Call for Entries: RMLNLU Law Review Blog: Rolling Submissions


The RMLNLU Law Review Blog aims to provide a holistic approach to readers by publishing articles from authors on diverse perspectives of law. We encourage the authors who want to share their research and unique contribution in various fields of law through the blog.

The scope of publication is limited to contemporary legal issues. From landmark decisions of the Indian judiciary to sensational political piques, everything that is current is welcome. Everything that is submitted, must be presented in the form of short, well-informed opinions.

We invite submissions on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year from members of the bar, legal professionals, law students, or others who are interested in publishing with us and wish to further the legal discourse.

Submission Procedure

If you are interested in submitting a piece, kindly mail us the same at with the subject title: ‘Submission’.

Authors are requested to adhere to the following submission guidelines:

• Articles should have content that is both original and unpublished.
• Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
• Citations should conform to the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) (4th Edition).
• Articles should not exceed 1500 words, excluding footnotes.
• Co-authorship is allowed.

We wish to assist the writers in every possible manner, and thus, are sharing links of three lately published blogs for your perusal. It must be noted that the links below are just for the purpose of referral and it in no way means that your submission must be on largely similar lines.


For more information, write to us at

For more details, visit the blog link given here and follow this twitter page.



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