Sharda University and INBA’s National Women’s Conclave [March 8, Greater Noida]

Objective of this conclave is to highlight advancement of women has made in all sphere of life and also the challenges that they still encounter to gain acceptability on in equal footing with men.

Today’s women are not only the head of stage but are also leading organizations, control the sky, have been on the space mission, they are pilot and leading many sectors of challenges.

They not only are women, they are creator of world, human being but are also a mother, a sister, a wife and an embodiment of empathy in today’s competitive world. Women bring about a healthy work like balance and bring about orderliness in the otherwise chaotic environment we live in.

Women Empowerment that women across all industries should attend to learn best practices about empowerment, career advancement and work-life balance.

This seminar will bring women and our society together to highlight the issues and inequalities of today and discuss the solutions of tomorrow.

Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Phone: +91 – 9971532995


Full details are HERE.


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