Mr. Shyam Krishan Kaushik, professor, nlu jodhpur
Prof. Kaushik

A news report published in Dainik Bhaskar has revealed an alleged unfair appointment of Mr. Shyam Krishan Kaushik as an assistant professor at NLU Jodhpur.

(His name appears in faculty list of NLUJ here).

According to the news report, UGC norms were not followed by the administration of NLUJ. Mr. Kaushik has not completed his Ph.D and has been appointed as an Associate Professor, which is against the UGC norms, the report says.

Furthermore, no advertisement was released for the post on which Mr. Kaushik has been appointed nor was any committee set-up to verify his credentials.

The report further claims that the Vice Chancellor Prof. Poonam Saxena [in pic below] personally recommended for the appointment of Mr. Kaushik. The post fetches him a salary of Rs. 1,25,000 per month.

professor poonam saxena, vice chancellor, nlu jodhpur

For the full news report please see this link.

Information posted by an anonymous reader.


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  1. Here is Shyam’s bio (reproduced from This is a very average bio and does not justify his [].

    Shri S K Kaushik is working as an Associate Professor of Law since August 2004. He has authored three books, besides having published four research articles which has appeared in the Journal of Indian Law Institute, Bangalore Law Journal and the Supreme Court Cases. He teaches Jurisprudence and Family Laws. He is a Member of the School Research Committee.

    Convenor: Research Committee

    Research Papers

    1. The Other Woman in Classical Hindu Law, Bangalore Law Journal, 2012,Volume 4: 2.

    2. A Relation in the Nature of Marriage . Hope and Disappointment, Journal of Indian Law Institute, July-September, 2011, Volume 53:474-490.

    3. Sonic Surgical v. National Insurance Co. Ltd. . A case of unnecessary surgery and amputation, 2011,Supreme Court Cases, Volume 6: J 71-80.

    4. Of Sovereignty . A Fresh look, Journal of Indian Law Institute, January-March, 2010, Volume 52: 60-79.


    1. Sale of Goods, Lexis Nexis Butterworths, New Delhi, 2003.

    2. Justice Markandey Katju and S. K. Kaushik, Bindra.s Interpretation of Statutes, Lexis Nexis Butterworths, 2002.

    3. Poonam Saxena and S.K. Kaushik, Trust and Charities, Lexis Nexis Butterworths, New Delhi, 2000.

    4. He has authored three books, besides having published four research articles which has appeared in the Journal of Indian Law Institute, Bangalore Law Journal and the Supreme Court Cases.

  2. this man is so [],,, he understand himself god of teaching ,so bad behaviour with all students ,,he so [] arrogant without any merits ,,very good ,, god had prove what u do i noticed in my book and give u the result ,,so this [] is result of his arrogance[] ,,,

  3. This man, Mr. Shyam Kaushik was one of the best teachers in VIPS in terms of teaching. But when he left the college, we literally had a party because he had left!
    His way of teaching was very arrogant. He used to say that you are not capable enough of being taught by me. he used to shout unnecessarily. We really pitied the NLUJ students.
    God always gives everyone back what that person has given to the others!

  4. Issue is that whether the proper procedure was adopted or not? UGC norms allow to appoint a Assistant professor even the candidate does not hold a PhD degree. (Differentiate here between Associate and Assistant professor)
    The fault in appointment is that there was no advertisement for the post and no committee was set up. SK is getting 1.5 Lakh rupees per month. (Shastri ko bhi nai milta agar woh iski jagah hota).
    VC just leave this university.

  5. Mr. Kaushik is a man of high caliber. The decision of NLUJ VC in appointing him as a faculty member is a good move in the best interest of the institution. Afterall all NLUs are autonomous institutions like IIMs and VCs have all competence to invite anyone of high potential to join as faculty member. As far as Phd is concerned, NET is deemed to be equivalent to Phd while considering candidature for lecturership. Also the salary agreed to be paid to him is commenaurable to his talent and his decade long experience in the field of law teaching.

    Creating unnecessary controversies on the decisions of autonomous bodies like NLUJ or DU (FYUP case) is not a healthy trend for academic institutions in India. The archaic and obsolete norms of governing educational institution should be repealed asap and greater autonomy be given to all the educational institutions in all respect.

  6. Considering Shyam Kaushik taught me at VIPS and has told our class at large, ‘you do not deserve to be taught by me’, this controversy is a fitting reply.

    • Mr. Anonymous, Please tell me to tell someone that he is not of a particular caliber, you yourself have to have that caliber. If you aren’t of that caliber, good teachers will tell you to raise your standards. Now dont moan like a rustic lady.

  7. Our university has been passed by Haryana Private University Act giving much more autonomy in terms of appointment of faculty. University could make somebody Asst. Professor even if he/she hasnt given NET also!

  8. Had to post this anonymously. I was not aware that there is a UGC rule that only PhD’s could be designated as associate professors. Does this apply to private university’s as well. Please look up boy’s faculty list and qualifications. For example, prof dipika Jain is an associate professor by not a PhD.same goes for prof padmanabha ramanujam. These guys were made associate professors because they had been teaching for 4 years. Is that possibly an alternate rule?


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