One-day Policy Workshop on Foreign Contribution Regulation Act [March 15, Noida]: Registration Open

One-day Policy Workshop on Foreign Contribution Regulation Act


Tuesday, 15th March, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (IST)


iPleaders, a legal education venture and Amity Institute of Public Policy are conducting a one-day workshop-cum-training session in Amity University, Noida covering various issues relating to government policies and compliance with the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA).

In 2015, the statistics show that the Ministry of Home Affairs cancelled licenses of 8,975 non-profit organizations for lack of non-compliance with various provisions and regulations under FCRA. There are a number of compliances that leaders of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and professionals who assists or represents the NGOs must keep track of in order to avoid unnecessary hassles.

This workshop is designed to sensitize the registered organizations and young professionals on various provisions pertaining to the compliance of the 2010 Act.

What you are expected to learn?

Some of the major issues that will be covered are:

How to get FCRA registration, usual impediments and how to overcome them.

Government policy related to foreign donations and what NGOs need to understand about the same.

What are the regulations and restrictions that apply to the funds for Registered Organizations? Why is Maintenance of Accounts important and how to go about it?

How to go about Audit of Accounts if you have registered under FCRA.

How to plan for and handle inspection by intelligence Bureau.

Consequences of violating foreign donations law: Search and Seizure, Offences and Penalties.

What to do if you receive a notice for violation or show cause notice.

What legal/judicial options are available to organizations in case of arbitrary cancellation of FCRA license.


There will be two sessions of 4 hours each, demarcated at the Morning Session and Afternoon Session.

There would be both individual lectures and panel discussions.

There will be a session dedicated to hands on practice and case study solving.

Case Studies

Registration related case study

Cancellation and show cause related case study

Hands on Exercise

Create an in-house policy for an organization that can be followed henceforth along with a compliance schedule.

Also create a plan and study material for a training session for key players in your organization/ your client’s organization during the exercise.

Intended Audience

The workshop will be of interest to all individuals and associations seeking foreign contribution and key decision makers involved with NGOs.

Also accountants, lawyers and other professionals who provide services to such organizations will benefit immensely.

Participants are expected to benefit from this session by understanding the procedures and compliances needed to get registration under the Act.


The sessions will be conducted by top litigators, in-house counsels, chartered accountants and law firm partners, including:

Anjani Kumar, Chartered Accountant

Dr. Jyotsna M. Singh, Manager (Programmes) of Voluntary Action Network India

Rajesh Balani, Senior Finance Officer in CPA.

Kabir Dixit, Supreme Court litigator

Justin Koshy, Branch Manager, Business Seva, Administrator of the Hub Trust, Common India and the New Generation Trust

Siboney Sagar, Former General Counsel of British Telecom and General Electric

Vivek Jain, Founder & CEO at Interactive Media Pvt Ltd. ( and

Arunava Mukherjee, Advocate on Records, Supreme Court of India

Prakash Sinha, Chartered Accountant

Sachin Sinha, Chartered Accountant


Amity University – Sector 125, Noida 201313, India


There are few seats open for law students and general public. Entry only by registration.

To register, click HERE.


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