Law School Review @ School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore: Active Mooting Culture, School-like Discipline & Dress Code, Excellent Library, Favouritism

By Anonymous

1. Faculty and Academics.

Faculty – The variance in quality is astronomical.

We have internationally published authors and professors with decades of experience teaching alongside freshers right out of college.

However, For an Ideal teacher to exist there must be Ideal students and the students in my law school are not what you call ideal.

Course Structure – Another redeeming feature. (Apparently) The course plan is deliberated upon by subject specialists before the beginning of every semester.

Choice of Electives are given from the Second year itself. The list of subjects is quite expansive. Skim through the brochure to know more.

Class Hours – All days except Saturdays classes begin at 9 in the morning and go on till 4 in the evening (1 P.M on Saturdays) with an hour for lunch in between.

This can be quite tiresome in the beginning and the psychotic importance given to attendance does not help.

Evaluation Methodology – There are 3 Continuous Internal Assessments (CIAs) amounting to 45% of your total marks throughout the semester; which include a class test, mid-semester exam and a research paper.

The 50% comes from an exam at the end of the Semester and the remaining 5% comes from your attendance.

2. Student culture and activities.

When there are 1500 students studying in a law school, it becomes a breeding ground for mediocrity. Students lose their individualism and become a part of the herd.

It takes a lot of effort to stand out.

Most of the students were born with a silver spoon which translates into indifference with respect to academic and co-curricular activities.

However, there are also hardworking students who strive to make a mark for themselves. Drugs are not unheard of either.

Moots – Around 180 teams of three members each register for the Internal Rounds. So that goes to say there is an active mooting culture.

However, in my opinion, the method for selecting students to represent is the law school is flawed.

Mediocre and below average teams get better ranks in the Internal ranking rounds and represent the college in external competitions.

The negligible number of moots we have won is a testament to the flawed system.

Other co-curricular, extra-curricular activities – This is where the number of students adds to our advantage. Debating has a substantial following among the student body in School of Law, Christ University. We are very good at cultural activities and sports.

Societies/ Committees – There are so many that I can’t even name all of them. Most of them are fairly active and take up good initiatives.

Favoritism is glaringly obvious, especially in the Moot Court, Debating and Placement committees.

3. Location.

The campus is located in a prime business district. There are malls and a lot of restaurants nearby.

Clubs and Pubs are in abundance and the nightlife is pretty good. You can do a lot of bird watching. *wink* *wink*

4. Placements at School of Law, Christ University.

The Placements are, at best, okay. The college until recently played a minimal role in securing placements.

However, things are changing and the college is taking steps to improve placements, or so it seems.

Since the college is relatively new, the alumni network is not that great. Placement stats can be accessed on the website.

Sadly they are below average, to say the least. However, as I had said before, things are picking up and the recent batch has had pretty good placements.

In my opinion it all boils down to your caliber and acumen, so there is nothing stopping the sincere students from securing good placements.

Since most of the students are interested in partying and having fun as opposed to studying, the placement figures seem justified to an extent.

5. Administration and Fees.

Administration – Strict and unfair at times.

No democratic decision making is practiced and there is unbridled discretion in the hands of the few; which is not to say it is akin to North Korea.

The administration is strict but good most of the times. There is a Student representative body which is a facade created to make us believe that our opinions matter.

Favoritism is Rampant.

Fees – Refer to website. I think it is on the higher side. The fee structure can be found here.

Dress code – Formals for Boys and Indian Ethnic wear for girls (I don’t know what they are called).

You will not find any student wearing Jeans or T-Shirts.

school of law christ university bangalore dress code
Students from School of Law, Christ University

6. Infrastructure.

The Infrastructure is one area where School of Law, Christ University can give the NLUs a run for their money.

Classrooms – The Academic Block is spread over two huge floors in a ten storied building.

The classrooms are spacious and are provided with uninterrupted electricity, state of the art projectors and speakers.

Additionally, the whole campus has pretty fast WiFi, though you can’t access your social Networking sites.

Canteens – Since our law schools shares a campus with many other departments of Christ University, the canteens at rush hour become very crowded.

Though there are around ten canteens selling food, the sheer number of students, 15000 (yes, 15000) to be exact can make eating a tiresome affair.

It also noteworthy that though there is a wide range to choose from, the food is VERY overpriced and honestly, not everything tastes that good.

Hostels – There is a girls hostel on campus with security systems that can put the White House to shame.

The curfews can be compared to what you had when you were a ten year old.

There is a Boys hostel on campus which is newly built and i have very little knowledge about them.

Library – I have saved the best for last. I have been to almost all the top five NLUs and I can honestly say that School of Law, Christ University’s  library is as good if not better.

The fact that we have eight floors of books shared by two libraries should give you a idea of the sheer volume of titles and resources present.

There is a separate law library which has a lot of books for each area of law. Not to forget is the access to online repositories and journals that we posses. Name it and we have it. One of the redeeming qualities of our law school is the Library.

7. Other things?

In my limited interactions with my juniors, I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the student body coming to School of Law, Christ University.

A few years down the line, I am positive the law school will scale new heights.

Law school reviews are shared by individual law students and do NOT represent Lawctopus’ official take on the law college.

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