From a Facebook Post:

Welcome to Amity Law School, Delhi.

Here we thrive on arbitrariness and vagueness.

Here dialogue is non existent, and transparency is unheard of.

Here we have forgotten sensitivity, and here we commercialise human life.

We are sadists here and we are the 11th best law school in India.


Via an anonymous email:

To say that Sushant Rohilla was a bubbly guy whom everyone liked would be a bit of an understatement. Sushant radiated happiness, spreading it across from one person to another. Not only he was a guy who everyone wanted to be around, he was also a great teacher and a mentor.

He had a passion for mooting and debating, both of which he was excellent at. He was the convenor of the debating society, the youngest convenor our college had ever produced. He won laurels for our college in his last external moot, in which he stood second at NLIU Bhopal.

Despite all this, despite all these achievements, Sushant wasn’t considered worthy enough to be given a bit of lee way.

He suffered from a foot fracture, a genuine medical condition because of which he could not go to college.

Despite this, ask anyone at Amity Law School, IP University, he could still be seen walking around the college in crutches, trying to organize our Moot Court competition.

This level of dedication to college was unheard of. But Sushant still fell behind, he could not make up for the loss of his attendance, which led to his debarment.

RIP, Sushant!
RIP, Sushant!
Student manifesto!
Student manifesto!
Via an anonymous email:

Our college follows a 75% attendance rule, a rule it uses to torture, extort or harass a student. This rule has been used in the past by the certain teachers to pursue their own personal grudges.

A teacher can threaten to not give attendance for something as juvenile as not sitting straight in a class. This rule is the most widely misused rule practiced in ALSD today.

My friend, Sushant was a victim of this rule. Despite having a medical problem, despite giving so much to the college and asking for nothing in return, the college hung him out to dry, not caring once about the consequences of this action.

Sushant could not recover from this, he could not deal with the shock of having to repeat a year despite putting in so much effort. He took his life on 10th August, after repeatedly trying to contact college authorities and asking for a relief. He died, considering himself to be failure to his friends and family.

Students protesting
Students protesting


Via an anonymous email:

Despite repeated pleas from Sushant, including clear indication from him that he might not survive this ordeal, everyone in the administration turned a deaf ear.

Post Sushant’s untimely demise, students and alumni of the said institution have come out in large numbers to protest, as well as shed light on the apparent humiliations and harassments by college authorities, particularly naming two individuals in the administration.

The students are asking for the resignation of Mr BP Sehgal (College Director) and Dr Isheeta Rutabhashini (de facto director) and will not be attending any classes till this demand is met.

Sushant's plea for help.
Sushant’s plea for help.


Dinesh Rohilla, Sushant’s uncle, has alleged abetment of suicide in his Facebook post here

Abetment of Suicide: A callous & arbitrary system of Amity University caused the death of my nephew Late Sushant Rohilla, a brilliant and extremely meritorious law student of Amity on a minor issue of shortage of attendance.

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  1. suffering from the same dilemma here, albeit I am lucky to have not broken down like our dear friend. Not all of us can take failure like that. I would really like to name the real names here, as this epidemic spreads across not only alsd but also als noida. I can confirm attendance is used to not only threat students, but is also granted arbitrarily to those who carry the files to the staff rooms. Which makes me think how little of a brain do these so called professors have. It is famously known that if a person knows english, they can well teach at als. In fact one of the professor’s specific area of study is, say company laws, but (s)he ends up teaching subjects like family laws, company laws and even environment laws. At the same damn time. To three different batches. I don’t even expect the teachers to try with such a schedule. Even if they want to do a professional job they are struck by the constraints of their schedule. But some go further to take liberties and do not teach for the whole session long. Sounds surprising? This college hasn’t even got the syllabus correctly adhered to as per the bar council guidelines. The chancellor is a businessman who is pursuing his dream of emptying the pockets and brains of the a huge chunk of the youth. I shudder at how inhuman this law school is. And how unprofessional it is. If it has enjoyed any degree of success it is due to sincere and hardworking students like our late friend Shushant here.

  2. The reason why we need student unions in colleges. They have lost a bit of credibility in recent past but in this very case the unfortunate incident could simply have been prevented. Strange fact is that all this is happening in law colleges where we are taught to know our rights, secure them and stands out as their protectors. I have often heard of manipulations of students by administration and faculty in pvt law colleges and even in some NLU’s. Sorry to say but protesting now and crying justice will not bring departed soul back. Lack of unity in students is also partially responsible. Hope that culprits are brought to justice and another incident is prevented.


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