By Sriparna Mitra, BA LLB, 1st Year, NLU Assam

Enough said and enough heard! Let me introduce you to The Real NLU Assam:

1. One of the highest number of permanent faculty members among all National Law Universities

Open the university website and you will notice the entire list of faculty members, who are working day in and day out for taking this university to the place it rightfully deserves.

The university boasts of one of the highest number of permanent faculty members on its board including pass outs from prestigious universities like NLSIU, NALSAR, AMU, DU and JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA.

Editor’s note (Tanuj Kalia): Who are these faculty members (their names please?). And how good are they?

2. The facilities are good, if not luxurious and it is only going to get better from December

We have a pretty decent girls and boys hostel having free Wi-Fi connection. We have electricity 24×7.

Every classroom, common room & library have a good number of air conditioners to make our stay in the university comfortable.

The library, though small, boasts of quite an excellent and well maintained collection of volumes, books, magazines, study material, novels and non-fictions which are more than enough for preps, be it semesters, competitive exams, moots or just vocational readings.

The university has a provision to play games like TT, Volley ball, Badminton, Carom and Chess. Unlike some other NLUs, we have geysers for hot water during winters and water coolers throughout the year.

While all these sound like bare necessities, you won’t believe how many NLUs/new IITs do not have these basic facilities.

Editor’s note: From what we know, NLU Assam has been promising new hostels every year in its brochure, while doing nothing about it.

3. Mooting

The mooting culture, which is an inherent part of any law school life, is developing at a very fast pace with students performing brilliantly in several moots and conferences throughout the country.

This year alone we have bagged awards in Surana & Surana Judgment Writing Competition, National Conference for Justice Education, NCU Law School National Moot Court Competition, IIT Kharagpur National Moot Court Competition, 3rd KIIT University Moot Court Competition, 4th International Banking and Investment Law (IBAIL) Moot Court Competition, 5th FYLC-Ranka National Moot Court Competition and All India Make in India Conference.

Editor’s note: What were these awards? Best Team? Best speaker?

AND what’s NLU Assam’s MPL Rank? I did a bit of research and found that in 2015, NLU Assam was not in the top 39 college. See here.

RGNUL Patiala was ranked 14, NUSRL-16 and CNLU-18.

4. Placements, Higher Studies and Scholarships

Two of our students secured AIR 5 and AIR 9 respectively in the recently released Merit List of South Asian University.

One of them would be joining the Legal Studies program at the prestigious University with Merit Scholarship (Full Tuition Fees).

Another final year student has been offered admission to the prestigious LLM program in Queen’s Mary University situated in London, United Kingdom.

The recently passed-out batch has got convert offers for LLM from Berkley Law School, Cornell Law School, Kings College London and School of African and Oriental Studies, London.

Five students of NLU Assam have secured top ranks in CLAT (PG). One student has been offered job by Wadia Ghandy & Co. The rest are preparing themselves for UPSC and Judiciary exams.

Editor’s note: You’ve mentioned nothing about placements except one Wadia Ghandy offer. Such one off job offers are possible while studying in any college.

And according to you, everyone has either gotten an LLM offer and “The rest are preparing themselves for UPSC and Judiciary exams“. This is unbelievable!

The LLM abroad offers, for sure, are good.

5. Excellent Student Culture

The Senior-Junior relationship in this University is unmatchable. Teachers and seniors are extremely helpful. Hardly an evening goes by when you DON’T find junior-seniors chatting the evening away on our famous green benches!

There is unity amongst students and they stand for what they believe to be right. Our University has an active Debating, Cultural and Sports Committee. We have students bagging various awards at MUNs and Debates all over the country.

We have a Drama Society which gives the students an opportunity to showcase their talents through plays, skits and nukkad-natak.

NLU Assam handles the IDIA North-east Chapter and is doing incredible work in spreading legal education to the underprivileged and specially-abled students.

Editor’s note: Chatting on green benches is hardly a verifiable, quantifiable measure to choose a law college. 🙂

Again, what are these awards in debates?

If you consider having a Drama Society as something to be mentioned in a select list of ‘good’ points about your college, it really needs to cover a lot of ground.

IDIA is a great project. But by default, IDIA’s chapters are headed by NLUs (or good law schools) of the region.

6. Assam: A great place to be in

The scenic beauty of Assam is exceptional. Our college is surrounded by hills from all sides. Brahmaputra is 10 minutes from our place, Kamakhya Temple is 30 mins away. Shillong can be reached within 3 hours. Kaziranga National Park is 3 hrs 17 mins away.

How many other colleges have so many attractions at such close proximity (where you can easily skip off to for the weekends; and be back in time for your classes on Monday morning)? While it may seem unimportant, believe me, it is impossible to stay cooped up in a far-off campus (with no recreational hot-spots in sight) for 5 yrs without having any option to escape off to (NLU life is very stressful!).

