Story of Rahul Bajaj, Student at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Law, Nagpur

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This 19-year-old law student at Nagpur University is an overachiever.

He has consistently topped all the exams at Nagpur University, Maharashtra, where he is pursuing law and is one of the 500 to have been chosen by Harvard Law School for a three-month course in copyright law (currently pursuing). But what really sets him apart is the fact that whatever he has achieved, he has done despite being visually impaired since birth due to a rare retinal condition called Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis.

He believes the biggest drawback of those who are physically challenged is that society expects nothing of them, and they are treated as mere objects of charity and sympathy. This makes the individual underestimate him/herself.

rahul bajaj law student


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