Snippets from a piece published on Times of India here.

Nalsar University of Law student was arrested for allegedly misbehaving with a flight stewardess of Indigo Airlines Bangalore-Hyderabad flight on Sunday.

During the journey, he intentionally touched a 26-year-old airhostess while she was serving refreshments to passengers and secretly recorded her videos by placing cell phone camera on the floor of the plane,” DCP Shamshabad AR Srinivas said.

The Hindu has covered the incident here and DNA here.

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  1. it is the person’s manners that have come at fault, what is the mistake of the college in this act done by the student ? does our college teach us to do such things with women ? every individual is responsible for his acts moreover i think that the boy was a major and knew what he was doing and what the consequences of the act could lead to. journalists now- a – days need to learn to use their identification skills properly.

  2. What’s wrong with putting the univ name in the report? It’s common practice to write the students education background when he/she is involved in some news irrespective of it being positive/negative….hell it even helps in this case as we can say that despite having such high creds the guy didn’t learn the most imp thing -how to treat/respect females and that is a blot on whoever taught him-parents/school/college!

    • when you do the act in the premises of the college it is when you add the name of that institution/university/ college. this act was done out side the college and there was nothing the college could have done to prevent him !!!!!

  3. Okay two questions:

    1. Why attach the institutional tag to this incident?
    2. WHY REPORT IT ON LAWCTOPUS? Jeez you guys, if the Times of India can’t show any journalistic integrity I understand, but I cannot grasp why you’d stoop to their level.

    • Here are the two answers:

      1. Because he’s a ‘NALSAR’ student!

      Just like the institutional tag is attached during a moot court/essay win, it can be attached here too.

      2. Why report? Because we are a website for ‘law students’ and news on/about/related to them goes here.

      And so, according to you, Times of India, The Hindu and DNA, EVERYONE doesn’t have any journalistic integrity?

      Bar and Bench reported that the student has been suspended. So, using your logic (i.e Times of India has no journalistic integrity), NALSAR has no ‘institutional integrity’?

      • Bhai Tanuj, when a student wins an essay/moot competition, they are officially and professionally representing their university. However, they do not represent their university in all walks of life. That is the distinction.

        • Bhaiya, behena, when a student wins a random scholarship (mainly because of his/her effort), the University ‘tag’ is attached. Even, generally, it’s commonplace to use the Univ’s name in other instances: “IITian found murdered…”, “IIM Passout starts rural education initiative…” etc.


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