Unlike popular perception, Assam is NOT an unsafe place, there is no safety issue. We go to pubs and clubs in the evening and hang out with friends, hassle free.

Editor’s note: While scenic beauty is treasured in a vacation; it will become a ‘criteria’ for choosing a law school for a very few.

As far as location is concerned, I’d suggest students to go to good law colleges in Delhi or Mumbai (where you can go to, learn from and build contacts at multiple events and conferences AND do after college internships) rather than go to most of the lower ranked NLUs.

Obviously, it’s not all rosy. Being a new NLU comes with its fair share of challenges, the biggest of which being the absence of an established alumni base.

With only the 1st ever batch passing out this year, NLUA lacks the support of an alumni base to fall back on, in times of need. Anyone who is anything in any field knows how important alumni is to create a brand.

Like, take the example of the new IIMs. At least 5 batches have already passed-out & giants like Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Microsoft, Google, TAS, ABG, HUL, PnG etc have not even set foot on campus. Same thing can be said about the new IITs/NITs as well.

Why? It is because the students of these new national level brands are so much inferior? Obviously not! It’s because they all face the same problems that we do – the lack of an established alumni base to tap into.

Thank You for Reading!

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. Respected Tanuj Sir,
    I understand your concern for the student fraternity..The answers to your doubts-
    1)Our faculty members are extremely good. And their names are Chiradeep Basak, Dinesh Dayma, Gitanjali Ghosh- NLS; Sachin Sharma, Saheb Chowdhury- NALSAR; Topi Basar, Namrata Gogoi- DU; Ishrat Husain- AMU; Thangzakhup Tombing- Jamia MIlia Islamia
    2)I don’t know sir which brochures are you talking of because we-the students had personally been taken to the permanent campus and it was quite amazing!! And we are planning to shift by the end of this year.
    3) Our University is new and it is gradually improving. I don’t see a reason to compare one university to another based on a particular parameter.I can name universities mentioned by you above who cannot match us in some different parameter for example basic amenities like cold water during summer months and hot water during cold months. We have won best memorial, best team and best speaker.Students for further clarity can check in our website as I did not intend to bombard your site with our achievements
    4) My entire intention of including this point was to enlighten the students on the activities that they could be part of, nothing more than that.. Again for the achievements I request the students kindly check our site
    5) The most asked question by all juniors to all seniors of our college before joining IS ASSAM SAFE? Hence it was my reply to those students who have asked me or have considered it as a point for NOT joining our college..Guys unlike popular perception Assam is safe and is also an extremely beautiful place..That definitely should not become a ‘criteria’ for choosing a college but does definitely serve as a ‘motivation’ to join one !! 🙂

  2. Well, an eager first year being smashed down by an expert of the career in law. Lol, you have achieved quite a feat Suparna. Here is an advice to you, CLAT is a really unpredictable exam, hardworking lot scores the top marks and land into top 5 (here you get jobs). For the rest, it really depends on what you do with your time.

    NLUA is a pretty decent college, providing better than decent resources to you. Knowing how to use them and ensuring that there are clubs (Writing Center/ Debate/ Conferences) to do them is what you should aim for. On the point of Internships, it doesn’t matter, any decent student at NLU or top law school after researching on this website.

    Did you write this article to attract students to NLUA? It is not your job. Remember brilliant individuals might not score well in CLAT and it is no indicator of how good your student community is. Aren’t you surprised how often new and private colleges like Jindal (Alumni?) /Nirma (doesn’t have hostel) have managed to make their places in top law schools? It is the student community. Make sure that while you are in your college, you work hard. You debate, moot or write research papers. You should not rely solely on your faculty for MUN/Debate/Research Papers, there are ample places to learn. But also ensure and try to set an example for fellow students.

    And Ignore KALIA when he paints a gory picture. You are well placed to learn law at NLUA. Atmosphere matters for maximum learning and NLUA, if you are motivated enough probably will give you a perfect atmosphere. Just ensure that however big your feud is with the college management, don’t loose opportunities on behest of that.

    Speaking, writing, researching and networking + basic knowledge of law [AND Proof that you are good at them] is all you need to land a descent job. Good Luck.

    • Sir/Ma’am firstly it is Sriparna.. Secondly, Lawctopus has been responsible for quite a few negative articles about NLUA. Last year, when I was an aspirant myself, I had almost given up the opportunity to join NLUA & NUSRL after reading some articles published here. Thank God I didn’t because it would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. This one year in NLUA has completely changed my perspective on this college & now I realize just how wrong & full of negativity those comments & articles were. I felt that the aspirants should see the REAL NLUA (both positives & negatives included). And that was my sole purpose for writing this article and NOT TO ATTRACT STUDENTS.I very well know that is not my job!!


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