Internship Experience @ Pooja Terwad and Associates, Mumbai: Flexible Timings, Work from Home, Drafting Work

Name of the Organization

Pooja Terwad and Associates, Mumbai

Application Procedure for Pooja Terwad Mumbai Internship


Website: Click HERE.


4 Months

Main Tasks

The internship mainly dealt with research work related to civil matters like labour laws, transfer of property act, etc. and other drafting work like MOUs, Legal Notices, Sale Agreements, Power of Attorney, etc.

The Drafting skills of Ma’am Pooja Terwad are really appreciable and you get to learn a lot from her.

I was also given the work to handle the blogposts of Pooja Terwad and Associates and trust me you’ll love this part if you like researching, reading and writing. Also, you’re given a whole website and a facebook page to handle.

Also, I had to write a synopsis for each and every task done at PTA.

To cope up with the dynamic law environment, I had to write a summary of a Supreme Court Judgment (pertaining to any civil matter) whenever there was no work.

Work Environment

I only interacted with Ma’am Pooja and she is very friendly and helpful.

Best thing about my internship was that she didn’t have over the top expectations from me and was ready to solve any of my queries.

I was also told not to worry when I made a mistake once.


No specific timings, whenever there was work I was asked to go to the office or we could meet at the cafeteria. Again another interesting thing to work at PTA for.

Best Things About Pooja Terwad Mumbai Internship

The best part was that, at PTA there is a concept of ‘work from home’ so just carry the file and get the work done from your home.

Biggest Lessons

Law field is really challenging and one must stay updated and should be prepared for a lot of reading. Also, you must have studies that law evolves, so everyday there is something new in law.

It was a great and challenging experience altogether!


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