I said other things remaining same. JGLS faculty size is double or triple the size of any of the mentioned law schools. Against over 60 member full-time internationally qualified faculty, I doubt GLC has even 10 permanent professors or even a permanent principal. We have to understand that JGLS of 2013 is not the same as JGLS of 2009. Student quality has improved significantly. See their students performances in mooting, debates etc.

        • We have a permanent principal and we have permanent professors. We have some amazing professors like prof Pithawalla and a couple others. And when when senior counsels Like JP cama come and teach, i dun think we need others. Id rather learn securities law working for a year under Som in JSA than from a Professor and please do not try to compare 155 years of undisputed quality to 5 years of infancy. We have better placements, a better city, smarter students, all the necessary infrastructure, more exposure, decent faculty at the cost of 30,000 for 5 years. So please do your research. Even if our college goes to the dogs it will still be mentioned whenever Indian legal system is discussed and its no fluke that everyyear top class lawyers are produced. We are not spoonfed like you guys are with the Swanky infrastructure and all but we still get the job done. Please compare yourself to the lower NLU’s rather than GLC because even if u have better faculty, we still are better at everything else.

  75. Your ranking is not perfect since most of the parameters are obsolete.You have
    ignored a crucial thing( in tune with the so called ranking done by print media
    in India). Number of students admitted to top notch universities in the world
    ( like Harvard,Oxford ,Stanford,UCL,Kings College, Sorbonne,etc.) is
    an important indicator for academic excellence, which is conveniently ignored.

  76. What a preposterous ranking!!!
    Based on certain vague assumptions
    Ranking according to Lawctopus
    1. Amity Law College
    2. UPES Dehradun
    3. KIIT
    4. JGLS
    5. MAT Law College
    6. Symbiosis Noida
    7. Christ University
    8. NLS
    9. NALSAR
    11. NLU-D
    12. GNLU

  77. there are colleges like AIL and Law department of PU as well… If you were giving a ranking ,you should have mentioned criteria , like’ In my opinion and from what I have heard, NLU D is best for ……. , rather than giving them rankings… and rather then giving ranks among national schools, it would have been better , if u had stated upcome law schools that are making a name

  78. For all the f[] who think that Amity Law School, Delhi is the same as Amity Law School, Noida kindly update your knowledge. Bastards, do realize the fact that our college F[] you in the ELSA MOOT. Also, note that over the past few years our placements have been much better than you although we have 1/5th of the budget that you have. We have also had a lot of students getting admission into prestigious colleges for LLM. Apar Gupta, an ex student of our college wrote a commentary on IT Act even before graduating. He got into Columbia Law School. This year Ananya Kapoor a 5th year student of our college has obtained admission in Oxford and Cambridge.
    So please think a 100 times before speaking ill about Amity. We are going to f[] your a[] in the future as well inspite of the resource constraints.

  79. RGNUL,Patiala has had good placements such as that in Amarchand Mangaldas and Tri Legal and many other placements. Our 2012 batch has got 4 seniors placed as Supreme Court clerks. We have an amazing campus being built on the 50 acre land.

    Plus, our moot record and participation in various events has been a lot. We have also has seniors getting scholarships in Harvard and Oxford..So I think, we do deserve a mention somewhere.

  80. GLC should be rank 6 or 7. The placements are top class, its the only college which consistently produces top counsels and corporate lawyers. Even today you will find GLCites as partners in law firms for eg Nandish Vyas was made partner in AZB recently. Students get into top international universities every year. We reached the world rounds of Jessup this year. Infrastructure has greatly improved. The toppers of GLC choose litigation over corporate. Almost 40 percent of the students are placed in the 4th year itself when they sign up for solicitor exam. Wadia Ghandhy recruits 10 students every year for SOLS. The exposure students get is top notch.Yes Curriculum is a problem but its not that bad and i am sure curriculum will improve, its a government college and things take times and you have forgotten about the alumni. GLC lags behind in the quality of teaching which is not as good but its not that bad either. Prof Pithawlala and Daswani and senior counsels teach the students.There is no comparison. So the Rankings should be NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, NLU J, NLIU BHOPAL,NLU Delhi, GLC, ILS, GNLU, Symbiosis

  81. Hey NLIU guys! Some of your comments have been utterly DIMWITTED. Why don’t you provide the answers to some very pertinent questions:

    1. Why has NLIU, Bhopal NEVER EVER been placed in the top 5 of the mooting circuit? Your MPL ranks have been piteous: 8, 9, 9 and 23! Because you are the stars of mediation? That’s laughable!

    There are other activities happening elsewhere too. But that’s not an excuse not to do well in say, mooting, which happens to be THE NUMBER ONE student activity in law schools in India.

    You can do well in other activities AND mooting. Why does it have to be other activities OR mooting?

    2. Why have your placements at the top tier law firms and companies been VISIBLY INFERIOR when compared to say NLU Jodhpur?

    Students at NLU Jodhpur too go for judiciary and litigation. But that’s not an excuse not to garner high paying jobs! Get jobs litigation/judiciary AND law firms. Why should there be litigation OR law firms?

    It’s clear that the best of the recruiters place NLIU Bhopal on a lower rung vis-a-vis NLU Jodhpur.

    And WHAT’s THE FUSS ABOUT? Instead of being placed 5th, as is the usual trend, you are ranked 6th. Why make such a hue and cry about it? Maybe these are 1st/2nd year students who have nothing better to do.

    Also, GETTING PERSONAL? That’s shameless on your part.

    • See, the ratio sitting for placement is less. I’m sure people in NLU, Jodhpur would also be going for litigation and judiciary. The thing is that since less people sit so the number of recruits are less, and you should not underestimate the quality of placement which we have. Also there is nothing like law firm or litigation here, its pursue what one wants to, that’s it. Moot is definitely an important aspect but its not the sole ground.
      And I would also like to add that its not getting personal it’s called standing for the right thing and voicing against something which is misleading. And the comments are from all the batches and even if it’s by first and second year (which is not the case) then see the level of concern and affection the kids have for NLIU. Its our alma matter and we can’t tolerate anything which is not true.
      What is shameless is the way in which this ranking has been made, the formulator of this rank list himself writes, “he doesn’t know enough to comment” in the dislike places of couple of college so how can one believe in its authenticity. The only concern is that its misleading.

  82. Tanuj, I think its not fair to rank any college as its more being subjective and that might change from one person to another. While I am glad the way you pointed out the merits and demerits of the institutions. While, everybody is more or less aware about the “Top Law schools”, the major problems lies with the newer ones which started in last 5-6 years or so. I would request you to come up with similar info on the newer NLUs, so that students can be aware before the decide to enter these law schools.

    PS: I would have added “Entrepreneurship/Off the beaten track initiatives” to NUJS as a positive point. (I am not from NUJS)

  83. Hi
    Well, people don’t go by the rankings here because it is just a personal opinion and a personal opinion may or may not be true, but having a personal opinion published on a public forum (which is very popular in the legal fraternity) without any thorough research seems rather misleading! So some clarifications is required;
    NLIU, Bhopal has a great location. It is peaceful, green and has best environment for study. Had location been the only criteria or a determining factor of success then Every person in a metro city should be successful, because they get the so called exposure. According to you, we don’t have good location still we have interactive guest lectures, better faculties and also we manage to bring Big and Excellent law firms to our college. Its not location which matters, what matters is how you exploit the resources available to you in best possible manner. Things like location, language etc. can never be a barrier in a person’s success.
    You should be more clear on that. NLIU has a decent placement ratio, even when the market scenario is not good. We believe in pursuing what we want. We don’t have this habit of talking “placement is everything/ placement mil gaya to hi yeh bande me merit hai ya yeh college acha hai” No, we respect individuality and believe in pursuing what one wants. Our primary purpose is equipping ourselves with legal knowledge and use it any field which we want. It does not necessarily has to be a law firm. It can be a law firm, litigation, academics, judiciary or civil services or any thing. We believe in exploring new and different opportunities and we excel in that. We don’t prefer being typecasted or stick to just one thing.
    As already made clear above, it’s not harming the college or anyone so how could it be a judging parameter? Yes, we have state reservations, but inspite of that we have a healthy cosmopolitan culture. They have excelled well and most of the times even better.

