Internship @ Patanjali Associates, New Delhi: Incredible Learning, Corp Law Work, Rs. 3000 Stipend

Name. College. Year. 

Madhav Shankar. NLU Delhi.  Fourth Year.

Name of the organisation. Location (City). Team Strength.

Patanjali Associates, law firm and corporate Advisory, New Delhi.

It is a corporate firm headed by Mr. Kanti Rustagi who is a veteran corporate lawyer. The team is comprised of two partners, six associate lawyers, an accountant, a chartered accountant and a company secretary.

Application Process (with contact details). 

I applied through the recruitment cell of my college.

However, you can call the firm office on 011-40539766, 40539765 and ask for an email address to send your application, or you can send your applications along with a standard format CV /resume at or and follow up by calling the telephone numbers given above.

If selected you will be called for an interview at the firm office which is located at E-7, Kailash Colony, New Delhi – 110048. You can get there by metro, the office is five minute walk from the Kailash Colony metro station (violet line).

You will be expected to carry a copy of your CV/resume for your interview. As for the questions, they will be a mix of technical and HR related questions, you will be asked questions related to topics that you claim interest you.

The firm is interested in people who seek a career in corporate and business related law. Moreover, it is advisable to know your basics regarding things that you mention in your CV/resume.

Duration of internship and timings.

July 1, 2014 to July 31, 2014.

I interned at Patanjali Associates for a period of one month, though usually interns are taken for a 4 week period. You can also apply for a 3 week internship.

As for the timings, they are 9.30 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday (yeah, it’s a six day week). The timings are not very strictly imposed and for the most part it is acceptable to come to the office half an hour late and leave a little early.

Interns are never asked to stay back after 6 PM. However, you can choose to stay back if there’s urgent work which needs to be completed the very same day (which is rare).

I focused more on completing the given task within the deadline which I consider as having more importance than arriving on time. Having said that, I would suggest that take a small amount of work and do a thorough job on that one task rather than taking a lot of work from the associates in beginning and then struggling to provide high quality work.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure. 

First impression of the firm was that of a small firm with a relaxed atmosphere; however that should not deter you from considering this place as a serious option.

Even though the size of the team is small, they have mostly international clients which will give you an exceptional chance to work on laws from different jurisdictions. Interning here made for a great learning experience.

Interns are treated really well. Interns and associates share a common working area which means that there is no scope for a communication gap. It is a very open workplace. Partners at Patanjali Associates are also very helpful and interns can approach them any time.

What surprised me was the regular follow up conducted by the associates and partners unlike many firms where an intern is delegated a task and forgotten about.

The work given to you will be followed up every 3-4 hours which will give you enough time to complete your work and also ensure that you do not shun work.

Moreover, it will help clear any confusion regarding the job at hand and within one work day you will know exactly what you are dealing with.

There were no formalities as such. You meet the partners, and then you are told to acquaint yourself with the associates and the staff. After that, you are designated your work space, which is usually a desk for each intern.

In case, there is shortage of working space (which is seldom if ever so it happens for some reason), the associates readily share their desks with the interns. Most associates at Patanjali Associates are recent graduates and will almost always help you out if you are in a fix.

The firm office is located in the basement of a building in Kailash Colony and though not as huge as other larger firms, is enough to accommodate the number of people working there.

There is a fantastic internet connection and interns are provided access to various online database such as manupatra  etc. to facilitate research. Making calls from inside the office can however be a pain and one needs to go out to be able to make calls.

Main tasks. 

Main tasks are to research on matters which the firm handles. These are mainly related to corporate law, arbitration and intellectual property laws.

Interns assist in drafting various agreements such as shareholders’ agreements, joint venture agreements. The best thing is that due to direct access to the partners and the openness your contributions also hold a lot of value and it is significantly easier to be spotted as a potential employee by the partners if you make valuable contributions.

You are expected to be updated on various notifications and order issued by the ministry of corporate affairs, SEBI and RBI. Also, you might be asked to prepare weekly reports on such updates.

In a large firm, interns are rarely involved in the actual drafting process of documents such as shareholders’ agreements etc. Here you get first hand learning experience in drafting different types of clauses for various types of agreements. If you encounter a problem, you can always approach one of the associates who will help you out.

One thing that must be remembered is that no one will give you much work if you do not approach them. If you want to leave an impression you must ask the associates for more and more work, which you will find no shortage of once they start liking your work.

Another suggestion is that if you are good with writing, try writing an article for the firm’s website, it must on a current legal issue related to business, corporate, IP or arbitration law or allied fields. This can work in your favour in ensuring the continuation of you professional relationship with the firm.

Work environment and people. 

Work environment at Patanjali Associates is relaxed. There is never too much work pressure unless you want it. It is relaxed yet there are a lot of learning opportunities. The place cannot be called deadbeat in any sense of the word.

The aim of such an approach is to do less but to maintain high work quality. It is an open, free and frank place and you can share your doubts with anyone.

The partners maintain a very nurturing attitude and have a lot of patience. Partners regularly visit the working area to follow up on your work and have a very friendly attitude not usually found in many senior lawyers.

All work is considered the firm’s work. If you have encountered a problem, they will help you the best they can.

Work environment also cannot be called dull. Refreshments like tea, coffee, biscuits, chips and Maggie are taken care of by the office peon who also ensures that you get your lunch on time.

You can order you lunch directly to your desk from any of the numerous eating places around many of which are quite cheap and seem clean too.

The work hours at Patanjali Associates are 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM, however, it is acceptable to arrive half an hour late. There is an hour long lunch break, which you can stretch up to one and a half hours without anyone raising an eyebrow. Plus it is acceptable if you take a few 5-10 minute breaks if your work is otherwise on time. 

Most associates are young and are recent graduates. It’s very easy to get along with them though it will not be held against you if you want to just keep on doing your thing in your own way, they’ll still help you out if you find yourself at an impasse.

Best things. 

The best thing has to be the incredible learning experience that you get. You get to be a part of and contribute directly to a lot of important matters and there are always people willing to tell you new things and explain difficult transactions.

The learning experience combined with the relaxed environment makes it much easier to handle boring matters that one usually gets while working in a corporate law firm.

The next best thing is the location. It is in Kailash Colony, there is a Domino’s outlet, an awesome bakery which makes amazing chocolate éclairs, and the big chill cafe not five minutes from where the office is located.

Bad things. 

Well, it’s a corporate law firm. Things do get boring sometimes.


Rs. 3000/ month.

Biggest lesson.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. While applying and at the beginning of the internship, I was a little apprehensive as the firm does not have a large reputation.

However, reputation really does not matter when you get to work in a lively work environment which is not very hectic and makes for a great learning opportunity as well.


You can find PG/apartment accommodation in the adjoining areas of Jangpura, Lajpat Nagar and Nehru Place.

The website of Patanjali Associates is here.

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