Here’s the petition reproduced verbatim:

For far too long, students of the Jindal Global Law School have been at the mercy of the administration which is dominated and controlled by a few individuals.

We have drafted a Bill of Rights and demand that the administration adhere to its provisions here.

The Bill protects our right to privacy. The Bill ensures that the principles of natural justice are adhered to in Disciplinary Committee proceedings.

The Bill protects our right to free speech and expression. The Bill ensures that contractual obligations that we entered into as naive 18 year old students are vitiated.

The Bill ensures that we as students can claim all the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

We were born with these rights; and now we demand that they are no longer denied to us by the law school administration.

They have imposed fines worth thousands of rupees, continue to conduct raids on our rooms in addition to stifling free speech and expression on campus.

They suppress any individual, be it a faculty member or a student, who raises his or her voice against their arbitrariness.

They take unilateral decisions like banning non-vegetarian food without consulting the student body. They frisk us at the gate, they breathalyze us.

They fingerprint us! They treat us like common criminals who need to be under constant surveillance. No more. NO MORE.

The time has come to end the Raj once and for all. Sign the petition!

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. Lawctopus, instead of presenting a one-sided version of Abhishek Sudhir’s version please ask him some tough questions. Why were you really fired? Were there any complaints against you by students? Can you share with us some of the “jokes” you cracked about […] students?

  2. If you ever lived in HoNoLulU, you’d all stop complaining. This is what actual prison life and living without rights is like.

  3. It is not a JGLS Student Bill of Rights. It is a Bill of Rights of a Sacked Professor Accused of Misbehaviour and His Chelas. You might as well add right to make inappropriate remarks and sexually harass people as one of the rights.

  4. Not is he one of the most […] and […] personality in the academia I have ever come across, it is highly unprofessional and childish on the part of Shri Shri Sudhir to build a reputation by defaming his former employer that he pleased and pleaded not to fire him until he again did something that true to his reputation (the apology mail is still part of the heroic archives).

    Like every institution JGU has issues but they are trivial when compared to what goes inside the brains of Shri Sudhir. I guess all the ad hoc social projects and sobbing did not really work thus the jilted ex staff is on a roll spitting garbage at the University to gain personal mileage.

    And to those who look at him as a personal saviors, it would be more beneficial if you could talk it out within the Council itself o build support within. A protest to demand what is right for students should not become hostage to the will and whims of the likes of Shri Sudhir.

  5. Please stop trying to create publicity for Sudhir Law Review by defaming our University. You have no right tod defame our University in such a manner and the only reason why you might have such a personal interest in this matter is that you are jobless.

  6. Just to put things in perspective, the roast that sudhir conducted was not in the right spirits. Many who dint consent were roasted and this upset the admin and when they asked him to apologize sudhir denied it.
    Later, in a meeting to make the students aware regarding one of the unexpected incidents on the campus(if you know what I mean), sudhir went on ranting that many of the students approach me for friendship and all other non sense favours and helps…While that was a meeting to make students feel secure about the campus.. I guess Mr. Sudhir’s such comments would so not be acceptable by anyone(even NLS blore would have found offence in that)
    That’s what the admin also did… Asked him to leave cuz bringing in personal problems in front a student body where you’re supposed to make them feel secure is something no one would be happy.
    That’s one of the main reasons why he was asked to leave not cuz he fought for his rights!!
    And now he’s removing all the frustration on the university… And he has got a set of students who literally are kiss asses who don’t understand the fact that of ppl go on posting regarding such stuff about Jindal in social media, their placement prospectives would be affected.. Like srsly guys, he is out of this university for good.. Stop being jerks and try making this campus a better place to live.
    All those of you who signed this petition..just go see Christ university.. No coming back to hostel later than 10:30.. No mehndi no nail colours.. Dress code is a must.. You guys are living a luxury life..
    I’m sure you don’t know the fact that Jindal is not obliged to provide you with fundamental rights… It does not come under the definition of state under article 12 of the Constitution of India… Read zee telefilms case pls.

  7. This is a request to Lawctopus to kindly take note of how the students of JGU deny such rumors about the University. The first thing that should be done is this post must be taken down and after that, we all should be really careful and make a background check before running any news on such social media forums.