    Now a few personal suggestions to you (free ki advice…) When you go for any ranking then the parameters for each and every college should be the same and not something like I like it because it is upcoming so place it at 4th and wow, this college has location then 1st or oh, the culture not good then lower its rank. NO, the parameters should be same and not your personal likes and dislike, better use your facebook profile for such posts. You are running lawctopus and I highly appreciate you for that and also thankful for coming up with this brilliant idea (it has helped me and i am many others like me a lot) so certain amount of maturity is appreciated from you and you need to be more professional when you post anything on this website.

      • We have National Judicial Academy, don’t you think that this could be a major source of exposure?
        Well, How do you determine a “Great City?” Great City is one which is Culturally and historically sound and I guess each and every Village, Town or City in India has its own beautiful culture and History of its own.
        I guess from “Great City” you mean “Big City”, because if you really meant it “Great Cities” then I’m sure every one will have to agree to the fact that BHOPAL is indeed a GREAT CITY.
        As per you its only when in big cities you can achieve or if you are ambitious then you have to come to big cities o to prove one’s mettle. Each city has its own story and its own beauty. Jodhpur, Bhopal and the likes stand on the same footage, we are growing city. The world is getting smaller. It hardly makes any sense as to you are in which part of the country. Location can never be a barrier.
        And Dear Friend, if you still think that NLIU, Bhopal has a disadvantage of location, then I’m proud to be a part of it, as we have only used it to be our advantage and made it to the so called Big Cities. So instead Location being a reason of dislike to us, should be a reason of LIKE.

        • I wrote this earlier too: “Location does matter. Big cities generally give you more chances to explore, connect and do things. Not to discount the fact that smaller places too have different advantages. But as a young person I’d rather have more options of a metro.”

          • Ok Admin, how were you able to reap the benefits of a “Big city” as a Law student, please enlighten us humbler souls.

        • I really don’t understand why people from NLIU are getting so insecure. The fact remains that it is one of the pioneer law schools in India and nobody else can take that away from them. NLIU has it’s advantages and disadvantages, so does NLS and so does Harvard. The mere fact that another new law school is coming up and is doing well shouldn’t be a reason for kids from NLIU to worry about.

          And a lot of arguments here go in favor of NLU Delhi, there performance in mooting, an able administrator and well, nobody can deny that being in Delhi is not advantageous.

          And all those people harping about the strict timings at NLU Delhi, well yes, there were strict rules for the first two batches but that was mostly because the area around the University was pretty desolated and having just 150 odd students on the campus made it easier for the administration to impose restrictions.

          With 400 students and development in the surrounding area (most recently a mall has come up within 500 metres of the college), the authorities have loosened up the restrictions and as long as one is back in campus by 12 in the night, no questions are asked. And if you are interning or atleast you can give the excuse of interning, then you can really come and go whenever you please.

          I don’t understand why a bitchfest is being created here when as so called centers of pioneering legal education, all of us should have an attitude which helps us appreciate each others’ achievements.

          Please, NLIU is a great college and shall remain so. But don’t say defamatory things about other colleges.

          • NLIU remains one of the best place’s to study law in India ..!!
            State Resarvations ?? BLAH
            Placments ?? BLAH BLAH
            City ?? BLAH BLAH BLAH

  84. For NLU Jodhpur’s disadvantages, you’ve written “Don’t know enough to comment” … Add this – It’s bang in the middle of the Thar Desert and the weather can be a real bi***! (Though we have air conditioned class rooms)

  85. Before I speak my mind, I’d like to state that Lawctopus and its articles, the forums etc. are nothing short of a boon for the small but ever growing law students fraternity and are consistently well written and earnest. This isn’t a rant against the opinions of Tanuj in anyway, the points on which you’ve based your analysis are well thought out and have a basis in fact, but are also based on conjuncture to a large extent.

    This is simply me stating that the annual routine of websites coming up with rankings to rate law schools etc are nothing short of arbit. The fact that these rankings are often all the students and even parents look at as a basis for judging the worth of a university makes me a little sad. A university is made by its students and these rankings more often than not hurt the law schools that fail to make the proverbial ‘cut’ according to the author, but then again the authors as accurate as he/ she may try to be in their attempts to ‘rank’ these colleges consistently fail to recognise the amount of effect these ranking have on moulding the choice of individuals, people often disregard colleges not in such lists because of such omissions and this is undoubtedly to their detriment. This isn’t coercion or even misrepresentation, but the internal functioning of a university, its culture, its crowd, its people are never factors that most articles even consider, and even when they do, they tend to do so incorrectly.

    This is the story year in and year out, and despite valiant efforts of universities to claw their way up such arbit lists, their omission mostly dissuades students from joining/ choosing such universities. All I hope is that a student be allowed to make his/ her choice by interacting with other students, meeting people from such universities, as opposed to looking at ‘official’ rankings or ‘personal opinions’ on best colleges out there.

    Its a rat race out there, and if the cream of students simply base their choice on such lists it seems to me that its unfair to the universities that despite performing well, or getting better are missing out on the brighter minds. Its bad enough with the coaching institutes, magazines and what have you making such lists, I only hope that the one student friendly law school website out there stays objective and refrains from this, not cause its intended at coercing students ( I’m sure lawctopus/ tanuj get no benefit from students choosing any of these colleges 😛 ) , but because it SHALL invariably make a decision for the students, one which isn’t ours for the making.

    That said, largely a fair analysis and well written as always. On a personal note, to hell with these rankings, CLAT aspirants, welcome to the NLU club ( or non NLU) basically, just welcome, this is the first day of the rest of your lives 🙂

  86. I think that a comprehensive analysis on the new NLU’s should be made before the results of CLAT 2013 is announced such that the students can make a better decision.There occur a lot of tension in minds of law students whether to choose RMLNLU,RGNUL,NUSRL,CNLU,NUALS,DSNLU or NLUJAA .So prepare an analysis on this aspect.

  87. (Tanuj Kalia, I so hope you reply to this)

    Mr. Administrator (I presume that would be Tanuj Kalia), have you ever visited the Supreme Court and talked to the lawyers practicing over there? Going by the poor quality research that is evident from the rankings that you have put up, it is quite evident that you haven’t.

    Well, if you do, you would find several former students from NLIU working over there. That contributes to the litigating network NLIU has in the country. Litigation is an activity that is widely encouraged here at NLIU Bhopal (which you would obviously fail to understand as your vision is completely blinded by the placements). I do not understand why people only consider the number of students that get placed at huge law firms.

    Just to put an example here, one of our college toppers, who by the way has also won various moot courts only interned under various senior advocates of the Supreme Court. The point being that he was not one bit interested in getting placed at a law firm.

    Another senior over here was so determined to enter judiciary that, in spite of being a class topper, he did not even consider interning at any law firm. He preferred internships under judges and various government institutions over Tier I Law Firms.

    Clearly, your vision is too clouded over here. I wonder if everyone at NUJS thinks similarly at NUJS, where this college is going.

    ADMIN’s ANSWER: There are such students from ALL good law schools who prefer litigation over law firms. There are many toppers in NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS and other law schools who go into litigation. Am sure same is the case with NLIU Bhopal. The numbers get even-steven.

    And, I also remember how one of NUJS’ Alumni [] roams around talking about Legal Entrepreneurs. You very well should understand this as you yourself are an entrepreneur. Probably you are not aware of the number of students at NLIU who prefer to start something of their own. Maybe start their own law firms. They have published books and some have even opened coaching centers.

    One of them is considered to be Madhya Pradesh’s best coaching center for CLAT. But you very conveniently choose to ignore that fact. The only issue with NLIU students is that they do not publicize their achievements. NLIU students are not interested in telling Legally India that they are going to Harvard or Yale or Oxford for their masters. You believe that if it is not on LI, its probably not true. And I personally do not blame you for this.

    ADMIN’s ANSWER: Yes, Harsh Gagrani of Legal Edge Tutorials.

    You rate NLU Jodhpur and NLU Delhi above NLIU Bhopal. Now, lets take on things point by point.

    1. Location: You believe students would prefer Metro Cities over primitive cities. Correct. Now, clearly you are a fool (Moderate if you are offended, I don’t care) when you believe that Jodhpur is a better city as compared to Bhopal.

