Tell us about your favourite law related books in comments below.

Tell us the name of the book, name of the author and then write about what you like about the book in detail.

The book must be a law related book and can be from any genre.

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  1. The Happy Lawyer- Nancy Levitt and Douglas O. Linder

    Tomorrow’s Lawyers- Richard Susskind

    Straight and Crooked Thinking- Robert H. Thouless

    Michael Sandel- Justice

  2. In Each and Every Subject there is Law. The book for Law of Torts and Consumer Protection is R.K.Bangia. The book has a clear explanation and the topics are briefly said. It gives much clarity for the readers and also in citing the relevant cases. The language used by the author is very simple.

  3. Modern Hindu Law by U.P.D. Kesari
    The Book has topics briefly elaborated and well explained. Each and every topic is present in the book in a Systematic manner in easy language made it easy to be read.

  4. There are a number of books, both academic and non academic, which must be read by law students or lawyers or alike. However, when it comes to naming some of them, the three which stands out are Before Memory Fades by Fali Nariman, 10 Important Judgements that changed India by Zia Mody and Courtroom Genius by Soli Sorabjee.
    Nothing can match the details these three books have regarding the constitutional development and Courtroom gossips. These books are full of knowledge and do not get boring due to too much of facts. A must read for all legal aspirants.


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