Internship Experience @ PKA Advocates, Mumbai: Stipend of Rs. 5000, Drafting, Visiting Court, Research on Issues


Stuti Rathi


PKA Advocates, Mumbai

Team Strength: 15-20

Application Process

You are required to contact before 2 months and ensure a follow up at the below mentioned


1st June, 2015- 30th June, 2015

First Day

A relaxing and beautiful place to work with wooden furniture and flooring, where everyone gets individual place to breathe and work.

The office is well located and can be reached easily by bus and taxi. The local train stations are within 1 Km radius.

On the very first day, I got in before time so was requested to wait till seniors had come. Later I was introduced to each and every person in the office from Senior Partner till the clerks and helpers.

The people are helpful and easy going for interns.

As an intern you are required to fill a form containing personal information and you are also given a card to hit during entry and exit. Your in-out timings are noticed.

Main tasks

You are not treated as mere an intern, so you get to do some real work. I was given a mix of work that included drafting, filing plaint, visiting court, research on some important issues.

You get so many different things to draft.

It helps in enhancing the real world knowledge and getting hands-on the things that you will be required to do once you get a job.

Work environment

One word “Amazing”.

This was one of my best internships because of the friendly work environment.

If you want to learn the real world practice, this is the best place to intern.

Seniors help you to get the required output.

Best things

If you are lucky you get to work with the Associate Partner and Senior Partner directly.

There is no senior-junior thing in the office.

So at any point of time, you can directly go and ask queries from the seniors.

Work done by interns is not thrown into trash but is looked at and used by the Seniors.

Associate Partner interacts personally with all the interns once a week to check on what work they are doing and she makes sure that interns are neither overburdened with work nor sitting idle at office.

Birthday celebrations- Every employee’s birthday is celebrated at PKA. They make sure that they care for the people who work for them.

Interns are made part of the celebrations and this is always a chilled out session followed by laughter and healthy discussions.

Bad things

As such no bad things because I loved it totally!

However, there are days- the burdened with work days and the sitting idle days, depends under whom you are working with and what aspirations you have from the internship.

As I wanted to work, so I did not like to sit idle even for an hour.


Rs. 5000

Biggest Lessons

A sneak-peak at office politics. I saw the real life, it became easy for me to decide as to which life would I prefer more in terms of corporate or litigation.

Anything else?

For internships in Mumbai, one must look for a place that is close to their office.

Travelling should be avoided to save time for exploring the beautiful city.


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