    Clearly, you have been stuck in front of your computer screen and have not visited any of the law colleges. Had you come to Bhopal even once, you would have fallen in love already with the city. You rate a desert above City of Lakes. I died laughing. For that matter, Bhopal is an even better city than Kolkata. Saving the Salt Lake city, everyone knows the city is in a complete mess. I however, do agree that Delhi is a better place to live but given the strict timings at NLU Delhi, of which everyone is completely aware, I believe its hardly a factor. For that matter, Shamirpet, where NALSAR is located is far far away from Hyderabad. I believe you did not think about that.

    ADMIN’s ANSWER: NUJS and NLU Jodhpur rate highly more on placements vis-a-vis NLIU, Bhopal than on mere location. Also, yes, some NALSAR students do complain of the location where they are stuck in.

    2. Now, apparently you are praising NLU Delhi’s reputation. I want to ask you, which year are you living in ? 2011 or 2010 ? Are you not aware that the so called “reputation bubble” that was created around NLU Delhi, does not even exist now.

    Ranbir Singh (He is the only reason why that college is wherever it is), comes to NLIU and goes to other colleges and openly speaks about the sorry state of faculty at NLU Delhi. He pleads to NLIU to initiate a faculty exchange program so that the student of NLU Delhi can also avail of the benefits of a good faculty. You, being a mere computer geek you are (Moderate that too if you are offended), do not know anything about the faculty of other law colleges.

    Now, again you believe that NLU Delhi and NLU Jodhpur have a better reputation among students. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you look at the student preferences, till date, NLIU has had a higher cutoff than Jodhpur. Always. Every student at NLIU who came in through All-India had a choice of going to Jodhpur. But they didn’t. That is surely for a reason. Most of the students who came in through MP Quota also had a choice to join Jodhpur, but again they didn’t. Again must have been for a reason, isn’t it? Please, do not consider everyone to be as naive as you are.

    ADMIN’s ANSWER: Your take on Ranbir Singh is amusing.

    CLAT toppers prefer NLU Jodhpur and NLIU Bhopal equally.


    3. Placements, as I have already made clear, is going very well at NLIU. To make it more clear, “By the end of fifth year, each and every student who wishes to get placed, gets placed.” NLIU, in those terms sees 100% placements. Have you ever noticed why NLIU placement records do not show any placements at mid level or lower firms? Its not because they don’t come to NLIU, but because NLIU doesn’t focus on them much at the time everyone reports at LI. Placements at NLIU is not in a sorry state. It is in an excellent state and in a much better state than even NUJS. However, I do accept the fact that students at NLIU need to “publicise” more, like many other law schools do. However, another fact is that, even after all that publicity on social media, students still prefer NLIU over NLUD or NLUJ for that matter.

    ADMIN’s ANSWER: Placement stats are for everywhere to see on Legally India and Bar and Bench. NLIU Bhopal’s placement stats do show mid-low tier firms.

    For example, this link on NLIU Bhopal’s placements does mention firms like Link Legal, Tempus Law, Dave Girish, PXV etc. Let’s leave interpretation of stats to that.

    You tend to very easily close your eyes towards your moral responsibility by calling these rankings your personal opinion. You do realise that a lot of law students and law aspirants constantly visit your website and read your articles. You seem to be getting away from your moral responsibility. I urge you to take down these rankings, make necessary amends and then publish them, if you have to.

    ADMIN’s ANSWER: My moral responsibility is to publish honest rankings based on the best of my knowledge and allow for unhindered discussion/comments which I am doing 🙂

    A personal opinion: Go read some books on Journalism Ethics and understand your responsibility towards the society. Come out of your room. Take into account the words of “knowledgeable people” who really visit other law colleges for various events and everything instead of your online friends who prefer to stay in their virtual worlds all the time.

    P.S. Don’t be a pussy and publish this as it is.


    Plus, as a reply to that Observer guy over there, we are not offended by what he (Tanuj) has done. We in fact don’t even care. He is a nobody who has only this website to show off when it comes to his achievements. We, however, prefer to bring the truth to people. I, nonetheless would like to thank him for creating a great platform here. For that is probably the only good thing he has ever done.

    • Oh, and stop crying when you are placed lower by two recognised magazines. Please guys. Stop being such pussies.

    • Plus, in case of NLUJ when you say, don’t know enough to comment, that is so funny. So, apparently you dont know enough about a law school and yet you claim to know enough to place it above several other law schools. Stop making fun of yourselves.

      • Dear Shantanu, The day you get a JSD from Yale to Kerwa Dam, shall be the day when idiots like you stop blurting out crap like above. And yes, apart from 15-20 students in your batch of 80, the student quality is crap.

        I came across a douche from NLIU in my previous internship who was in the fourth year and didn’t know basic stuff like grounds for interim injunction. Now, that can also be attributed to the fact that the guy wasn’t good enough, but the truth is, and it has been substantiated from information I have received from people in your “esteemed university” that there are a lot of such people in the law school located in the “city of lakes”. Yes, one of the lakes is about to dry up and half of the population in that city is brain dead.

        And dude, Jodhpur is an international tourist destination, and the fact that you are stupid is also reflected in your opinion of it as “desert town”. Are you saying Bhopal is better than Dubai as well just because it has a few crappy lakes?

        And seriously, do you even know the guy who has started this website and what he has done? You claim you don’t care about him and that this website is his only achievement, really now? What are your achievements? And trust me, I am actually qualified to put down NLIU because (a) I have visited your campus and (b) I know a lot of people from your college who never stop cribbing about it.

        • haha SAF!
          and I being a first year state reservation guy beat the shit out of a 3rd year mooting team of NLUJ at M.C. Chagla Moot! I mentioned the moot’s name so that you could confirm its authenticity.
          Do I need to say more?

    • Well, I happen to be a noojie and Tanuj’s friend. It’s surprising (and laudatory) that such a comment has been let through. Lawctopus, as a website, has been of immense help to students across India. It’s an unnaturally special achievement to create something of this magnitude in your law school. Also, do find out a bit about CLATapult or Infocracy India to get a better hang of his achievements. Also, FYI, he was till now sitting on 5 job offers.

    • Its amusing to see how far can one go for defending his or her personal opinion…in this case..Mr.Kalia you surely have attained heights.
      this article of yours which you consider as research, has got nothing to do with reality but considering the fact that your website has the ability to have affect opinions and most importantly, decisions of the newcomers I strongly urge you to take down these rankings or provide a better title which emphasizes on this being your personal opinion or provide better research results rather than take defence of your lack of o,owlsdge

    • well was just going through this and generally wasnt interested in commenting, but after your this comment had to.
      Ranbir Singh goes to NLIU and begs for faculty exchange. right. Look at this

      It has Prof. Mathews and Prof. Sitaram, two of the best faculty that NLS ever had, Mrinal, Anup, Aparna, Chinmayi, Nawneet, Prof. Jayagovind and Chokalingam and a handful of faculty who used to teach at DU before joining here.

      Placements: everyone said the placement of first batch isnt great, yes we agree but they were also the first batch and at NLIU or jodhpur its not the 7-8 batch, our second batch day 0 placements have been better than NLUJ or NLIU

      Mooting we all know where NLUD stands 4th rank past 2 years 2nd this year. Get facts right then post please. There was never a bubble NLUD is here to stay, Take care and maybe bring changes to your institution.

  88. Well talking about reservation in NLIU, the toppers for the past two years and that of the current fifth year all are from MP and incidentally, all of them are placed with Amarchand & Mangaldas. Much for your assumption that reservation implies bad quality??

  89. Guys understand this ranking this is a farce to attract more traffic to the website so that it can be shown to advetisers….dont take this seriously especially incoming clat batch. Discuss what law school to select after speaking to your parents (fees, location other issues), people studying in law school and if possible those working.

    This is disgusting Nujs student cried when they ranked lower by India tpday and are now foing same thing, for What? ! Money

  90. Well what makes a really good law school is its academics, placements will follow if its academic structure is well founded…
    Had you considered that then you would have found out that NUSRL, Ranchi, doesn’t stand behind in the race for academic excellence…here a student has to go through 84 exams in a single academic year, to top that there are compulsory moot courts starting from the first semester itself, add to that a research paper to be submitted at the end of each semester…

    To make things worse (in my perspective better!) there is compulsory attendance….mark my words losing attendance costs us hard!!! Prof A.K Koul is perhaps the best Vice-Chancellor an institution can have, who is easily available to every student whenever we need any advice ( I doubt any other VC regularly comes on surprise visits during classes as he does!) .

