UPDATED [October 13, 2013, 1.50 AM]

Six 4th year students of NLIU Bhopal have been suspended after faculty member Ms. Gargi Rajvanshi filed a complaint and also her resignation before the administration on 10th October (a day after the students protested).

Her complaint states that the students of the Fourth Year of the BA. LLB course misbehaved with her during the Insurance Law Class [UPDATED: 14TH OCTOBER, 9.45 PM]

According to the students Ms. Rajvanshi was dictating notes and that she was only asked to clarify certain doubts; the students were neither hostile nor did Ms. Rajvanshi react during the class.

Later in the night a brief (containing mention of case laws and specific sections under which the harassment is being alleged) was submitted to the administration claiming harassment.

After this first complaint, another complaint by faculty member Ms. Kuldeep Kaur was filed on similar grounds of harassment resulting in suspension of 3 students.

In Ms. Kaur’s class students were upset as she had failed an entire class in the end term examination Jurisprudence Exam and questioned her about it.

According to a student Ms. Kaur found this probing by the students ‘harassing’ and ‘disturbing’.

No hearing has been conducted in this case.

According to one student It is quite clear that this is vendetta against the protesting students and a very subtle policy of divide and rule and [this] takes away attention from the larger issues”.


NLIU, Bhopal is in a state of boil over the dictats of the administration.

The students staged a protest on October 9th against the policies of the administration that had been created resentment and discontent for quite some time.

This started when on September 20th 2013, two students of the Cyber Law Course from NLIU Bhopal met with an accident and passed away.[1]

It is also known that the driver of the vehicle was under the influence of alcohol.


The administration responded to this incident by issuing a notice imposing a blanket ban on all vehicles kept by students on campus premises.

Even visitors (including parents) and autowallahs are no longer allowed to bring in vehicles on the campus.

The notice clearly stated that any student aggrieved by this measure was free to live off campus, renting a private room.

The Administration is claiming that this has been done to ensure the safety of the students and to ensure that no unnecessary liability befalls the University from the parents or the guardians.


With the beginning of the new session, the students of the BA.Ll.B course made a petition to the Director, Dr. S.S. Singh laying down their grievances over the blanket ban.

The Petition highlighted issues such as the lack of alternatives for transportation available from campus.

The campus is nine kilometres away from the nearest market and the bus that runs from the university is only plied twice a week. (Interestingly this was only changed to four times a week the very day of the protest.)

The petition also highlighted that the campus lacks basic amenities such as a grocery store, or a pharmacy for emergencies.

An Ambulance stationed on campus has no driver most of the times and a doctor visits twice a week for two hours.

The canteen, which began well, has food items that are expensive and most of the items on the menu are never available.

Autos are expensive in absence of competition and do not run on metre.

The second issue in the petition was a request for extension for library timings from 9 pm to 12 pm, following suit of most law schools run in this country.

The Director refused to meet any of the demands following which around hundred students sat at the front gate of the University indefinitely.

nliu bhopal director, ss singh

The Director refused to meet any of the demands following which around hundred students sat at the front gate of the University indefinitely.

During this protest the faculty members arrived to negotiate BUT all this while maintaining that the blanket ban was not negotiable and library timings could not be extended after ten as students misuse it.

Besides, they said, the women on campus have a curfew of 9 pm. (Men interestingly have no hostel curfew).


While negotiations were going on the Police arrived on scene claiming the students were violating the Election code of Conduct in place and various provisions of the IPC and if they continued individual FIRs would be launched.

The Police were pacified later and the protesting students (now grown to more than 200) moved inside the campus.

While and during negotiations, the students argued that during imposing a blanket ban , the students, as stakeholders, were neither consulted nor represented.

Many students attend coaching classes for Judicial and civil Services exam and this move leaves them at mercy of expensive alternatives.

The Students suggested alternatives such as mandatory checking for alcohol and narcotics , use of breath analyzers, requirement of license to be produced but these were not accepted for “they can’t be implemented.”

It was also brought out by the students that before staging the protest when they met with the Director he pointblankedly refused to meet any demands or even negotiate.

Later in the evening, Dr. S.S. Singh left the University for Delhi without meeting the students or directing the faculty in this regard, leaving the latter rather faceless.

The Students dispersed, after ten hours, only after being ensured that vehicles on campus shall be allowed till the Director is back on campus and this issue can be taken up again.


