The full post by Medhavi Gandhi on what happened during the ‘scuffle’ at the Oxford India Moot is on Facebook here.

Excerpts from the post:

He [Abhishek V. Chhabra] got his personal bodyguard to ‘handle’ a situation that had arisen and himself, went on to assault a woman participant of the moot competition organized under the Oxford banner.

He groped her, touched her inappropriately, slapped and pushed her to the ground. 

Under his  able leadership, the registrations which were to begin at 10.00 am began at 11:45 am after the first organizing committee member arrived at 11:30 am.

At that time, my heart went out to the representative of the Oxford University Press, who was meant to display publications, but she couldn’t – for the lack of something as basic as a table.

At 7 pm, Abhishek asks my friend and her teammate to ‘get lost’ and dismissed the argument that his teammate had summoned them at 7 instead of 5. He threatened to call security to the IIC premises which ‘belonged to him’.

[Saturday Morning]

This is when my friend’s junior teammate sparks up and tells the organizers they have no right to behave in such a manner and is given the retort ‘we can do what we want’.

To this, the junior teammate reacts and starts to record their statement and actions on his phone.

Our team leader, hero that he is, snatches the phone, and tries to break it.

Junior teammate shouts, the other one runs to his rescue and demands the phone back. To which, Abhishek starts hitting our male participant, and is unfortunately overpowered.

His personal bodyguard emerges and starts manhandling this participant.

It strikes my friend to record this – and that’s when Abhishek hits a new low. He plunges at my friend, gropes her, snatches her phone, slaps her and pushes her to the ground. In that order. Enough is enough and we call the police.

In the meantime, other teams are standing up in support, especially the women and a new hero, trained by our very own Abhishek – Mr. Puneet Gupta – emerges.

He urges the other participants to ‘ignore this bullshit and go on to participate for they are here to win‘.

Such motivation, I tell you! I mean yes, let’s go win a Moot Court competition and let lawlessness outside the auditorium prevail.


Anyway, We reach Tughlak road police station with Abhishek in tow.

At the police station too, his highness fails to show any remorse and is proud to have hit the girl. Until his parents show up.

 ..and how the mighty fall:

Crocodile tears followed, as did a very well choreographed apology on behalf of his parents and the police. Our dear boy rubbed his nose to my friend’s feet and reluctantly did some sit-ups.

At the behest of the police, he gave a three-line apology letter, and walked out – a free, moral less man, who would probably be enjoying a dinner at the Taj meant for the Oxford alumni. Such stature and class.


Mr Puneet, did your ego feel any better when you folded your hands in front of the other participating teams and the IIC staff, begging them to let you continue your event?

Were you able to really face yourself in the mirror later at night? Sheesh.

NOTE: IIC is the India International Center in Delhi, the venue of the Oxford India Moot.

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The full post by Medhavi Gandhi on what happened during the ‘scuffle’ at the Oxford India Moot is on Facebook here.

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  1. After reading all this I checked the Organising Committee page for the moot –

    Was surprised to see no mention of either Puneet Gupta or Abhishek Chhabra. But the internet is a great thing. The cached version here has both of them

    So it seems that the organising committee have now trying to cover their tracks…what is sad is that the remaining members are not speaking up and mutely trying to cover up. can their names be removed from the organising committee page without asking the others?

    SHAME….the likes of aditya swarup and talha abdul rahman are proudly posting on Facebook about moot questions but not a word about the molestation and violence.

  2. Two thing need to be done:

    1. People need to contact Oxford and inform them of how some of their alumni are misusing the institution’s name to swindle money and molest women.

    2. With due respect to Lawoctopus, mainstream legal websites like Legally India and Bar and Bench have to do detailed features. Hopefully this will be picked up by other news websites like NDTV etc because the story here is about Delhi’s entitled culture of “Jaanta Nahin Main Kaun Hoon”/Don’t you know who I am/who my Dad is?

  3. Why did lawctopus take so much of time to share and publish this when Medhavi’s post has been circulating since March 16? Why did Lawctopus not bother to report any of these things including the email correspondence before?

    • Hi Dhruv,

      We came to know about Madhavi’s post just now and we published it right away. Her post sort of going ‘viral’ now as I comment and there was no way for us to get to know about it before this.

      And well, there is a one day gap between March 16 and March 18! 🙂

      (Actually, we got to know about the Medhavi’s Facebook note via a comment on one of our previous pieces on the Oxford India Moot)

      Also, regarding the email correspondence, as I’ve already explained before:

      (a) The Oxford India Moot URL is there on ‘The Oxford’ UK’s website as well. This will lead anyone to believe that there is some tie-up

      (b) One of the organizing committee members (I then didn’t know she was ‘in’ the organizing committee, just that she was in Oxford and ‘involved’ with the moot) did tell us that there existed ‘some sort of a tie-up’.

      However, once the blog post [] was written, it made all the sense to disclose the email.

      PS- We could have disclosed the email earlier too, am sorry that we didn’t.


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