Do You Need Personal Career Coaching?

By Tanuj Kalia

A lot of students approach me over phone calls, WhatsApp and Facebook about helping them with career questions.

At times I am able to answer them and at times the messages slip off the radar.

I don’t want that to happen and hence, I’ve decided to offer personal career coaching in a professional manner.

You can either book a short call (25-35 minutes) or a long call (50-60 minutes).

The fees for a short call is Rs. 1900 and for a long call, it is Rs. 3900.

If you feel that your queries have not be addressed powerfully, you can ask for a full-refund. Just let me know. No questions asked!

Note: Before booking the call, I’ll request you to read my book ‘Law as a Career’. The book costs much less and will surely answer 95% of your questions. Some other books that I strongly recommend are here

Also, for now, I’ll not be able to coach you in the below mentioned areas: 

  1. Foreign LLM preparations
  2. Judicial services/civil services preparations
  3. Mooting

Another note: If you are looking for a career program that specifically addresses ‘internships’ and addresses it comprehensively, this is the link you should visit.

How to register?

1. Pay here for a short call and here for a long call.

2. Send an email with a receipt of the payment with your name and phone number to with the subject line ‘Personal Career Coaching’.

3. In the same email attach your CV and mention in 200-300 words the exact question(s) you are dealing with.

4. We’ll then fix up a convenient time for the coaching call.


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