    As we all know most students giving CLAT come from affluent families and for them what matters most is the Infrastructure and the location, yup lads that’s the only pot hole in our path maybe(is it really a pot-hole?!). What you guys must know is that we are provided with great hostels, and all the necessary amenities one needs for the study of law, and the good news is we are finally shifting to our campus by the end of this year….mind you once it comes up, it will blow your heads off!!!….and all of that has been possible due to the efforts of the administration, and the credit goes to our seniors for winning us the case in our favor (mind you they are still in their 3rd year!).

    And finally I am happy to admit that I don’t regret my decision to join this college instead of HNLU, Symbi pune, and they like where I got through last year (though my decision was influenced by my need to stay close to home in the beginning!). Still we have a long way to go, specially in mooting on the national level, but given the structure we have, that wont be too tough.

  91. I think NUJS should be placed higher, it has a better logo.
    Also, your likes and dislikes are rather amusing.
    Culture being too strict or too lax figures as a dislike?
    On what basis have you decided to place NLU-J and Amity Law, when you yourself agree that you don’t know enough to comment upon them? o.O

  92. @NLIU students – Calm down guys! It’s not like your college’s name is NOT on the list. You guys study in a college that’s always considered to be among the top ones in India. Is it that much of a problem if someone ranks it just a FEW places lower?

    I’m sad that people get offended so easily, and the article had to explain itself so many times so as to not offend anyone. Stop being such entitled b*tchin’ whiners and get back to studying at your awesome college! 😉

    And yeah, a friendly suggestion to Lawctopus – Please don’t get into the “ranking” business, it’s not worth it. Unless of course, you are doing it for attracting more people, in which case, carry on.. 😉

    • The issue is not about taking offence of such rankings, or to be precise, of someone’s opinion. The real point is that the drawbacks highlighted are something which does not give a true picture of NLIU. Bhopal. Calling state reservation as a disadvantage is something which is just factually wrong. As already stated by my friends below, that the students who come through state Quota performance equal, and at times better than the students coming from other places. So seeing a renowned website giving such an opinion without having adequate facts and research about the reality puts a responsibility on us to clarify the same, so that such opinions do not further end up creating a false impression of our university and channeling others opinion in this regard.
      And yes just a suggestion, please research and find out well about every university before coming up with any such ranking. ‘Don’t know enough to comment’ gives an impression that either you don’t want to tell the real disadvantages of that place inspite of knowing them, or you have actually not tried to find them (of which there is a remote possibility). if the answer is the latter one, then its time for you to realise that you need to fine out things well and then come up with such opinions (assuming that you actually intended to give a fair opinion of your through this so called rank list)

    • wo suraj dakshin se uga sakte hai..
      ki unki khidki se gulabi dhoop aani chahiye..
      humne jo parda bhi yun uthaya..
      to yahan dil jal rahe hain..

      well if u didnt get it.. u call us whiners well here a man who can go to any level to defend his “cafeteria analysis of NLUs”.. (u know with bit of free time, sitting in college canteen one can even solve problems like world hunger so deciding top 10 NLUs is not a big deal) using dumb one word explainations (likes and dislike) even without any research and credibility.. if a man can go so far for his ego.. NLIUites are here just making a stand for their identity… we have enough of this CLAT mentors, CLAT gurus and other studs.. flooding in with such opinions and list just for getting some attention from clat aspirants… admin please dont be digvijay singh of clat universe, u have dignity to maintain..

    • I have heard dt ur colg had a good placement season last year, is it true?
      How many got placed?- Because wat i have is true (more than 70 students got placed) then certainly its a good sign for your law school’s future.

  93. This is only a clarification to the Administrator….and the rest!

    Amity Law School, New Delhi is NOT a private institution! Amity Law School, New Delhi is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka AND IS DISTINCT from Amity Law School, Noida which is affiliated to Amity University (Private).

    Im not going to get into the rankings but administrator please atleast find out about the colleges you choose to include in your rankings.

  94. tanuj please stop making this article an anti-nliu agenda. even though i do not belong to NLIU but still recognise it to be among the very best in the country ( even above nujs)… kindly show some amount of respect to this fact…and please stop giving data to support your obnoxious claims…more than anything you are crossing the line and making a fool of yourself…do stop !!!

  95. With due respect to your opinions and rankings Mr. Tanuj Kalia , I as a student of NLIU BHOPAL and a follower of your website am at loss of words to express my utter disbelief at the very arbitrary nature of your ranking. Since you have very promptly furnished certain data to defend your capricious and false ranking which ranks NLIU so low, I would like to point out a few things in a very analytical and logical (qualities which this ranking severely lacks) manner:

    1. At the very outset you write “The ranking is personal, but I’ve tried to be objective”, if the ranking is your personal view then kindly do give it a more appropriate title which says so rather than a title which sounds as if it’s a universal ranking formed by the legal experts of the country proclaiming nothing but the gospel truth for the law aspirants. This misguides them.

    2. You talk of academics as a parameter to judge a law school (under things you like in NLSIU and NALSAR), let me bring to your notice NLIU follows one of the most rigorous academic calendar under a TRIMESTER SYSTEM wherein a student has to go through a mammoth 50 sets of exams just to pass one academic year which includes viva and projects. If this doesn’t qualify NLIU to be at the top of the table academically Mr. Kalia, then what will???

    3.One of the foremost factors which help you build this ranking is the LOCATION of the city. If I may remind you if locations where to be such determining factors then institutes like IIT KANPUR, IIT KHARAGPUR or even IIM AHMEDABAD would have never been among the world’s best. It’s the availability of talent and not the location of the talent which matters.

    4.You talk of culture and state reservation as turn offs about NLIU, please do let me know do you have first hand data or facts to justify your dislike or is it just your whims and wishes taking over. Culture may it be academic or co curricular is a very subjective issue with no defined yardsticks to evaluate it, then how did you come up with a general conclusion I wonder??

    (Even the BRITISH didn’t like our culture initially, were they ever able to provide a justification for that). As for state reservations, if for once you had tried to visit NLIU and seen for yourself, you would have known many a batch toppers and academic achievers come through state reservations. Moreover the difference between the cutoffs for all India and state list is just a mere 3 – 4 mark. So the talent pool remains top notch.

    5. Finally you just provided an ISO certified placement data regarding NLIU, NUJS and NLUJ to defend your baseless claims. It amuses me to look at your narrow outlook towards legal education. Does every law student aspire to get a desk job? Is getting a placement the sole criteria for joining legal education? It’s the quality of education that matters and not the zeroes on the paycheck (point in case HARVARD LAW SCHOOL). You need to keep in mind the small batch size and pool of students who sit for placements in NLIU considering the number of students going in for litigation, judiciary, civil services and higher studies in the most renowned universities of the world, to access the placements at NLIU which is one of the best in the country.

    But still to respond to your obsession with placements, please try and collect data about the students who get placed, after NLIU publishes its placement details on websites, all round the year, in the most reputed of organizations thus resulting in nearly 100% QUALITY placements year after year, to get a clear picture of the placement scenario at NLIU.

    Interestingly as for ranking NLU D higher in terms of placement, is it a prophecy you are making for the future. I mean how absurd is it to say that since you see a college coming up in future it is better than others at present, logic defying. (Even INDIA’s economy is slated to surpass USA in the future, so do we rank it above US right now???)

    6. Finally (this has to be the most perplexing one), on one hand you say “Well, giving too much importance to mooting performance for college rankings will be an utter folly “and further add “they do represent a ‘student achievements’ in a narrow sense”. But still you use it as a parameter to rank NLIU lowly. Are you sure you are not contradicting your own self Mr.Kalia.

    If moot achievements are just a narrow part of student achievement then why not look at other wider areas of student achievement in NLIU to rank it. NLIU ranks without doubt as the best and leading university in the field of ARBITRATION and MEDIATION i.e. ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION competitions being the first university in the country to organize an INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION COMPETITION and continuing it over the years and winning laurels in the different ADR competitions across the world. What about the numerous conferences, international and national paper publications, research projects on variety of legal and non legal issues, journals etc of NLIU students which ranks among the very best? Are they not part of student achievement or not worthy enough to qualify as a parameter to rank colleges in your list??

