NUJS’ Business Law Diploma Course: Can it Help You to Get a Job?

By Ramanuj Mukherjee

You may or may not have heard of the NUJS Business Law course.

In this article, I intend to share our experience of helping a few hundred law students to improve their careers through this course that we created and curated over the last 3 years.

If you ever think of pursuing an additional course to enhance your career prospects, do read this.

 Many law students dream of getting a top law firm job. Others dream of becoming a great litigator. Of course, not everyone succeeds.

It is not that there is not enough legal work out there. It is not that firms are not hiring or that clients are not looking for young, bright lawyers. Still, a lot of young lawyers struggle through several years, trying to get opportunities that suit their talent.

Talent and ability are two different things. Ability is difficult to ignore, while talent alone is difficult to reward. The biggest problem with the legal education is that it does not prepare students to deal with the practical side of legal work.

Think for a moment. Is your college teaching you how to draft important commercial contracts? Not only some random drafting, but serious drafting that you will be expected to do when you go for an internship or start a job?

Are you learning how to structure a business, how to incorporate LLPs and companies, how to register trademark or copyright?

If a client approaches you to create an anti-piracy strategy, will you be able to help him?

Even if you litigate, why will corporate clients come to you and not someone else?

Some of the biggest opportunities for lawyers and law students are no doubt in the commercial practice of law, be it in a law firm or corporate litigation.

However, do your years of LLB education really prepare you to take advantage of these opportunities?

The answer is a big NO.

Ask your seniors working in big law firms, they will tell you how they struggled when they first joined a law firm. It was difficult to survive. In fact, not everyone survives. Many leave under pressure, and others get fired.

There are others who adopt to the work environment quickly, dazlle seniors with their skills, learn faster than the average lawyer and rise to the top faster. What is their secret?

At iPleaders, over the last three years, we have interviewed innumerable successful lawyers, and got them to teach legal skills directly to law students. You don’t need to go to a classroom to learn this. In fact, no classroom training will ever teach you all that a fraction of the videos we have made over the years can offer.

Our strategy is simple – keep increasing the value we offer to our students through the courses we offer.

Our courses are not one time creations, we keep updating them all the time with new information, more lessons and updates as the law and practice changes.

Hundreds of law students have benefited from our course, and are working in top law firms as well as chambers of top litigators in India and abroad. In fact, even practicing lawyers and law firm associates take our courses to speed up their learning of business laws and to learn directly from industry authorities the practical aspects of business law. Want proof?

This is what our students said:

pranushaPranusha Kulkarni (currently practicing law in a district court, bagged her first  job in a Mumbai law firm through our placement assistance program)  – I chose to study this course because it held the promise of giving practical legal knowledge, which is not given in traditional law schools. As I took this Course, I started realizing the amount of competition which is out there, and the amount of effort that is needed to be put in from my side. I realized that Business Law isn’t easy, and it requires considerable time and energy to be invested in it. Overall, my experience with this course has been great.

 Don senDon Sen, Practicing Lawyer, Kolkata – It is an excellent online course. It caters to the need of the people who want to know about the practical aspects of business law. It also covers topics that were not taken up even in law schools but are really relevant in real business, for instance, laws related to export-import.


KetakiKetaki Kumar Khatri, Law Associate, India Juris (bagged her first job through placement assistance program)– The USP of this course is its content. Their services with respect to student engagement is uncomparable. Regular discussions with the in-house faculty was really helpful. The queries are  resolved spontaneously.

UnnitaUnnita Bhattacharya, 5th year, KIIT Law School (bagged job offers through placement assistance program)– I enrolled for the iPleaders NUJS business law course expecting that it might add something to my knowledge but guess what, it not only did add a lot but those practical aspects and small technicalities which no one will ever find in any law textbook are just like an icing on a cake. This course has been really helpful, as not only it enabled me to apply practical experience alongside bookish knowledge, but also prepared me for the real application of the field. Great job by IPLEADERS and I am really thankful.

AmritaAmrita Basu, Bhartiya Vidya Peeth, Pune (bagged internships through internship assistance program)– The course is very fruitful. The conent is very easy to follow with all the videos and graphics and its easy language.  I think the course will be really helpful for recruitment.


ArmaanArman Sood  4th year JGLS (bagged internships through internship assistance program)– The course content was extremely insightful with respect to business laws.


DivyeDivye Bahadur, Working in Impact Law as an Associates (bagged his second job with help of our Placement Assistance program) – This course is proving to be tailor made in not only brushing up my basics but helps me in equipping with the latest happenings in the legal and commercial fraternity


Rhea MathewRhea Matthew, NALSAR Hyderabad, associate at AZB& Parners  – This course covers all those important aspects that one would need to know when the person starts but were missing from the college course.

Utsav GandhiUtsav Gandhi, Trainee associate at Fox Mandal – This course has taught me the practical aspects of commercial laws which would have been helpful in my interviews and job earlier, had I done my course before

DivyanshuDivyanshu Agarwal, National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore – I think that the course objectives that have been outlined would be attractive to any law student, as they were to me. I had realised that the law school curriculum was not tailored in a manner where I would get a lot of insights into the practice of business laws in particular. Even those courses which involve a lot of case studies, or even mooting in fact, require application of principles at the stage of dispute resolution. On the other hand, it is well known that most work that law firms do is transaction-based or compliance-based. In such a scenario, I felt that this was a good opportunity for me to learn this aspect of the law. Additionally, the affiliation to NUJS increases the credibility. The course content was excellent for me. For example, the modules on how to incorporate an LLP, or comply with labour legislation provide an adequate description of the various laws and procedures to be followed in a business transaction. The modules are primarily aimed at simplifying the law relating to entrepreneurship ventures. However, the concepts that I have learnt through the course have already proven to be helpful at an internship with a big law firm. In short, the course is helpful for internships and consequently, even legal practice.

MilindMilind Talegaonkar, Manger CS & Legal at ERIS Lifesciences – The course focusses on those business related legal issues that are more relevant in practical life and cannot be found in text books or internet. Above that getting a certification from a premier law school like NUJS, Kolkata is an added advantage.

How do we help our students with their career planning and actuallyfinding jobs?

We counsel and help them with career planning.

We do not give you a guarantee that you will also succeed like our ex-students of the diploma course.

We built this course to bridge the gap between what the industry needs and what the legal academia produces in India.

We can just promise you that we will give you access to the best material, that you can get in touch with us anytime with any queries, you can seek our help to solve your problems so that you succeed in your career.

If you join this course, if you are ready to work hard with sincereity, we will do everything we can to help you to succeed. Even if that involves our personal time being spent beyond what is offered in a course like this, if you are putting it to the right use and working hard, we will work with you to make you successful. This is the culture we have created and intend to continue to pursue.

We go out in the industry and gather data to learn what our students need to learn to be successful. We help them crafting their CV. We help them to figure out a strategy that will help them to get recruited. When they need mentoring, we provide it, and sometimes even find them other mentors who can make a difference to their career.

Not everyone reaches out to us for such kind of help and personal support – most of our students are happy with the content they receive and the recogniotion that comes with the diploma.

However, those who approach us, know that we go out of our way and beyond the scope of what we are required to deliver under the course – because we want our students to be successful at any cost. This is what led us to set up an internship and placement assistance cell in the first place, and we are porud that it has helped many students to get recruited and even find internships.

If you are ready to work hard for a year to take your career to the next level, we are here to help. Head over to this course website and sign up for more details. You can also call 8377972123.

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