To let impeccable thinkers speak their minds out, in order to make a dash on the evils of the society and blow the winning triumphs. The stigma attached to the freedom of Speech has to be eradicated, here plays the Mock Parliament a pioneer role and so here the RKDF University has come up with its 1st Mock Parliament.

With the vision eyeing upon making the voice heard at the highest of altitude, the Faculty of Law, RKDF University has come up with this event. Our venture with the “Siyasat Welfare Foundation” is to facilitate the events success to a greater extent. Come be a part of the beginning of the change.


Winner: Certificate + ₹5000/- cash prize

Runner-up: Certificate + ₹2500/- cash prize

Agenda: Deliberation over the laws regarding violence against women and empowering their status in the society.


Ph: 9572060511, 7772059422

For registration and further information, visit this page.


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