    PS: Even we at NLIU would love to have your children study here because that would make you as a parent understand the worth and prestige of NLIU but till then at least do not misguide other parents and students with your unwarranted and unfounded rankings. You hold a position of responsibility, kindly respect that.

    • 1. I nowhere claim that the rankings have been prepared by legal experts.

      2. Just having ‘more exams’ via a trimester doesn’t make for rigorous academic eco-system. (I never complain of the NLIU Bhopal’s academics)

      3. Location does matter. Big cities generally give you more chances to explore, connect and do things. Not to discount the fact that smaller places too have different advantages. But as a young person I’d rather have more options of a metro.

      4. Again I do NOT complain of NLIU Bhopal’s culture.

      Also generally, by ‘good’ culture I refer to say the proactive student bodies, liberal timings at NLS, NUJS (both have suffered recently, no doubt). By ‘bad’ culture I refer to the admin-student-faculty tiffs happening say at GNLU, or the restrictive timings at NLU, Dehli and RGNUL. And other things which you hear in the grapevine and otherwise.

      5. I acknowledge that there is more to placements than just the law firms. But the best of the law firms hire the best of the law students and it seems that NLU Jodhpur students have [clearly] done better than NLIU, Bhopal.

      6. Mooting does represent a healthy section of student achievements. It’s competitive, popular and nicely tabulated by Legally India. A very objective way to compare a ‘section’ of student achievement I believe.

      • first of all i’d like to say i am in total agreement with your own evaluation of your arrogance. its on the other points that i’d like to differ on.
        you placed a university that has been in the forefront of imparting quality legal education in india at the 6th position.
        that is a very arbitrary way to rank any college. some of the parameters that you have used include placement, mooting and location. but you have not shown us how much each factor way in to determine the relative position of a college.
        its like saying that nlu jodhpur has a good mooting culture so nlu jodhpur is cool and nliu is average in mooting so its uncool and hence must be listed below nlu jodhpur. also the reason u gave that nlu d is better than nliu just because its an upcoming college is ridiculous to say the least. i am an upcoming lawyer Mr. Kalia, does that make me better than Jethmalani?
        plus the statistics that you used to quote nliu’s placement recored is flawed, being rife with discrepancies and inaccuracies. that makes me question not only your research methodology but ability as well, because apparently placement according to you only means law firms. that is certainly not true.
        i will not defend nliu or the pros and cons of the institute. and why should i? nliu’s credentials as a law university had been established way back. your frivolous attempt to discredit it just reflects poorly on you and your website.

        • NLIU Bhopal is surely a top notch institution and is at the forefront of imparting legal education in India.

          But NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS, NLU Jodhpur too are excellent colleges and score over NLIU Bhopal according to me.

          As far as NLU Delhi goes, an able administrator (Ranbir Singh), great faculty and breathtaking mooting achievements make be believe that it is slightly ahead of of NLIU, Bhopal now.

    • Also, it’s great that NLIU organizes top notch mediation competition.

      However, a ‘comparison’ needed for a ‘ranking’ can only be had if we were to have something like ‘mediation premier league’. 🙂

      Most law schools have such ‘specialties’. NLS has a very proactive legal aid cell. NUJS seems to be producing a good number of entrepreneurs etc.

    • Hey Mister. Lawctopus is one website which has introduced law students like me to ‘alternative’ career options.

      No resource has ‘broadened’ our horizons about legal education as this site.

  96. Dear Lawctopus Administrators,
    I think every Tom, Derek, Hari and Parminder can come up with a personal list featuring (what they think to be) top 10 law colleges in this nation. When any sort of analysis is done, it is expected that the conclusions are backed by solid, scientific evidence. In this case, it seems that abject arbitrariness dictates the rating of these law schools. Thoughts and opinions which do not have a sound logical basis ought not to be bandied about in this manner on a website like Lawctopus. It appears to be a rash, immature and irresponsible. Please take quick measures before the goodwill of your website is affected severely.

  97. With all due respect to your website and its noble work of providing information regarding moot court competitions, Essay competitions, Seminars and call for papers for various journals etc.

    I just want to point out certain realities which you have overlooked while ranking law schools my grievance is if you really want to rank NLIU Bhopal kindly read the following facts

    Mooting is not the only activity which happens in a law school, i accept that we have been low this year in mooting but you have clearly overlooked that we have been organizing No. 1 mediation competition in India and we were Runners up in a Reputed International Mediation competition this year. and nobody can deny this fact that NLIU Bhopal is pioneer in mediation in India.

    we go to villages and teach poor students, we give legal aid to poor villagers, we help them in safeguarding their rights, we organize marathons for poor victims of Bhopal gas tragedy, we help Govt. of Madhya Pradesh and National Judicial academy in their research projects.

    Lawyers were called social engineers but due to shallow mentality of people who are obsessed with corporate jobs they are now called corporate clerks.

    We have a very strong Alumni base not only in corporate but also in Judiciary and IAS,

    I know it’s hard for other’s to accept that despite state reservation, NLIU is maintaining it’s top position but with the sound infrastructure which we have and the bunch of competent faculty and a strong force of dedicated and hardworking students we will maintain our position, those people who are jealous of us can be happy with rank lists like these.

  98. Tarun, do something else to kill your boredom rather than deriving sadistic pleasure by writing such a piece trying to influence newbies. BTW u would make an excellent editor for Faking News 😉

  99. Ok! So on the basis of the links that u posted…these are the placement figures, simplified:
    NLU Jodhpur- 41/52 – 11 didn’t get placed here
    NUJS, Kolkata- 57/68 – 11 didn’t get placed here
    NLIU, Bhopal- 31/41 (Out of the 50 mentioned…the article itself clarifies that 5 applied for LLM Degrees and 4 are awaiting their Judicial Clerkship results. So, the tally for those who sat for placements actually is 41.) 10 didn’t get placed here.
    Just because fewer number sit for placements doesn’t make a college bad. I think the fact that the comments itself have made you clarify to such an extent….renders this article in need for some clarity. I guess this is like one of those times when politicians manage to outrage quite a few people with irresponsible comments and a closed, monkey-trained mindset.


    It is a humble request to the Lawctopus Team, that whenever you guys put up something as controversial as this article, please back it up with some solid “authority” and not an individual opinion.
    You guys run one of the most prestigious legal websites, which is quite popular among the law students of the nation, so it would be advisable to act more judiciously and responsibly. (Especially in light of CLAT 2013)

    (After the 3 bullet points that have been added to the article, it seems more of an Anti-NLIU article)

    Please make amends. (Otherwise it would seem that you people believe in running this site by fueling it with Sensationalism)

    • Hi, if a large number of comments point out at something particular, we’ll back our claims with more content/research.

      Will do it for other ‘controversies’ which might come out.

  101. Well, could this guy have been fairer?

    He clearly says he’s from NUJS. He says that it’s an ‘opinion’. Hats off for the forthrightness!

  102. Tanuj,

    I don’t quite agree with the rankings provided by you in this post, I fail to understand and you too failed to provide a criteria for ranking the law schools. Clearly, placements isn’t the only criterion. Or is it the location? (yeah, right, Raipur is a far better place than Kochi or Lucknow) Or the process of selection? (Then, what are your thoughts about the management seats? Clearly, Many NLUs failed to feature in the ‘Top 10 law schools’ list and a few with the ‘management seats’ made there presence felt). As for placement, please, take into consideration the fact that many opt for higher studies, litigation, civil and judicial services, not everyone wants to be a ‘corporate goat’.

    Pardon me for expecting a bit more genuine and useful information rather than an article on ‘law schools ranks’ based on someone’s whims.

    Don’t you think, it’s a bit ambiguous just to type ‘REPUTATION’?
    ha! the criteria.

  103. Tanuj, this article of yours is a first hand example of “How to do poor Research”.
    It seems to me that you haven’t yet learnt how to moot properly. And the administrator guy says that “mooting really counts for a trifle”.
    So on behalf of the CLAT Aspirants 2013, I request you not to write such useless pieces.