Previously also many petitions have been filed by individual students complaining about library timings, food in the mess, erratic wi-fi connection, stringent rules of attendance that allow for no medical leave, placement, and all these have sadly lapsed in the bureaucratic corridors.

The Administration has repeatedly, to the extent of threatening individual students with suspension, been warning that the protest method was ‘illegal’.

‘Even though the faculty remains sympathetic and willing to listen, no formal action has ever been taken on these issues.

It seems that a boiling point was reached with the ban on vehicles.

It must be noted that Dr. S.S. Singh was recently reinstated as the Director in spite of a sizeable section of the students going against his reappointment.

The attitude of the Administration towards the needs and problems of the students has left a lot to ask for.

With no final resolution on hand the stage is set for another round of similar demands in the coming week.

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  1. They are doing what ever they can. They don’t even have morals left. These people have become so insane that they are crossing extent, playing with career of students. After this it’ll be so difficult for a student to even ask a question in class, because if you do so you’ll be suspended on the ground of harassing the teachers. They teach us Right and it’s exercise, sure very right comes with some restriction but that doesn’t mean the students can’t raise their academic concern. The fees are so high and market so competitive. They don’t even try to understand our concern. The age old mentality will not help. Nothing is constant, one has to change with time. But if they do, their economic interest will be vitiated. And then wish that one day we become an great individual, this is the standard which they are setting. They never call for executive council or general council meeting. Students have no say even when their academic and career concerns are decided. They won’t accept complaint letters. They don’t follow the UGC guidelines. We are trying hard here in NLIU, risking everything, hope someday they listen and also pay for their sin. If only they had their children suffering in the same manner as we are.

  2. Everywhere it’s the same.. same mess problem, wi-fi, library timing, biggest problem is administration problem, its all because of generation gap and the real problem is that they don’t understand it no matter how practical you are.. narrow thinking drives them crazy.. plus they get an life when they come to university which they had never imagined of..they don’t deserve any luxury when students are not happy.. how selfish they are.. give you to study 250pages for 10 marks.. they have an attendance policy but then its ok but then again, if you want to bring change the administration gets offended and try their level best to detain you..I mean seriously,, on personal grounds, no one comes on right time when there is a fight among students but when a student says anything then u are screwed.. washroom only once in 3 hours.. seriously.. and that too during exams.. gets suspended for foolish things.. I mean they do everything they want.. is it justice?

  3. You see, time is changing, but these narrow minded people.. power corrupts people and we can see it well in every university these days.. professor’s or Registrar or VC’s these days think themselves as lawmakers, no matter how small their mind is or their thinking has gone so down that u just cannot expect, whatever they say will be considered as new rule..lol.. interesting.. no matter how low standard they are and god knows how corrupt they are.. they keep all the funds to themselves and then make crappy statements .. how selfish are they.. common we are paying for them.. we gave them liberty to do whatever they want.. its never late.. don’t loose hope even if you are fighting alone, if you are fighting for good, you will get justice, its just that the administration won’t help you, you need to take action.. media will help u, we are there for you .. Hail Nluites and other fellas..

  4. other law schools are there to support you. You deserve your fundamental rights and no one ha the authority to take them from you. Suspending students is a very disgraceful act on the part of university.

  5. situation is even worse in USLLS, the Main campus law school of IP Uni in Delhi. We are located adjacent to NLU-D but the difference is is miles apart. [] is a known Crook in the legal circle who’s more interested in power politic than doin her job. Every proposal that comes to her for organising any event is shot down citing shortage of funds. This, at a university that is known to be the richest in Asia.

    We haven’t even had a proper freshers in the Campus since ever. [] has a number of cases of Plagiarism pending against [] and [] penchant for misappropriation of funds is well known. […manhandle professors]

    Last winters we staged huge protests in the campus which was also supported by our faculty following which we were promised a lot of things by the VC, D.K. Bandopadhyay (who is another known [] in the academic circles). But it all came to naught.

    The situation is getting even worse. the dean has slapped a number of ridiculous [] cases against the teachers who were supporting us.

    Almost all good faculties have not started moving towards other avenues like the nearby NLU-D and other NLUs.

    Ever since, there is a great problem of reimbursements. The societies are getting none of the funds they are supposed to recieve.

    The placements have gone down the drain as the reputation of our [] is enough to chase them away.

    Now that even the few good professors that we had have started leaving there is a crushing sense of ignominy among the students who are now stuck between the devil and the deep sea and have nowhere to go.

