Below is the screenshot of the website taken on 18th of March 2014, 5 pm.

The webpage, the URL, the colour scheme, the address mentioned and the logos displayed clearly indicate that the moot is being organized by the University of Oxford.

There is no information in any part of the website to indicate otherwise.

Oxford University India Moot Court Competition

Surprise, surprise!

On 23rd September 2013, Lawctopus’ editor Tanuj Kalia had received an email from one of the organizers which said, OUS India is a voluntary organisation and it does not represent the University of Oxford in any manner whatsoever.

oxford university society does not represent oxford

We’d thought then that this was suspicious but didn’t publish anything on the matter because information about the Oxford India Moot exists on the Oxford UK website as well. See here.

However, in light of the recent blog post published on Lawctopus and on Legally India, we believe it is important to disclose this email in public interest.

Because the question then is: was the Oxford India moot organized by OUS India or the University of Oxford? And why wasn’t the official website clear on this fact?

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  1. Well OUS India not being representative of Oxford Univ does not mean that the latter is not involved in it. The former is merely executing it…i think a lot of things r exaggerated here…

  2. It is sad tanuj that you revealed such a thing so late, after all the damage is done . It is as good as not telling us. Their reputation has gone to dogs already, had you told us before, so much of energy, time , relentless faith in team members wouldn’t have gone waste. What good does it do now?

    • Hi Anju, I am sorry but since I found the moot court’s on the Oxford UK website I thought this was genuine.

      Also, I did call someone from Oxford to confirm and she did say that there was ‘some tie-up’ between OUS India and the Oxford University.

      Now lets now try to prevent any further damage and to ensure that justice is done!


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