Draconian hostel rules issued by NUALS Kochi on May 24, 2017 indicate that the law school is turning into a dictatorial, closed, non-liberal space. Many of the hostel rules violate the Fundamental Rights of students.
It’s shocking and shameful that law schools which should be at the vanguard of promoting liberal democratic values are issuing such rules.
Here are some snippets:

– No hosteller shall be permitted to stay out of NUALS Campus beyond 07.00 p.m. unless it is with a special written permission.

– All hostellers have to inform and obtain prior permission from the Hostel Administrator to go out of station (beyond Ernakulam city limits). Moreover, hostellers have to submit consent letter/fax/e-mail from their parents/local guardians to the Hostel Administrator/Warden for the same.

– Strict silence shall be observed in the hostel from 11.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. Care shall be taken at all times to ensure that loud talking is NOT audible outside the room. Any manner of festivities and noise making/celebrations, which may cause disturbance to other hostellers in the hostel premises, will not be allowed. Recreational facilities will not be available after 11.00 p.m. to facilitate concentration on studies/projects.

Disciplinary Action: Any hosteller found to be guilty of gross-misconduct, indecent manners, misbehaviour or undesired and illegal activities shall be liable and for which disciplinary action can be initiated including expulsion or suspension from the hostel or levying of fines/penalties.

For the purpose of this rule, gross misconduct, indecent manners, misbehaviour, undesirable and illegal activities shall mean and include the following:

  • Holding unauthorized meetings and demonstrations.
  • Visiting each other’s room very frequently and at odd times (after 09.00 p.m.) disturbing the atmosphere for studies.

Misuse of Internet and Online Social Media: Any act of uploading derogatory remarks or image ridiculing a person in the eyes of others against the University or any other person or organization will invite disciplinary action. Hosteller should strictly refrain from indulging in any act of violating the code of internet use. Hostellers who are found visiting blocked/banned websites using proxy servers and other means shall be expelled from the hostel.

– Information to Media: The hosteller shall take prior written permission of the Warden before giving any information or interview regarding the Hostel to any member of the Press, Print Media, Radio, Television or any other media or before making any speech containing any information regarding the Hostel.

Full rules are here.


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  1. Hello Admin! Do you have something against NUALS as such? The only place where one would find most derogatory posts about NUALS is Lawctopus. It is understandable when such an active forum like yours puts up something like this related to other colleges too. But here your website, it seems, is only interested to showcase the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS VIOLATION and MISERIES OF Student in NUALS. Some of them are such that even we are not aware of them. Amazing! isn’t it?
    Do you think these so-called ATROCITIES and other SAD things only happen in NUALS? As if Administration issues aren’t there in other NLUs like GNLU or NLUD etc. etc. The way Lawctopus portrays NUALS is something which should be condemned and is not expected from them.
    Now again we don’t want you to reply by picking up individual posts of similar nature of other colleges (which are very few though) and making witty remarks but rather by stop publishing such stuff about NUALS without proper information or try changing your source itself.
    Here, we do understand your importance, being a fourth estate, but it should not be out of the context and reasonable. These very rare hashtags (#shocking #shameful) are advised to be properly used and when neccessary.

  2. And by publishing it here, who do you think will save your ass, Tanuj Kalia? The rules aren’t stringent. They will enforce none of it as always. Please stop feeding this to Lawctopus. You are bothered by something? Take this to actual media. Scared? Won’t get enough marks? Law school life will be doomed? Writing this here is much like cribbing to yourself. Both have no results other than a little satisfaction somewhere.

    • 1. Lawyers
      2. Rules are stringent. Many violate fundamental rights.
      3. We were the first ones to blog about Justice AK Ganguly. And you know how it was taken by main-stream-media?
      4. To whom are you posing questions like ‘Scared?’; ‘Law school life will be doomed?’?

      Here’s a piece of information you can use: Main stream media follows sites like Lawctopus. If Lawctopus doesn’t pick up cudgels for law students, who will? Arvind Kejriwal?

      • 1. There have been more than 3 such posts that lawctopus has published. A lot of us would be more than happy to see the day when some lawyer takes this cause up.
        2. Again, this is not a place to complain about violation of fundamental rights mostly because of the fact that the previous publications haven’t​ yielded any result other than tarnishing the college’s name for no apparent reason. This is not the appropriate forum​ because there is only so much that Lawctopus can do or will do for that matter.
        3. That’s admirable. I am sure a few of us might want to see the blog post that did the wonder. Eagerly waiting for the day when it works in this case.
        4. To the author. Didn’t know it was that hard to understand.

        This doesn’t look like picking up cudgels. That’s​ the cover up. Such stories just flare up the website. It’s understandable that you​ can’t avoid publishing such a sensational post.Try not to do that under the garb of activism maybe.

        • “Previous publications haven’t​ yielded any result other than tarnishing the college’s name for no apparent reason.”

          It’s the duty of a website/newspaper/magazine to publish reports and stories. ‘Yielding results’ is not our job/duty.

          Also, because Lawctopus ‘can only do so much’ doesn’t mean we stop doing anything.

          However, the media is known as the 4th estate for a reason. To explain that is beyond the scope of this comment. Some general reading will help.

  3. The rules attached are instead a notification for a teaching vacancy in dsnlu, Visakhapatnam.
    At least ensure that such mistakes do not happen in articles over sensitive issues.


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