How About a ‘Student Exchange’ MoU for all NLUs?

By Tanuj Kalia

A blog post by a DSNLU student mentioned that students at DSNLU can, for a semester, study in other colleges like NLSIU, NUJS and RGNUL.

Would a ‘student exchange’ MoU between all NLUs be feasible and good?

A challenge: The syllabus and the subjects taught at various NLUs in different semesters is not the same and that might post some challenge, though not an insurmountable one.

One would just need to ensure that such an ‘exchange’ student completes all the ‘compulsory’ subjects as laid down in the BCI guidelines (though that’s another debate for some other day).

And I think a lot of good could come out of such an initiative:

1. Inter-NLU rivalry will come down.

2. You’ll travel to a new place, and travelling is such a fabulous exercise.

3. You’ll make new friends, which again is fantastic!

4. You’ll be exposed to new teachers, different styles of teaching, a different pedagogic environment etc.

5. Five years at one place can get to your nerves. This should act as a nice, refreshing, useful break from the humdrum.

6. If the student is proactive, the good of one NLU can be incorporated in the other NLU.

All in all, should be very exciting, right?

What other challenges could such an MoU face? What could be the other good things about this?

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