  104. You realised the issue was not just about being placed lower than NUJS, but the issue was also regarding NLUD being placed over Bhopal.

  105. Well, as a RGNUL student myself, let me give you an idea of what our placements have been for this year. With regards to your Amity Delhi placements, the recruitment figure stands at around 50% out which only a meagre 10 jobs have been handed out to Tier 1 and 2 firms. This year, the graduating batch of our college has managed to secure several PPOs in leading law firms like Amarchand & Mangaldas, Jyoti Sagar Associates, Trilegal, Anand and Anand and the likes. If you talk about mooting culture, we have done relatively well in domestic moots; lack of funds makes us not go for international moots. In any case, we deserve to stand above Amity Law School, Delhi at least. I would like to also stand for my fellow RMLNLU students, who I believe have been wronged with a biased opinion. They have done a lot in not a lot of time. Respect that.

    Mr. Kalia, please do learn that when such a ranking is broadcasted on a platform that is accessible to all, I believe that the opinion ceases to hold value as an opinion and becomes a subjective factor in the minds of law aspirants who have just freshly given the test. These young people are looking up to you and your team; please do not let them down.

  106. Tanuj are you soon going to have huge advertisements by SLS, Amity and Christ, I believe. They are privates for sure but even RML and NUALS can give you some money if it works that way. Please be more rational when consolidating a list. You need to realize the impact lawctopus has on kids who are preparing for CLAT. Let them not choose Symbi because it is in Pune over a RML which is hands down better.

    • In case we have any advertisement by Symbiosis, Amity or Christ, say in the next 3-4 months, we’ll shut this site down. It’s a personal promise. 🙂

    • Agreed, that AMITY LAW SCHOOL, DELHI is private but we never advertise. why don’t you morons get it that AMITY LAW SCHOOL DELHI is completely different from AMITY UNIVERSITY. Just because we have same name does not make us same. The day you realise the difference, you ll never post irresponsible comments like this.

  107. The name of the article should have been, “The Best Law Schools with a 5 Years Course, According To Tanuj Kalia..”

  108. Having followed lawctopus fr a year now, it pains me to no end to see such an irresponsible piece of article coming from your side Tanuj . There is a sense of responsibilty which is attached to any publication made on a website like lawctopus which serves to build up opinion of law aspirants , but what i get after reading your article is a sense of utter disregard for the same. The ranking in itself is not even an EDUCATED ranking because any tom dick or harry can simply put up a DISCLAIMER in the beginning as you did and say “its my personal opinion and ranking” and go about raking law schools.
    how on earth do you rank a college like NLU D whose first batch’s placements failed big time in the top 5 based solely on the basis of its hype and moots ? According to what logic is an institute like NLIU Bhopal having one of the strongest alumni base and a rigorous academic culture in form of trimesters be ranked outside top 3 below NLU J, NUJS AND least of all NLU D, do you even go through CLAT preferences ???? also on what basis have RML and RGNUL, both performing very well , not evn in the top 10 since both of these colleges get the best of students through CLAT…..

    • RMLNLU placements have been poor, to put it politely:; RGNUL’s placements are even worse.

      NUJS and NLU Jodhpur consistently have had better placements than NLIU, Bhopal and hence the higher scores.

      NLIU Bhopal’s 2012 placements: (50 out of 82 students sat for placements, 31 found jobs)

      NUJS’ 2012 placements: (68 out of 100 students sat for placements, 57 found jobs)

      NLUJ’ 2012 placments: (49 found jobs)

      Also, though mooting really counts for a trifle, this years MPL rank of 23 doesn’t really says good things about Bhopal:

      • while you are taking placements into consideration u should consider one thing , the strength of the law school nujs has a strength of more then 100 same goes with nlu j so i feel nliu is better and one more thing please do back u r comments with some authority and if u r a law student then i m afraid u have a very week researching skill do improve it dude

        • There are top 50 students in NUJS. There are top 50 students NLIU Bhopal. There are top 50 students in NLU Jodhpur

          A near equal percentage from these go for lit/judiciary/LLMs.

          A lot of them apply to the best law firms in India (Amarchand, AZB, Trilegal, JSA, Khaitan, Luthra).

          Stats are clear: These firms take more students from NUJS and NLU Jodhpur than NLIU Bhopal.

  109. This list has obviously been made after some frivolous research on a weekend (read: limited knowledge), totally deceptive, and has taken the wrong factors into consideration while deciding upon the “Ranks”. But, then again, the author is entitled to his own individual opinion.
    You actually need to be a part of the respective law school to truly understand it’s good and bad aspects. As far as the 1st ranker goes, I am fine with it, but the rest are mostly wrong.I don’t understand why you “Dislike” NLIU, Bhopal for it’s Location, I have been there once and it has the most beautiful campus that an NLU can have, even much better than my present NLU.
    So, don’t pay much attention this article.

  110. Tanuj, I really think you should not be giving a ranking at this point of time when CLAT Results are supposed to come out. With the absurd personal ranking that you have come up with, you will make people chose Amity Delhi, Symbiosis Pune over Colleges Like RMLNLU, NLUO or NUALS Kochi.

    Specially colleges like RMLNLU are doing incredibly well in the MPL and also their Placements have increased this year. NUALS Kochi and RGNUL would also be better choices than Symbiosis and Amity. Even though NLU Odisha is a new college, yet it would better to join Odisha than the above mentioned college.

    I really think you should not be misguiding the students with coming up with ranks without basing them on any formal survey. I think its either better update your list and make a better one or just scrap the entire idea of making a list on your own choice.

      • Sure Sure, and yet it has managed to do well.
        And Now with RMLNLU Getting a new VC, you can just expect things to be much better.
        Why the Bias, Tanuj?

      • The administrative problems are everywhere including your NUJS. That does not mean you don’t research and publish material. RMLNLU now has a VC from DU and why are you working with 2012 placement figures is my question.

        • Well, that’s good!
          But how successful the DU VC will be remains to be seen. We can only wait and watch. I hope that things improve.

          Complete 2013 stats are yet to come out and that’s why we are working with 2012 stats.

          • Umm thats what research is Mr.Kalia. Don’t misguide bacchas into believing RML, RGNUL are bad options compared to SLS,Christ and Amity.

  111. Hi. First of all, knowing the influence of a public platform, I would expect a little sense of care. Your personal opinion may shape the choice of future CLAT Aspirants and for that reason, this is irresponsible. I am currently studying at NLIU, Bhopal and following are my observations:
    1. On the point of reservation, the general MP rank cut off was 548 last year. So the quality of students we have is top-notch. If you’d just go through the CLAT List before commenting, or sharing your so called ‘educated opinion’, I would highly appreciate it. (Doesn’t take up too much of your resources either. I’ll send you the list, to make your research easier.) Thus, the point of reservation seems irrelevant to me.
    2. Location- Well, as an environment for studying, it is wonderful. Just because it is not hyped, doesn’t make it bad.
    3. And the fact that you do not know much about most colleges, but still rank them, is something I would rather not comment on because anybody who doesn’t see the discrepancy in that is a fool. (Please excuse me for the lack of a better word).

    P.S. Knowing that you are not replying to most replies above, I am not getting a sense of any rigorous discussion here. :-/
    Here’s hoping for a better ‘educated’ reply from your side.

    • I agree.
      Besides, NLU-D has just come up. Its like, you know how everybody in a family is overexcited on every small thing that a new born baby does? Thats exactly how we all are treating NLU-D. (No offence)
      NLIU was the third National Law College to come up, much more respected that NUJS (which came up AFTER NLIU). And just because Tanuj is from NUJS does not give him the right to put his college in the 3rd position.
      Bias overload.

      Location as a dislike? Dude, get your facts straight.

      Suriti, there are many more pluses for NLIU.
      And yes, fool is an appropriate word. 🙂

    • hit !!
      just because students come from reserved M.P. quota doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to be there, and that can be a ground for ranking a college. And even NALSAR has seats reserved for A.P. student, so why is that not taken as a ground for evaluation college?

  112. The rankings are good and impartial. However placing NLU Delhi and Nlu-Jodhpur above NLIU seems to be wrong. When you count placements you should see the percentage of student getting placed. In NLIU only 50 students sit for placements out of which 35 get laced. Besides like NLSIU, NLIU also follows trimester rule. That should come as an advantage while ranking it.

