I know people can see me and think, Wow, she’s not shy, she can live her life and walk without any problems” said Martina Caironi, an Italian sprinter and long jumper who lost a leg after a motorcycle accident in 2007.


ParaINVICTA is the India’s 1st University level Sports Fest for differently abled.

Inspiration to work harder, to believe that nothing can stop them and that nothing is impossible, is what completes a sports person. At NUJS we recognize that no human is different from each other. Everyone has hidden in them a special talent that must be respected and given a chance to be nurtured.

To commemorate this idea, for the 1st time ever, NUJS introduces ParaINVICTA for those special people who have their own special ways to shine in the field of sports conquering all the hurdles that may come. ParaINVICTA is specially created sports fest for the differently-abled students. It will be an arena where these special people can showcase their sporting abilities.

Who can apply?

The best part is that our list of participants will not be limited to just law schools, but shall range over colleges of all disciplines.

The event provides with a wide range of sports from badminton to chess. ParaINVICTA is one of its first kind of initiative by any law school.


The grand launch of this first edition is with a range of sports including 50m, 100m and 200 m race, table tennis, lawn tennis shot put, 5 A Side football, badminton, Goalball, carom, foosball, pool, chess and computer gaming.


Our aim is to make ParaINVICTA bigger and bigger every year not only in terms of number of participants but also in widening the range of sports we provide for.

We hope this to be a great success and expect a huge tremendous positive response with respect to participants. So all the SUPERHUMANS out there, be ready to GET SET GO!


You can find the 1st poster of ParaINVICTA HERE.

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