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1. NLU Assam has only one professor, the VC himself, who’ll be leaving soon!

National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam started functioning in 2011 and in three years the University has not had a Professor other than the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Gurjeet Singh (who will be discharging his duties as the Vice-Chancellor on 26th of this month).

2. Incompetent assistant and associate professors

The standard of teaching in the University, quite frankly, makes one feel like studying in a primary school.

Assistant and Associate professors teach subjects that they are not specialized in and create a mess for the students.

3. Exorbitant fees, lack of facilities at NLU Assam

With almost Rs.2 lakhs fees per annum the University was expected to function at least modestly well, but it does not provide students with funds for any recreational activities etc.

4. Lies in the brochure

NLUJAA also does not withdraw its frivolous claims of having things which it does not have. One example would be the Student’s Bar Council, which is included in the fee structure but its existence is highly doubted.

In the 2013 CLAT brochure the University promised to shift to its permanent campus in a year but a year later the students can’t even imagine how they are going to remotely keep up with this promise.

5. Administration

The Registrar of the University lacks any understanding of the legal profession and the requirement of law students.

6. Ridiculous syllabus

The syllabus has failed to impart the students any useful legal knowledge and the administration has declined to bring any changes to its ridiculously tiresome syllabus which is forced on teachers, most of whom are inadequate to teach the subject.

7. Fine culture at NLUJAA [not a part of the original blog post]

Heavy fines are imposed on students, sometimes as high as Rs. 25,000-Rs. 60,000. Earlier no ‘notice’ was issued when such a fine was issued, but nowadays notices have started coming out.

8. Students are leaving NLUJAA

With absolute lack of transparency, deficiency in infrastructure and a heavily compromised quality of education numerous students have opted to leave theUuniversity but those who can’t leave or aren’t left with other options are doomed to be here.

This university, in its current state is incapable of providing this country with a single good lawyer let alone fulfill Madhava Menon’s vision of creating social engineers.

Even if it does the credit will absolutely lie on the excellence of the student and not on her or his alma mater.

This is an anonymous reader blog. We’ve however confirmed the contents with independent sources too. 

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Here are 8 reasons to join NLU Assam!

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  1. i hope its high time now that this article should be removed from this forum. As the idea of this forum is to provide latest and updated news and most of the reasons stated here are now invalid. Even the most humorous thins is that NLUJAA is now the NLU with maximum number of professors except for that Dr. Gujeet Singh passeed away recently. Even the campus has shifted to a permanent location providing all the amenities which was promised.

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  3. I agree with and confirm all the points made here.

    Also, the fact that other law schools too have these problems is no reason why we should as well!

    The worst part is when we pay a truckload of money to them, and it doesn’t fell like we’re getting anything worth it.

    Certain teachers DISCOURAGE questions in class as they have no time to engage in discussions since the syllabus is too vast (and as mentioned, ridiculous).

    Also, this place is sexist- girls are supposed to be back in the uni by 7:30, they also have a very restricted dress code (whose definition of decency is followed when one sex is allowed to wear shorts in blistering heat and the other isn’t?). These rules are strictly observed. For boys, if an in-time exists, it’s obviously very flexible- they’ve been known to be on the roads at 3 a.m. So much for equality.

    Moreover, the authorities are extremely interested in students’ personal lives- a moot team was not given permission to participate in an external moot because two of the members were in a relationship.

    This isn’t how an NLU is expected to function.

    That being said, I do think the tone and the title of this post is too critical- and not constructively so. By discouraging people to not come here, you’re ruining the aspirations and hopes of many. Maybe you should have gone with- “8 Areas NLUJA, Assam Needs to Work On”.

  4. Reading his facebook comments, i could figure out that Mr.Tanuj Kalia is trying to make a point that there is an issue of student representation and hence people must avoid NLUJAA. Umm..NLIU has been around for 17 years now and there is no student body in existence. I read on lawctopus that students protested against their Director. I am waiting for the day when Mr. Kalia comes out with an article titled ‘ National Law Institute University, Bhopal : 8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go There.’
    I have immense respect for Mr. Kalia for initiatives he has undertaken over the years but this post is totally unjustified. In one of his comments he says that it is his duty to publish such articles as ‘it alerts the administrators that they can’t act like pocket-size dictators.’ Well though your intentions are great, your method is obsolete.

      • That did not bring any good to the university. People just started preferring it below GNLU.

        See the point that i am trying to make is that nothing of this will affect the dictators sitting in the administration. It just adds up to the frustration of students of the university being discussed.
        Constructive criticism must be welcomed but the title of this article in itself is offensive to the students of NLUJAA, Assam and that is pretty much justified on their behalf.
        I hope that apart from offering periodic constructive criticism, you can work towards your initiative of formation of All India Law Students Grievance Redressal Authority (LASGRA). Everyone will be willing to contribute towards this common cause and this might bring in better results against the tyrant administration of various NLUs

  5. What happened to Prof. Singh? I was looking forward to meet him this year. I have heard great things about him.

    • You were looking forward [] That’s a first.

      My guess is that the culture of sexism has permeated NLUJAA primarily or partly because of him. He’s nothing short of a [] to have.