  113. The intent behind creating the national law schools is to improve the whole justice delivery system and not to create english speaking, well mannered parrots. judging the law schools only on the basis of there capicity to produce law firm parrots is totally irrational and it defeat the whole purpose behing creating the law schools. again on the issue of state quota…i request the lawoctopus intellectuals to leave there air coditioned rooms and visit the highcourt of jabalpur, these state quota small city students are not only improving the justice delevery system but also inspiring thousands to do the same. i am totally surprised that lawoctopus is takng criteria such as location and state quotas instead of quality of proffesors and the whole teaching mechanism. a law school become successful by the quality of teaching it offers and not by it’s location, by the quality of books it’s library has and not by the number of air conditioner it is providing.

    • well said! go deep into the judiciary and see what people are doing.. joining a law firm is not the only thing for a law student.. and not the only way to evaluate performance of a law school… !!
      High time to get out of this money minded thinking !

    • Well said Gagan Singh Parmar
      we r not in nlus just be an law firm parrots
      we need to contribute some thing to the society andNliu does it through its activties

  114. Amity Law School, really now? Ahead of Symbiosis and ILS. Especially after MPL rankings (not even taking the other magazines into account)
    Does Location have so many points attached to it?

  115. U say HNLU is ranked 10 because of its location, because of its location… Do u have any idea about its fucking location(28 km from Raipur, somewhere in some very remote place). What about RGNUL and RMLNLU? We understand that u have some kind of personal grudges against RGNUL specially regarding administration and all… But, really if u r a fair please highlight some stories about NUJS administration as well… Moreover, if u have done this survey meticulously perhaps RGNUL and RMLNLU have been a part, we are not fucking idiots who left amity, symbiosis and ils etc. for it.

  116. I would say India Today Rankings were better, at least they had a system.
    We definitely do not want to see a ranking as per Mr. Tanju’s opinion. Bitch Please. You boycotted the India Today ranking saying there system was flawed. How about your system dude?

  117. Till last time Lawctopus used to say that NUJS and NALSAR had to be decided with flip of coin. They degraded NUJS’s ranking this time. What happened?

  118. I think as per placement, location, environment is concerned Army Institute of Law is scores better than any college like Amity, or Christ.

    • Dude dont talk about environment and location which Amitians have got. You cant stand anywhere in front of them. they are like 7 star hotel in disguise of the college. I have no idea about their placement. but as far as former two are concerned they can beat anyone.

  119. This should be the case:

    1. NLSIU, Bangalore
    2. NALSAR, Hyderabad
    3. NLU, Bhopal
    = NLU, Jodhpur
    = Campus Law Centre, Delhi
    4. Symbiosis Law School, Pune
    5. NUJS, Kolkata
    6. ILS, Pune
    7. NLU, Delhi
    8. Amity Law School, Delhi
    9. GLC, Mumbai
    10. GNLU, Gandhinagar

  120. Tanuj,

    You many times reiterated the fact that the college of your education doesn’t really matter if you are really good.
    As much as I would like to agree with you, my experience has taught me otherwise.
    Do you honestly believe that a non-NLU student can get a better job if he/she is really good than, say, an NUJS student?
    Whenever I call for an internship, the first question that they ask is: “Which college do you study in?”
    Even though I have a flawless academic record and many other accomplishments (forgive me for my lack of modesty), many people don’t give me the kind of importance that they would give to an NLU student.
    Furthermore, I have even heard that foreign universities take your college into consideration while selecting students for the LL.M course.
    So, in this situation, what should a poor non-NLU student do?

  121. I think the ratings are well founded, although it’s not clear on what parameters, but I guess they are beyond the purpose of this post. But yeah, I couldn’t agree more on a post that rated colleges more than this. Good job!

    And prepare for a backlash! There are many who don’t take too kindly of ratings. (much like the what’s the average penis size and where does one stand)

  122. A young NLU represented India in the international rounds of Jessup, Man Lachs, Stetson and Leiden in the same academic year. If i am correct this feat has not been achieved by any other college lately. And you simply look the other way on this. Placement show the student quality!!! And i thought that people who clear competition are any day better than those attending private colleges. Even IIPM places more students than IIM’s, but we all know which one is better.

  123. what quantitative methodology did u follow to get to the ranking? it seems that the entirety of the ranking is based on your ‘perception’ which is inherently same as to what india today gives 🙁

    • Yes. Sorry about that. Haven’t got the bandwidth (time, resources, money) to do a full fledged survey 🙁

      • u dont require money for a comprehensive survey of top law colleges, do a factor analysis of their teacher student ratio – easily available from the websites, mpl scores from li, clat student preference (though limited for nlus), word of mouth perception (do a sample survey for 30 ‘knowledgeable’ people), basic infra, recruitment (again limited for few nlus), u can file for rti petitions with bci for institution based aibe pass rates (but i presume for most nlus and better law colleges it would be around 100%). so all you need is effort and time.

      • Well, if you dont have the resources to do a proper research, then please dont post such articles, they are misleading and may cause good institutions a loss of their hard earned prestige.

      • No Time. No Money. No Resources.

        You want a solution, right? It’s easy!
        Don’t publish ill-researched figures.

        • I think the solution is the publish honest rankings based on the best you know and let every comment get through so as to get a healthy discussion going.

  124. What about Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University? I think it deserves to be a part of this list, especially when the likes of Symbiosis, ILS and Amity Law School have been listed.

  125. Tanuj I expected lawctopus to be a lil more sensible. Only consensus is nls is one nalsar 2. Why stoke that “my law school is better” debate again? Personally I think gnlu is better than nlu d. Disclaimer: I’m from nlu j. U cannot just rank nlu d so high based on hype and contingencies just coz its in Delhi. If u r rating nlu d, Jindal should also be there somewhere

  126. That means talent has no role to play in the rankings. I would in my opinion go to a place which offers a better talent pool than one which gets me a job. I don’t want to spend my 5 years around dumb people, even though the place is a paradise.

    • I have taken student quality into account. Most of the ‘reputation’ and ‘placements’ part builds from that.

      • Well then i must inform you that the only reason these new NLU’s don’t have a good placement record is lack of alumni base. Give them some time and i am sure they might as well give the top 5 in these rankings a run for their money.

        • That’s ok. That’s why the rankings are for 2013.

          Frankly, except for NLU, Delhi none of the NLUs have come up well.

          • Making your presence felt in the International Rounds of 4 prestigious Moot Court Competitions in the same year- Jessup, Stetson, Manfred Lachs and Leiden Sarin, isn’t certainly what one would call ‘coming up well’, right?

            Plus, that’s not the only achievement for the concerned year.

  127. It must also be noted that Amity Law School,Delhi is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Delhi and not to Amity University. Amity students have been performing better than the students of 6 other colleges affiliated to GGSiPU since 1999 and this holds true for all semesters. The topper of the university in every semester is from Amity

      • Ummmmm he said biased. You should check the meaning before you post, to avoid looking like an utter fool 😛 I really, really hope you’re from one of the Tier I colleges. It would just prove what a sham these rankings actually are.

  128. Amity Law School, Delhi should not be confused with Amity Noida. Amity Law School, Delhi is a pretty good college which certainly deserves to be in thw top 10. It has state of the art infrastructure, pretty well qualified faculty and it follows a rigorous system for assessment of students. A student is required to give 42 papers in a year apart from the research projects,viva voce ( which are conducted by a board of 3 teachers ) and presentations. The research projects have to be of a good standard failing which they are summarily rejected and no marks are given to the student. Further, it follows a strict policy with regard to plagiriasm. If any project is found to be plagiriazed it is rejected and the student loses 10 marks automatically. Apart from that it is headed by Prof MK Balachandran, who is a renowned academician and is one of the founding members of NLS Bangalore and is also a member of the curriculam committee of BCI

  129. Are you serious?? Amity Delhi definitely needs to be higher on the list, along with Symbi and Christ, all three of them deserve to be atleast on number 8 and above!! I mean all these colleges have Location, Excellent Academics, and placements!! And the culture is simply top grade, worth the top money!! I mean what have the other NLUs got infront of these Behemoths? Maybe Student to Teacher Ratio and good libraries or a research culture, but do they have CCDs in Campus?? huh? also I’m surprised NUJS isnt at the top..

