RESULTS: Thulasi Raj’s tribute to her teacher Nilima Bhadbade and Pranusha Kulkarni’s Dashin’ poem have won the Rs. 2500 cash prizes.

Here is a small way in which we at Lawctopus want to celebrate the teachers day.

Write about a teacher in your law school who has inspired you or maybe touched a cord and get it published on Lawctopus!

What makes him/her good? The personal qualities or the teaching style?

What have you learnt from him/her?

You can even write about a teacher who influenced you in school (when you wore uniforms and carried bags).

You can even even (yes, 2 evens) write on concepts like education, teaching, growth, being a student, empowerment, inspiration and related concepts etc.

It can be a short story from the yesteryears, a poem, or even a little biography of an elderly faculty! Any thing!

Just this time round, lets keep the write-ups ‘good’ and not critical :).

In case the write-ups are not goodie good, they won’t be eligible for the Rs. 2500 prize money.

Send in your write-ups, poems etc. by September 6 at

The best 2 entries receive Rs. 2500 each.

Here is the awesome video.

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