  6. Okay, first of all this post doesn’t seem like much of a criticism of NLUJA anymore, but rather a desperate attempt being made by the administrator trying to convince people ‘just how bad this university is.’
    Second, the University is lacking in a lot of things be it in infrastructure, student body, or top notch faculty. Yeah, we all know that. It’s not like we are blind enough not to see that.
    Third, I however wonder how much of ‘courage'(as the administrator is pointing out), the author of this very “enlightening” piece of article has, when it comes to standing up against the authorities of the University.
    Fourth, Like seriously, this is by far the lamest “rebellion” I have ever seen. If you don’t want to give a fine then just don’t give it. What’s the worse that can happen? They’ll debar you from appearing in the exams. So sit for the repeats. Or even better stay away from creating mess that invites such exorbitant amounts of fine! Because we all know the circumstances under which such high amount of fine are being levied. If you can keep away from screwing up your asses you’re ‘magically’ staying away from paying fines (since somehow, most of the supporting responses are regarding the fine paying deal)
    Fifth, If you really would have had the courage to stand up and make a change, writing a lame article and posting it online should’ve been the one thing you wouldn’t have done.

    • 1. It’s our sincere attempt to bring to light things which are going at NLUJAA. If we got desperate in that, so be it.

      2. So, if you do see it, why has no one written about it before? Or if you don’t want to bring that in public attention, why has nothing been done about it?

      3. The administration can EXPEL a student. No student would want to take that risk. It’s not courage, it’s foolhardiness.

      4. Didn’t get this point

      5. So, what can ONE student do? There’s no student representation in the University. What do you expect ONE person to do? Writing about it and bringing these things out in the open will hopefully create pressure on the admin to set things right.

      • And writing a stupid list of points and posting in on national forum is an effective way to deal with these problems? Pray tell me dear admin sir, would you rather stand up on behalf of all of us and fight for justice (since all of us risk expulsion) or just sit comfortably and bitch and gossip about an infant institution which you, in my information, have nothing to do with, like some jobless aunties in Indian soaps.

        • If we were running a ‘lawyer’s collective’, I’d have loved to ‘fight for justice’.

          Unfortunately, we run an online publication, and the best we can do is ‘publish’. If that looks gossip to you, so be it. (We’ll try to up our game, though) 🙂

    • Dear concerned I can only say past is passed live in presence now the NLUA is the only National Law University having the 9 Professors of Law 7 permanent 2 Contractual since April 2015 and 20 Assistant Professors which no other University have recruited yet Now only you all have to change your perception only either by visiting or interaction . It is only students n teachers who enrich the quality not alone . Under the dynamic leadership of Vice Chancellor University is running with bullet speed n wonderfully coordination . Within couples of months construction work at New campus will b over n will b shifting by next semester . Vice Chancellor Prof Ginsberg n his team is working day n night v r always in university by 8:30 n leave campus after 7pm voluntarily . It’s a kind of magic by Mata Kamakhya that v don’t wish to leave the campus n students r also quite busy in their study research Icc IRC or SBC schedule . V wish the day is not far away when NLU Assam will only b the Top National Law University n first option for students by 2020. Thanks for criticising n provoking one n all. I am one of the faculty of NLUA to whom I love the most. Jai Hind

  7. I do not see why you’d want to single out merely NLUJAA; much of what you say applies atleast to Symbiosis too, both Pune and Noida, and likely does to other law schools, national and otherwise. Speaking as an alumnus who has sufficient knowledge of both places, I can say this applies as much to SLS-P and SLS-N!
    1. SLS-P has three (or is it four now?) Associate Profs, rest are all Assistant Profs or visiting faculties; SLS-N has two.
    2-7. Applies on all fours to both.
    8. Sadly, doesnt.

    • Hi, Un-Iyer 🙂

      We are not singling out any college.

      We received a blog post on NLUJAA, we thought it raised valid concerns, we confirmed it with other NLUJAA students and published.

      If we were to get a similar post from other colleges, we’ll follow the same process of quality check and confirmation and publish it.


  8. CNLU, RMLNLU, NLUJAA, RGNUL and NLUO!!! 5 out of 7 lower NLUs have similar problems as far as I have heard! believe me these are JUST 8 reasons..!! there are many more.. Lower NLUs need a serious change in their system!

  9. I cannot comment upon the teachers and the syllabus as im not qualified to do so. but i agree with the rest of the pointers. the post is nt pessimistic at all. I find it a warning to all those who want a good law education, which this college lacks. the bar council is not there. a lot of money is taken for internship placements, but all they do is give us a piece of A4 size paper where random bullshit is typed out. they also ask us to sign it from the teachers ourselves. is this why my parents spend so much money? with lot less facilities than cotton college and guwahati university? with less annually fees than us?

  10. First of all, please keep my anonymity, but you are under no force to do so.

    I’m a student of NLUJAA and confirm to all the pointers you have made out. On top of that the Registrar is the only authority with NO student body, no proper hostel facility and no recreation whatsoever.

    I was happy when I got admission here. God knows I’ve been through hell. They fined 75,000 from a student here. I won’t disclose his name.

    The Registrar is the final authority so as to say and CCTV cameras are installed in the college to monitor love-birds. The warden confirms it.

    I wish no future aspirant is subject to such atrocities by coming to my college. The people from my college are chirping because the truth is always bitter.

    I wish this college gets some serious change. I do not want to spend the rest of four years here in this place. I might possibly drop out.

    With government concessions and the money from 2 other batches, It would amount to a ridiculous amount of money. There is NO facility for recreation.

    One teacher is paid 25,000 and the highest paid faculty earn 40,000 a month. The total expense of the faculty and staff would amount to a maximum of 60 lakhs. Where is the rest of the money?

    • It seems you are my batch-mate (rest of my four years). I so seriously wish you go out of the university for the better future of both, yourself and the university.

    • First confirm where your fee goes, it comes in college or bank and the answer is bank. The govt. of assam provide all money for everything and your fee was save in bank only because if new govt come and privatize the university then that money university use for your benefits not for themselves and about salary of faculty so university now comes under state govt not in centre so first check the salary scale of assistant professor on state level then talk about anything, the point is that even you don’t deserve nlujaa not even any nlu’s in the country.


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