NLU Delhi’s Glasnost is Setting a Gorgeous Trend: Univ’s Criticism on Students’ Blog

Glasnost, NLU Delhi’s independent student newspaper, is setting a wonderful trend.

The blog is fostering discussions critical of the University in a way that is worth an applause!

PS- We strongly believe that dissent is the best form of patriotism.

Below are snippets from the blog post here:

The Gender Circle had approached the authorities to discuss the removal of the CCTV cameras at the entrance of both hostels.


The mere fact that the makers of the rules are observing your conduct forces you to over-analyse each of your actions, and eventually restrict for the sake of self-preservation. Further, the University could also threaten to share the footage with the parents of students and this would create a further detrimental effect.

This would mean that the students would have to be wary of each action; like the books they read, the groups they participate in, their intimate interactions, the way they dress, when they leave the hostel at night, when they come back in the morning, who the leave and come back with, scrutinising every possible observable detail.

Campus safety policies should not result in securitization, such as over monitoring or policing or curtailing the freedom of movement, specially for women.


We as a group tried to engage with the HWC on these issues. In our meetings with the HWC, we requested them to hold a General Body Meeting since this is an issue that could have drastic impacts on the way we conduct ourselves in the confines of our hostel. We received communication that HWC would not like to engage in any further discussions on the issue. They would prefer deferring the matter to the administration. We still feel that something that impacts student liberty on campus should not be left to the sole discretion of the administration.


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