Internship Experience @ Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra (RLEK), Dehdradun: Field trips to conduct survey




Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra, Dehradun

Application Process

Getting an internship in RLEK was cake walk.

One just needs to send a mail along with a cover letter and CV attached and within a day or two one shall receive confirmation along with instructions and more.



6th May, 2015 to 5th June, 2015

First Day

RLEK is located at the heart of Dehradun i.e. Rajpur road and it was easy to locate the office.

One can avail accommodation in the RLEK building as they provide hostel and mess service which is reasonable enough according to its location.

The building consists of two offices: one is of RLEK and the other is of Pragati which is a sister organisation of RLEK.

In total it has two floors: Ground floor consisting of two office and a so called library which was usually like a cafeteria for the interns. 😛

First floor consists of a girls dorm and a hall and few other wings of RLEK.

Second floor consist of Boys dorm and single rooms available if requested.

Mr. Avdhesh Kaushal is the face of the NGO, which is surviving on its past glory and singing the same song over and over during the internship period.

Ms. Sweta was the internship coordinator who was rather moody and grumpy most of the times.

First day began with the filling of the form and getting oneself aware of the NGO through its manual,which went on for hours and hours through out the day

Main tasks

We were asked to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on NJAC and ways to improve the current election process.

We were sent for field trips to conduct survey of ward council members in Dehradun and we were sent to interact with VAN-Gujjars and also the school which is being maintained by RLEK.


It was quite flexible in RLEK, with interns coming in whenever they felt like.

Attendance was taken twice a day and the internship coordinator made sure that those not present shall be warned and if continued their internship shall be cancelled.

There was no work as such and interns were made to sit idle in the library also later there were so may interns joining that it was difficult to even sit, as it was crowded and the interns were made to sit in the library and hall for no good reason.

People in RLEK were helpful if approached, but no work as such was provided and the internship coordinator was not very friendly with the interns making it even more frustrating for the interns to manage those so called working hours.

Best things

It was a chilled out scene.

If one wants to enjoy and explore a new city, this is the internship they should be looking for.

With boys and girls dorm in the same building, one gets to interact with people from various other colleges.

Bad things

If one is looking for experience and legal work, this is not the one.

This NGO preaches about the difference between legality and reality but fails to execute this, or make the interns realise how important it is to work for the society.



Biggest Lessons

One is made aware of their historical background of the NGO, which will make you wonder if it actually ever happened.


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