  8. By the way Sudhir, you were removed from the University for not minding your own business. I don’t think you learn from your own mistakes. #overlyattachedgf

  9. So just to “Clear some facts”….

    1. The policy of “Monetary fines” has been lifted long back by the University.

    2. DC harings happens in the prescence of “Student Council Member” who are being elected by the students by fully democratic election process and there is a full chance of appeal given to the students.

    3. Regarding non-veg food ban, there 6 non veg outlets are there in University Campusnamely : Moti Mahal, Chicago Pizza, Chaurangi Lane, Anna’s Dosa, Epicurian Cafe, and American Fried Chicken. Further Non Veg ban exists only in academic block building.

    4. Fingerprint system exists only for the limited purposes of attendance and the fingerprint attendance system has been removed since the start of september due to technical problems. So it do not exist anymore in JGU.

    5. Frisking is done at gate, just to make sure no illegal substances like drugs are taken inside University Campus.

    6. Breathanalyzer is not put on everyone’s mouth, it is only done in case if someone shows serious signs of intoxication.

    7. There is no gate pass system for 4th years, 5th years, LLMs and MBA students and the reason they have put gatepass till 3rd year is just to makesure your parents know about your travelling activity. Also students are well informed about these policies before they join the place.

    Being a law student in this University since past 4 years, I have never felt that i have been treated like a “CRIMINAL” in this place. This place allows excellent opportunity to students to grow in various fields. Just giving statements like the place makes you feel like “criminal” is just hilarious, and i guess lawoctopus should verify it practically before putting posts like these.

    • Ask […] 2012 batch whether or not he was asked to take that breath analyzer test with breath analyzer having shitty pipe to blow air. And mind you, all of this when he was not even 0.00001 intoxicated. What is it that parents need to be aware of the students going out activity only till third year and not beyond?

      This place has a lot on paper but what it lacks is proper implementation.

      On paper there are staff for cleaning rooms 24/7 but in reality there is hardly any staff available. What is there is just a huge set of fake promises and grivenace resolution mechanisms that hardly bring about a favorable result for a reasonable amount of time.

      The admin staff if only highly inefficient.

      Somebody ask the registrar that what actually happened to a call for applications that was sent an year back where student could apply for posts for assisting various departments in jgu. If this had been implemented then a lot of problems would have been resolved.

      Talk about the world class faculty, there is no doubt that there are extremely brilliant professors and RA’s(the so called non teaching staff who teach at Jgls) but then on the other end there are professors and RA’s who are not even fit for teaching. No one is denying the fact that every institution has issues but the fact that Jgls administration thinks that all of this is a ‘blatant lie’ is something definitely not acceptable.

      I am waiting for […] to put up a post on the student council page to say that all of this should be kept within four walls and its affecting his placement.

      Student council is also doing hardly anything favorable. The admin burdens them with so much that by the time they realise how and what and how much is to be done, their tenure gets over. Talk of the high resit fees(governing body said no to fee reduction), pay per meal(promise for this yet NO). Sab kuch krke bi kya mila…Babaji ka thullu.

  10. This is absolutely not true. We are a growing university and the place/area that we are located in compells the administration to take steps to ensure our safety.

    Though the handbook mentions the ‘fine’ they haven’t been stringently imposed it on anybody as yet. The DC hearings happen in the presence of faculty and student representatives from our college. Students are also given a chance to appeal against the decision of the committee.

    They did ban non-vegetarian food in the academic block but made-up by then making a full fledged food court that serves a variety of non-vegetarain dishes. Also,during the ban the only inconvenience was that there was no non-veg in the academic block, we could still order in( like most students do)

    They fingerprint us because we are a growing university and they need mechanisms to ease the burden of attendance. Manually marking and updating attendance for 2000+ students is a tedious task, if this could help them keep things consolidated and make life easier for them, then I think it is perfectly alright. They’ve eliminated that system for one semester(current) because of the flaws in the system but I see no problem in fingerprint attendance.

    Now, they frisk you at the gate to make sure one doesn’t carry materials that are prohibitted on campus like psychotropic substances, because
    a) It is illegal to consume such substances
    b) It doesn’t violate any Fundamental Rights
    c) If we are found with such substances, the university can be in big trouble.

