Law School Review: National Law University, Odisha (NLUO)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a reader’s review. The opinions expressed are that of the person concerned and NOT of Lawctopus. Do send in your law school reviews by filling this form.

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Latika Choudhary

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National Law University, Odisha

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Faculty and Academics at NLUO

The class hours are generally scheduled from 9 am to 1:30 pm with 3 tiny 10 minutes break between every lecture.

The faculty, of course varies from some being extremely great and precious to some not so great teachers, like any other law school. All of them are very co-operative and friendly and the most important approachable at all times!

The course structure for law subjects is pretty exhaustive with a lot of emphasis on practical aspects of law. The students are not restricted to theoretical side of the coin but are introduced to the practical side and are taught to deal with situations in this way.

We have in a semester a mid sem examination and an end sem examination (self explanatory!) The evaluation process is transparent as the students can demand for the answer scripts but understanding the evaluation by a faculty is something that I have miserably failed at.

Some teachers require quantitative answers while some require qualitative work. There are no such guidelines as such and thus the students are at the mercy of the teacher when it comes to scoring marks in exams. this is one place i feel there exists a flaw and needs to be corrected accordingly!

Student Culture and Activities

NLUO without an iota of doubt has a great mooting environment students are extremely enthusiastic about moots and have done exceedingly well in a number of competitions.

The teachers, seniors everyone is very helpful when it comes to cracking a moot problem.

Not just moots people are equally enthusiastic about debates and other co-curricular activities. We have a number of committees for sports, debate, moot etc so even though cuttack may not sound as appealing a place as say Bangalore or Hyderabad, but life in our campus isnt as dull. The students keep themselves occupied with something or the other (productive).


Okay so this may put the readers off a lil bit but our campus is actually in the middle of nowhere! Its surrounded by heavy jungle and a river on one side so those of you who admire beauty and nature, this is the place to be!

But of course with flora comes fauna. the mosquitoes and insects are something hard to deal with but with time you get used to them too!

We have a basic provisional store in the campus itself which has every day essential item. the market/city is 30 minute ride away and the college bus daily takes students to and fro the market.

Inside the campus there are canteens and small eating joints which are always rushing with students, besides these the library is quite a place to be for all the nerd and geeks(kidding!)

There is a shack 100 mts away from the campus that provides you with the most amazing rolls and other snacking items and of course the ‘other’ daily needs!

Outside college there are a number of restaurants, bars and eating joints where people go to. All in all, its not that horrible a place as it sounds. In fact some of the restaurants here provide the most amazing sea food ,if you’re a fan!

Placements at NLUO

Since Nluo is comparatively a new born, with only 2 batches passed out so far, the placements and alumni network is in the process of strengthening and is commendably increasing with our alumni placed at big firms like AZB, Luthra, Khaitan, LKS, Clasis and a lot more.

Not just the firms, there are students working under lawyers at various courts.

Hence, with every batch passing out the network is building up and in the coming few years will see a lot of progress and development of a full functional placement cell in the college.

Administration and Fees 

The fees is 1.5 lac p.a. (for NRI students its somewhere around 2 lac p.a. depending on the currency rate)

Mess fee isn’t included in this amount an you have to bear an additional expense of 3-3.5k towards the same.

The curfew timing have been a bit relaxed now considering the safety of the students. The in time generally is 7:30 pm but if you manage to get the permission for a late outing then you can get back by 10:00 pm.

The timings are the same for boys and girls.

The administration is not as efficient as you’d expect it to be considering its a law school. The staff isnt incompetent but a lil laid back when it comes to resolving grievances.

There will be times (too often) that the administration will come up with the most vague policy and even more vague logic to justify the same. I certainly feel helpless a number of times when such situations occur.

The answer to the problem- still looking for it!

Good things about NLUO 

1. Great environment to focus and concentrate purely on your academic career

2. Healthy competition between students

3. Helpful teachers and good faculty

4. Lot of scenic beauty to enjoy

5. Extremely upcoming and progressive

6. Campus life is amazing and lively

Bad things about NLUO

1. Commutation may be a barrier for some

2. Not so great mess food

3. Mosquitoes and insects

4. Humidity

5. Far far away from the city

6. Administration

7. Language barrier

Other things

Well in a nutshell NLUO is a great place to be if you want to concentrate and remain focused without any disturbances that a developed city provides!

Some disadvantages do weigh down th e good things about the college nonetheless in the end its the effort one puts in towards making or ruining his or her own self. All in all not a bad option to be the last option if you really want a NLU tag!

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

Ours is a compulsory residential law school. So you HAVE to stay in the hostel/campus itself however much you may hate it! there are 2 boys hostels and 1 girls hostel as of now. The best part- SINGLE ROOMS! (probably not a happy news for some). The hostels are pretty huge and the rooms too. a cupboard and a book shelf are provided inside the rooms.

The academic block is almost ready now and only some minor work is going on. We will soon (fingers crossed) have a fully air conditioned acad block! The classrooms in the acad block are well furnished with projectors, digital screen mics etc.

The library is well kept and organised though we are yet to shift to building specifically allotted to be the library. Its a 2 storey building and should be ready soon.

There are separate mess for the guys and girls. The girls mess is in the girls hostel and we served meals 4 times a day. There is a lot of variety of food given to us and the mess is completely run by a student body committee.

We have 3 different canteens in the campus and a food joint ‘bawarchi’ which serves some really delicious delicacies.

Apart from this our campus is 70% constructed and the rest is also to be finished soon.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a reader’s review. The opinions expressed are that of the person concerned and NOT of Lawctopus. Do send in your law school reviews by filling this form.


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