    • Hi, I don’t think Amity Delhi is as good a college as you make it out to be. GLC, ILS, Symbiosis and HNLU DEFINETELY score over it according to me.

    • If only “CCDs in campus” and “good location” made colleges “behemoths”. Speaks heaps about your college, its culture and the kids. Grow up.

  130. Its true that its our own work that counts. But if we study in a not so good college, then there is high opportunity that we won’t get a platform to showcase our works. The world is too brand oriented, so a not so good student will get an internship in a much better organisation, than a hardworking student from not so good college( because his cv will be rejected at the beginning only when it ll show that he is from XYZ college nd not from a NLU).
    So, plz if possible mention some ideas for the people who r hardworking but unfortunately r not getting a good exposure for showcasing there legal talents,

    • Bangalore, Pune and Delhi make for much better locations than Lucknow, Kochi and Orrisa.

      Also, these newer law schools have very little to show as far as placements go.

      See RMLNLU’s placements for 2012 here: (25 out of 125 found jobs!)

      NUALS’s 2011 stats are here; it seems to be doing better.

      • RML’s placements you’re talking about…that’s old news. Now atleast 50-55 have been placed and it’s ever increasing.


        1. Arimus Law LLP, New Delhi- Sonali Chopra

        3. Clat Possible, Kolkata- Aritra Chaterjee

        4. Eastern Book Company, Lucknow- Nilufar Bhateja

        5. HSB Partners, Chennai- Anantha Krishnan Iyer

        6. Khaitan Sud & Partners, New Delhi- Manini Bharti

        7. Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan, New Delhi- Victor Das and Vinayak Mathur

        8. OSC, Gurgaon- Vandana Jaiswal, Nivedita Pande, Devdatta Mukherjee and Aritra Chaterjee

        9. Pangea3, New Delhi- Yashi Kumar, Sneha Pant, Parul Sharma and Krishna Saraswat

        10. Pavan Duggal Associates, New Delhi- Sreemoyee Malakar

        11. Phoenix Legal, Mumbai- Gunmehar Juneja and Rajat Pradhan

        12. Quislex, Hyderabad- Aishwarya Sharma, Bhadra Bharadwaj, Kanika Singh, Kamayani Mishra, Nikita Vaidya, Abhivyakti Agarwal, Rishikesh Singh Faujdar, Anurag Deepak Verma, Prabhanshu Yadav, Rahul Kumar Singh, Anchal Gupta and Kunal Singh

        13. Sri Ram General Insurance Co. Jaipur- Aishwarya Sharma, Nikhil Sharma, Priyanshu Pande and Spriha Sinha

        14. Suri & Suri Law Offices, New Delhi- Pallavi Arora, Vartika Jain and Jyotsana Nagvanshi

        Total Count: 40

      • These new law schools have obviously done better in respect of placements over the years. You will place Christ above Nuals because of the place? Amity or Symbi above RML because of the City?
        Are you really serious? What happened to good college, faculty, placements, moots and reputation?
        I did not know we were choosing law schools on the basis of areas. Thats nice!

      • That is because most people from RML go in for litigation and civil services..the mooting performance of RML has been excellent this year as far as the international moots are concerned..list till No. 7 seems fine..but, Christ,amity and symbi over RML and Nuals; dont think so.

        • Talking about Mooting, SLS is above RML 🙂 Its 5th
          Getting facts straight before we post our opinions is sin qua non for an effective criticism.

      • You should wait and watch the figures for Class of 2013. Let us be fair this is just the third batch and the first CLAT batch.

    • Well SLS’s mooting definitely beats the rest. Even with our relatively not-so-good placement, it still is way ahead of the lower NLUs. Then there is location. And Facilities. And Adminsitration

      • I suppose when you say “relatively not-so-good placements”, you’re relating your placements to those of the “lower” NLUs? You should be, else going further is a waste of our time.

        Let us asses the factors on the basis of which you rank a college (in no particular order):

        1. Placement/Academic Achievements
        2. Infrastructure
        3. Academic Standards
        4. Moot Achievements
        5. Administration
        6. Crowd
        7. Fees
        8. Location
        9. VC
        Now let us talk about Symbiosis Pune.

        1. If we were to solely count the Law Firm Placements of SLS Pune, they’re not better than that of any other “Lower” NLU. Some of the NLUs have done better at placing their kids, actually. But since Mr.Gourav concedes to that, we shall leave it at that.

        2. If you’ve ever visited the SLS Pune campus, you’d know it’s a joke in the name of a campus which ends before it starts. Fine, you have a new campus coming up near some airport in the city, but you’ve been singing that song since god knows how many years. Most of the “Lower” NLUs have swanky new campuses with all the requisite facilities.

        3. Academic Standards: SLS Pune doesn’t have bad academic standards and while there’s no particular method or algorithm to judge academic standards than to go through the tedious process of scrutinizing the faculty at each of the colleges (which is something Mr.Kalia should have done before waking up from sleep and stacking colleges mindlessly), from what I know, there’s no clear winner as far as academic standards are concerned, if you peg SLS against other “Lower” NLUs.

        4. Now Moot Achievements are a tricky one. Lets go about 2 years back on the timeline. SLS Pune was nowhere to be seen on the MPL charts. In 2012 however, it had some mooting achievements to boast about. A similar trend follows when you see the other “Lower” NLUs. A batch of students end up doing well in a moot, the college shines momentarily. However, if you’ve not been a consistent performer, a year worth of mooting achievements is not enough to put you ahead of any other college and certainly not a pivotal criterion for someone to make a decision on the basis of.

        5. Student-Administration: Let us not broaden the scope to unneeded limits by carelessly using “Administration” when the real problem which has existed in Tier-3 Law Schools has been that of managing the students’ needs. Alright, one of the colleges was too harsh on someone smoking a cigarette and someone wearing shorts. It is not equivalent to an in-general ineffective lazy administration which does not get its work done. Therefore, unless you’re NLSJAA where there’s 0 policing and everything is more or less in shambles, the college leading to the formation of a group of pissed-off people should not affect the rankings to the extent of changing a decision.

        6. Sure, SLS Pune probably gets a higher number of kids who speak English fluently. At the same time, it also gets a higher number of people who smoke up and laze around. Again, no perfect algorithm to judge this on, so hearsay is what I’m relying upon. I wish again, that Mr.Kalia had done some homework before ranting.

        7. Fees is an important factor. Any intelligent person knows that higher education is a game of investment and returns. Is investing around 2.5 lakhs a year + accomodation expenses + food expenses at SLS Pune going to pay off better than paying 1.50 Lakhs in total at one of the “Lower” NLUs which provides you better facilities and on an individual basis, gives you the same (or better) platform than SLS Pune? Good question.

        8. Location goes in your favor hands down. Pune is a lovely city regardless of however expensive it may be. Now it’s up to the kids to decide the importance of this factor in this decision, but you do win this one.

        9. VC: Sorry, who’s your VC?

        Tl;DR: When you’re out choosing your college and unfortunately, life has not blessed you with the luck of getting to choose between the top 4 or 5 of them, you take a note of the factors which matter to you and how much each of the factors matters. It’s pretty simple to make a stupid decision and regret for the next 5 years of your life.

        • And what I’m also trying to convey through this long-ass post, is that people need to stop stereotyping colleges and stacking them into categories based on things which were true in the early 2000.

        • Bro, people in EVERY college “smoke-up and laze around”. EVERY means EVERY single college. Without exceptions.
          Just because they come to college the next day, doesnt mean they are attentive…they are all zoned out
          Look about u in ur own “swanky” campus about which u just cant stop bragging (like you’re gonna lick ur college walls)
          The number of smokers and dopers may surely be more in Symbi but then their batch strength is also almost double NLUs. Also, they do it in their own homes. They are not dragging anyone into it. They dont have hostels so they dont influence anyone else. Everybody has his own digs.
          It’s a matter of choice…u drink, u dont drink, u smoke, u dont smoke. It’s their personal choice

          So, Mr. Lower NLU, open ur eyes wide. It’s not just Symbi, it’s every college
          If u cant keep up with the advancement of the college students, consider dropping out of college


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