    They breath analyse YOU, because
    a) The legal drinking age in Delhi/Haryana is 25 and most of us haven’t reached that age. Also, it is implemented only when someone drinks and creates a ruckkus on campus(read nuisance)

    They respect and support free speech but only stiffle such kind of ‘free’ speech that is named a ‘roast’ that insulted professors/students etc. The point about a roast is that it is funny, this one was outright insulting and people whose consent wasn’t obtainted previously were also roasted and that is not okay. The college just looked at what could have been, they have every right too. They don’t stop us from having countless DJ, EDM, Music, Bonfire nights.

    The gatepass in no way has been an impediment to our freedom here. It is absolutely necessary because our college is located in a place that is privy to a lot of dangers. Also, when we are freshly out of school, far away from home, it is but fair that the our parents have a say in when we go out and when we don’t.
    One cannot go for a stroll outside campus without feeling ‘unsafe’. The roads have no lights and people drive rash. PG students and 4th year law students need to gatepass because the college believes that by then we are grown up enough to be responsible for our own actions, which is fair.

    I have never been treated like a ‘criminal’ in four years in this place. In fact, the amount of privilege I have been given is unmatched. I have someone to clean my room all days of the week at any given point of time.
    Laundry/dry cleaning services at absolutely no/minimum charge
    An absolutely ‘state of the art’ campus.
    Oh, the best part- TERRIFIC WORLD CLASS FACULTY. The learning here is so unrestricted, we are taught to question, have our own opinions and understand that learning is not only inside a classroom. Our faculty is the most brilliant and this I can vouch for.

    Oh, also before I forget, here the interaction between the sexes is absolutely normal, unrestricted and unquestioned.

    This place is a beautiful place to be at and your least likely to be treated as a ‘criminal’ unless that is your state of mind

    • Thank you so much! JGLS has been prone to some easy criticisms by a section of people in the social media. They are being irresponsible and are clueless of how the administration at any place functions. JGLS has the best interest of students in mind, always! The Registrar and the Vice Chancellor at times come to meet the students in their housing blocks as well and the Student Council is a body that works 24X7 for betterment of the student body. There is a SGRC where I am sure none of the students who criticize the college blindly come forward to be a part of. This is ridiculous. You keep blaming the university and bring it into negative light, whereas what the college and the students in the college deserve is to put out a true and fair picture of the university. I request Professor Sudhir to not try and act as some messiah for us students as if we are helpless. Sorry, but at least I AM NOT. I can stand up for myself, I have a great student body to stand up for me if I am right. Such help from you is appreciated, but not required.

      • What did the student council do in the name of protest last year when the fee was increased? What SGRC are you even talking about? The student body heard that fee is increased but the student body will see a covered big common room on T3 terrace? What is this all food court nonsense? Ask for a survey and you will realise how many students are actually happy with the new food court joints. Lets see how much prices you can reduce for the overly prices products around campus at food joints.What happened to the promise of ‘air conditioned’ food court?
        What about the pay per meal? Where is the covered path way to walk when it rains for days at times when students are on campus? What about the housekeeping staff and fake promises given every year during every visit that registrar makes? Governing body throws away the proposal of reducing resit fees and what does the council plan to do? Go again with other side of the face to get it right across there?

      • Why did I forget those presentations made by ‘admin favorites’ in front of ugc officials to portray in front of them what the admin actually want to portray!

      • People easily look at one side of the argument which is completely alright but just because the university threw you out, doesn’t mean you take out personal vengeance. You have nothing to do with this university anymore. GROW UP, Mr. Sudhir, how old are you?

  11. Okay people, understand. This Bill of Rights has been made not by the student council of JGLS (who is a democratically elected body representing the students of JGLS). Hence this is not something which should be just accepted to be true about Jindal Global Law School. Just because a group of students want freedom more than what they probably deserve, and I use the word deserve with utmost responsibility, this is being on the social forum. However, it really to me makes no sense at all. JGLS is an amazing law school and the Student Council is working day in – day out to ensure that there is no problem that the students face in relation to every small and big thing.


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