    Lately, the so-called Leader of our protests, Ashish Bhardwaj was also targetted by the [] on personal vendetta and has been suspended “indefinitely” for “apparently” “influencing the [] Board Meeting” (ridiculous, right?)…. and this all , ladies and gentlemen, is not even the tip of the iceberg.

    Keep watching this space for more…

  6. Allegation of [] accompanied by suspension. Authorities are not in a mood to give up power so they have resorted to cheap and dirty tricks. The worst part is that it is actually working. Get up guys go for legal proceedings. We are the one who are actually being harassed. My seniors were able to get injunction against college authorities. I hope you can too.

  7. Guys its same everywhere. Three of our seniors ( who graduated two years back) met with an accident and smashed their car in the University gate which lead to serious injury. so for the reason they our college authorities have banned the vehicles. it been more than 3 years. they are not even allowing us to keep our vehicle at parking in front of the DHABAS in front of our university campus. so technically we are living in the middle of no where
    what do say lets file notice all together and notify BCI about the same

  8. Kudos to Lawctopus for covering this. Certain legal news websites are blacking this out as they have a cosy relationship with the powers that be. Lawctopus should take the lead and do a huge story on all the VCs and scams in all NLUs. You can team up with a news channel, maybe CNN IBN citizen journalist, or a news magazine like Caravan, Tehelka etc.

  9. Similar is the situation in GNLU. Patel is not allowing vehicles of students inside the campus. They have put blanket ban on student’s vehicles. Mess food is a complete mess. Students have complained a lot but nothing happens. All thanks to the deaf ears of Patel. This guy must go.

  10. Before being students of the institution, we are first and foremost customers; or at least our parents are.
    Let’s just say that when customer satisfaction is the last agenda on the minds of the persons running an institution, and ‘not paying’ is not an option since it is paid for at the start of a session, maybe wearing masks of anonymity and destroying some property could help.
    Make your voice heard, however so illegally. It is ridiculous at first, then saddening and then it escalates towards of a status immense bullshittery. Not short of absurd that this is happening throughout the country, and as students we humbly oblige.
    If you feel squatting down helps, then go ahead. If not, then fight fire with fire, please.

  11. This is absolutely crazy!
    Listen, if you guys need outside support from other law schools or something, let me know. I’m from NUJS, Kolkata, and even we have had to stage quite a few demonstrations in our college, though none where we were so blatantly ignored.
    But otherwise, hang on there, it’ll pay off soon.

  12. When I was in college and waiting eagerly to get a two Wheeler, similar situation arose due to death of a final year student who was about to pass in matter of weeks. As our college was 100 percent residential, the two affected batches decided to protest by skipping meals. Although the situation was solved and we got what we wanted but two years later the administration made two Wheelers a strict no from coming session. 9 years have passed since then but the ban still persists. The students have been using bicycles purchased from their money by the administration. Other worse things have also been imposed. in India there is a tendency to become a ruler once someone comes into power as we see in every walk of life. So if one demand is granted ten are curbed. My advice is to learn lesson from history and try to change the mindset of those who are in administration, gain confidence of faculty by showing what you are asking is justified, do not show disrespect to anyone; and most importantly don’t give up. Perseverance will pay. One of the greatest lawyers won freedom of a nation by believing in himself. All the best.

  13. Isn’t it victimization of victims ?? !!
    Blanket Ban !! Insane Administration !! There should be decisions like speed limits and speed breakers or any similar decision.
    if we cannot protect our rights, we have no rights.
    if we cannot protect our rights, we cannot protect others.
    Live with liberty. Never let your morale go down.

  14. Today the university has hit a new low. They suspended four 4th year students for taking part in the protests and organizing it. This is a direct violation of our fundamental rights!!

  15. Only a month back, we had fought on the same lines against our University administration when a sophomore student died due to the lack of proper medical care and conveyance facilities between the college and the city. Students staged protests for three days and brought the University to a stand-still. Finding no way out before the genuineness of the cause behind the protest, admin had to accept all our demands for improving the medical facilities at the campus, refunding the full fee of the deceased student and the formation of a representative body of the students. Just keep at it NLIU, press them until they give in. All the best.

  16. This is what happens when power is given absolutely. Reinstating a unpopular VC/director always hamper the students interest. Director should die of shame that he cannot understand his students problems. IGNORING student’s problem will not do good to the university. KEEP GOING GUYS! Don’t stop the protest, you’ll succeed. BEST WISHES FROM CNLU.


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