National Law University Jodhpur has been closed for ten days from today after a student of the country’s premier law college was tested positive for contagious swine flu, reported the Business Standard here.

“We have decided to suspend classes in the university for next 10 days from Wednesday,” said registrar of the university Sohan Lal Sharma in an interview to the Times of India. See here.

Stay safe!

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  1. Haha HNLU people 😀 You really think you can compete with the likes of NLU Delhi and NLU Jodhpur if they were closed for a week? Their graduating batches were placed way back and as for the current 4th years’ placement, well, I don’t think the recruiters are going to fly all the way to Raipur just because colleges in the West were closed for a week. At least see some logic!

    • It is God’s blessing because of which we don’t have swine flu here – said our Chief Minister and indeed it is for my seniors. While there is disappointment in colleges in western part of our country as they are being shut down because of swine flu threat, my seniors are getting excited as there prospect of getting placed is improving or at least such is there hope. Two of the NLUs have been closed for couple of weeks and it is expected the third one will after their fest, my seniors have all the hope that recruiters’ focus will finally shift towards our college. As, it will take time to streamline everything in these colleges due to this unexpected and forced break my seniors have all the plan to exploit this opportunity. And honestly if you expect that I should be ashamed of this kind of thinking I am not. My college do not fall short of other NLUs in any aspect still we do not get a fair chance just because mine is a younger NLU. Recruiters do not visit our college even when I am sure we have better students then many who get placed in older NLUs. This one time we will get a fair chance to show our real capabilities and I can bet on the fact once we get a fair chance these older NLUs will be complaining of unfairness

      • i heard that news and this statement was made by raman singh.
        dear hnlu people why cant u live in peace and let others live? why u all have to be such a sadist and loser?

      • Dear lawctopus,
        Law schools are not such a sad place. Please filter comments like these as they are nothing more than a loser crying foul because they can’t compete.

          • I wonder how this is not defamatory for people belonging to this girls college because the picture she is portraying of her college makes me more than happy now that i got good enough marks to get admission in a better college.


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