Today, in the fast paced world, we have made ourselves so busy in fulfilling our professional, personal and social responsibilities that we have forgotten the essence of life- living peacefully.

In the whole wave of consumerism, we have been made to believe that happiness lies in getting ahead from the next one, in buying a newly launched car, in owning a luxurious villa or in accumulating latest gadget. This blind race behind material things has taken us far away from our true human nature.

As a result, we find ourselves in a situation where we have all the worldly pleasures yet no true fulfillment or joy in our lives.

‘Peaceful Living’ retreat aims to bring us back home to our hearts, towards our own individual self. The retreat is designed with a purpose to go within and understand the real needs of ourselves which are beyond material offerings of the world. It takes us on an inner journey to experience the meaning of love, compassion and trust to discover inner peace and immense joy thereby.

Participants of the retreat shall get a chance to spend quiet time with themselves to have a glimpse of what lies beyond material desires.

There will be three big questions to reflect upon in the 3 day- retreat:

1. How are we living our lives presently? Are we happy and satisfied about it?

2. How do we measure our lives’ happiness and success? Where do we stand today on the same?

3. How do we wish to live our lives in order to be peaceful inside and outside?

A day in the retreat will consist of gathering inspiration from ordinary people’s extraordinary life journeys, an outdoor adventure in the community to understand our own self better, meditation in the beautiful Himalayan surroundings to reconnect to our inner selves, a reflection cum sharing session to sum up the day’s big question and a lot of time to just Be with Nature around.


Link to Application Form:

Program Fee: The retreat shall be organized on Gift Economy basis by Sahaj Foundation. However, all participants would be required to pay for accommodation and food expenses as per the actuals charged by Deer Park Institute.

Good news is that Deer park offers wide ranges of accommodation/food facilities that cost somewhere between Rs 1,200 to Rs 2,700 for a period of 3 days. We recommend you to fill out your preferences in the application form as per your budget.

Breakup for Rs 1,200: Rs 100*3 (Accommodation) + Rs 100*3*3 (Food- Rs 100 per meal)= Rs 1,200

Participants shall have to pay more in case they wish to avail shared/single room accommodation.

Who should Apply: Anyone who wishes to spend time understanding and knowing himself/ herself while experiencing the serenity of Himalayas.

There is no age bar or any professional or personal background preference for the retreat. The batch size for the retreat shall vary between 10 to 15 participants.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” -Gandhiji

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  1. Important: The timeline of the retreat has been changed to a period of four days from its earlier duration of three days. This has been done so as to improve the effectiveness of the retreat.

    The fresh timeline is August 12-15, 2016.

  2. Such retreats are very useful to all Meditators. Those who love to lead simple life can experience the divine bliss in holy Himalayas. Once the divine energy begin to flow from top to bottom down the spine and a person immersed in self lost physical consciousness and immersed in divine, of course once he/she enters into tureeya avasta, then the real “brahmananda” will be known to his/her own clearly. Means if our Atman immersed in Avyakta Brahman alone, then Avyakta Brahman alone will remain. Keeping this sthithi for a long time it will become “brahmisthithi.” ( For more clarity on this readers are suggested to read the commentary of Swami Sri Chinmayananda of Chinmaya Mission .. Tatwabodha, Aparokshanubhuti and Commentary on Mandukya Upanishad. )

    To get right guidance in our day to day lives, we have to awaken the true Master thumb size Avyakta Brahman residing within our hridayagrandhi ( heartknot ). Once this Avyakta Brahman is awakened and our Atman immersed in Him we have to watch this physical world with his mano netra but not with our physical eyes. To practice this watching the world with the manonetra of Avyakta Brahman .. going on to recite this prayer during your deeper meditations..

    “Aham Avyakta Brahman Manonetram Darsayaami”

    Prefer to use the above Sanskrit prayer. Otherwise you may use the same prayer in English also….

    “I am watching this world with the help of manonetra of Avyakta Brahman now and forever and forever.”

    ( by practicing this prayer we will know as this entire universe is one family i.e. Vasudaika Kutumbum. This entire visible and invisible creation and all beings are none but Avyakta Brahman alone. That’s why our eternal aim should be .. all of us are came Avyakta Brahman, has to reach Avyakta Brahman after our death. Once we reached Him we have no rebirths. Avyakta Brahman is original source of this entire creation beyond all religions, nations, ashrama dharmas, genders etc.)

    Avyakta Brahman did not have any physical body but once He manifested into Vyakta Brahman he will have manonetra. Seekers have to watch this physical world with the help manonetra of Avyakta Brahman but not with physical eyes and our minds are influenced by kama, krodha, mada, lobha, moha, matsaryas i.e. arishadvargas. So, our judgment will be err because of these arishadvargas.

    We will know the equality if we are accustomed to witness this physical world with the manonetra of Avyakta Brahman.

    On this Guru Purnima day wish Avyakta Brahman bless us all to recognize our original nature as we are all Avyakta Brahman but not seperate. We are believing as we are seperate because of manifestation of Avyakta Brahman into Vyakta Brahman ( who is impermanent and will vanish at one point of time. ) In reality both Atman and Avyakta Brahman are eternal.

    Present generation is not aware of the real heart of ancient Rishis and Rishipatnis. How they lead the harmonious life? If we understand the nature of joint family system we can understand the essence of “Vasudaika Kutumbam.” ( this universe is one family .. this will be known by reciting the above prayer on our own during our deeper meditations ).

    Once the True Master Avyakta Brahman residing within us is awakened we have to watch this physical world with his manonetra but not with our physical eyes. Advaita is very subtlest philosophy.


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