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Why you should listen

Kimberley Motley possesses a rare kind of grit—the kind necessary to hang a shingle in Kabul, represent the under-represented, weather a kaleidoscope of threats, and win the respect of the Afghan legal establishment (and of tribal leaders).

At present she practices in the U.S., Afghanistan, Dubai, and the International Criminal Courts; as her practice expands to other countries, she thinks deeply about how to engage the legal community to build the capacity of rule of law globally.

After spending five years as a public defender in her native Milwaukee, Motley headed to Afghanistan to join a legal education program run by the U.S. State Department. She noticed Westerners stranded in Afghan prisons without representation, and started defending them.

Today, she’s the only Western litigator in Kabul, and one of the most effective defense attorneys in Afghanistan. Her practice, which reports a 90 percent success rate, often represents non-Afghan defendants as well as pro-bono human rights cases.

What others say

“To the male-dominated Afghan court and prison establishment, she must appear to be someone from outer space. She acknowledges this but declares that she gets respect… She has proven to be a very effective and tenacious fighter.” — Tom Freston, Vanity Fair

The above speaker profile is taken from here.

The TED Talk is HERE.

NOTE: Kimberley has agreed to answer questions by Lawctopus’ readers. That’s wow, right?

Do put in your questions as comments below and you’ll have answers from her!

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  1. Hello Ma’am
    We are lucky to have a chance to talk to a person like you,it is really great. My question is

    1. why you chose to practice criminal law and what all difficulties you came across while making your own path?

    2. Is it really possible to have Uniform Civil Code in India?

  2. Since Ms. Kimberley practices in so many different countries, I have the following questions :-
    1. Are the laws of all the countries she practices in very different from one another or is basic knowledge sufficient?
    2. Do you require a specific license to practise law in different countries?


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