Internship Experience @ SK Mittal & Associates, New Delhi: Great for criminal law matters


Labony Ray, Department Of Law Calcutta University, 5th year

Duration of the Internship

2nd November 2015 – 27th November 2015

Name of Organisation, Location (city)

S.K. Mittal & Associate.

The main office is located at Defence Colony and their Chamber at Delhi High Court, New Delhi.

Application Process

For interning here one has to mail Anshul Mittal. I mailed one month prior my internship period and got favourable reply within 2 days. In the reply it will be mentioned where and what time u have to be present.

Mailing Address:

Duration of Internship & timings

I interned here for the month of November 2015 for period of 4 weeks. One has to report to the Chamber at  9.45AM sharp otherwise you may have to answer for being late or better if you are late inform Anshul Sir beforehand.


Accommodation is not an issue. You get very easily.

My friend’s mother knew about a pPG in Chittaranjan Park which was a fully Bengali pg. But talking with co-interns about where they were putting up came to know about paying guest in south extension and green park.

From my PG travelling time was half an hour. One can travel in bus but obviously metro is more convenient.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day we (me and my friend) reach their Chamber and meet Kshitij Sir, Vipin Sir and directly went to court to watch the proceedings. Must say as this was my first internship in Delhi first day itself I found Court proceedings in Delhi are quiet interesting.

Coming back from court met the senior of the firm, S.K Mittal Sir. He was a very nice person with valuable knowledge and his guidance about how one should pursue internship was very helpful not only for that internship but also for future in commercial aspect.

For him knowing about the topography of the working place is very important and for second half that was our work to know every nooks and corner of the court premise.

After getting well acquainted with the working place came back to chamber and met Anshul Sir and the very first day he took us for client session meeting with a Senior Advocate Sandeep Sethi and the discussion there was very much valuable and interesting session for us because very next day the hearing was there of that same case.

The matter was about Badminton premiere League.

No Such special formalities need to be follow.

First day we had to report to their Chamber which is small but very much well furnished. The office at Defence colony was spacious but that time it was under renovation.

Must mention about Shankar Bhaiya who is a friendly office helper and got to learn things from him as well. Many facts of cases we got to know from him. At times when we got late because of traffic and was answerable to his question “ye batao madamji aj aap late kyun hue?”

What I learned ?

The firm basically deals with criminal matters so it would be good for one to know about procedural subjects like Evidence, CrPC , CPC  and IPC.

Interning here was not limited to reading briefs or Attending courts or not just about going and listening to the Metropolitan Magistrate or the ASJ or  the HC court proceedings actually it was all about reading THAT brief the proceeding which you will witnessing.

Nothing can be more interesting in this procedural aspect than having practical experience.

It was all about how and where filing, court fee and summons are done, not anticipatory bail but how second anticipatory bail can be granted, how turning point of a case can take place on basis of “retraction of statement”, how to deal in absence of Public prosecutor, arguing the case before the judge and how and in what situation Retd. S N Dhingra got appointed as an arbitrator and was also fortunate enough to attend the arbitration meeting.

How an investigation is done not only according to Section of CrPc but knowing about Pullanda, Rukka, site of crime and much more things are important to take into account as evidence.

In fact knowing the facts about bullet mark on the wall, from what distance the bullet was fired at and how on basis of witnesses the investigation was carried out of a murder case explained by Anshul Sir and witnessing the court proceeding for the same case was a proper practical experience.

Granting of Second Anticipatory bail for rape was really challenging matter where the Judge was “Go to any other Judge; granting of bail is impossible“.

So the matter was shifted to another court room for next day. Before that we were asked by Anshul Sir “what do you people think that second anticipatory bail will be granted or not”.

Attending the proceedings of this matter I was very much negative about this. But S.K Mittal sir in the court showed us by arguing the matter how impossible can be made possible.

Research Work on Quashing of FIR, murder, rape, criminal conspiracy, forgery, anticipatory bail and second anticipatory bail became interesting knowing the fact that the sections which I will be researching on for the same will be attending the proceedings next day.

Got chance to meet another Senior Advocate Gaurav Duggal and while discussing about a case he gave us Research work on ‘Novation’. Research Work on the matter we were given on also had to think about possible arguments relating to witnesses and evidence.

For example me and my friend was given the matter related to murder and on basis of Testimony, real evidence, hearsay evidence and documentary evidence we had to place our argument whether the accused happen to murder or not and finally came to know the truth of that hot shot case.

Also witnessing the DDCA case was bliss because got to see Former Cricketer Kirti Azad and Chetan Chohan. Advocate Sunil Mittal sir appearing for DDCA, paved the way of happiness by arguing and it got the permission to hold the match India vs South Africa test.

We were also lucky enough to witness the argument between P. Chidambaram sir and Kapil Sibbal sir regarding a Birla matter. It really felt fortuitous to witness such proceedings.

Till now this was the best internship to know what procedural Law is all about.

Working Environment

Working Environment is really cool and comfortable.

Everyone is good and approachable especially Anshul Sir is always there to help with every possible doubt one has and every time with patience he explained every case. Even the co-interns were also very friendly.

I have a habit of taking coffee break after coming back form court and my friend use to get really pissed off with this . LoL.

Good Things

It is not possible for me to find anything bad about this internship because this was the internship I actually got to learn the practical aspects of Law and and to be honest I really like Delhi’s working Culture being form Kolkata. But I love my City too.

Bad Thing

 It will be only bad for if you don’t show your willingness to work or learn because from very first day we were made aware of the fact that one can only work if he or she is willing to learn.


 Learning was the stipend for us.

 Biggest Lesson

If you are willing to be a self-learner, you will develop yourself.

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