With the start of this New Year, I’m going to break the cardinal rule of any business – don’t give anything free. myLaw.net is open to all! We are offering you almost any course of your choice on myLaw.net for free for an entire month!

All you need to do is go to free.mylaw.net and apply for a free course and you will get access to all the content in the course of your choice. But you must be wondering why we are doing this.

When we started myLaw.net in 2010, the intent was two-fold –

(i) to help bridge the gap between practical learning/quality content and legal education; and

(ii) to provide access to learning the law to everyone.

From the start, we have been committed to these two aims and have tried various different approaches to build out in this manner.

From keeping all our courses free on myLaw.net (including courses in regional languages) for the first two years, to offering completely online degrees and diplomas with top Indian educational institutions, to creating a bouquet of over 30 certification courses (currently) with industry recognition and developed by experienced professionals from the highest echelons of the legal profession.

Through this unique journey we have evolved in innumerable ways.

For example, we realised that attention spans are quite short online so we shifted from having 45-minute video lectures to 10-minute ones to make the learning process easier and more fun for our students.

We went from longer reading materials to more crisp, precise and practical materials.

We have had to evolve in our own corner of the online learning universe at the same time as all the large online learning companies in the world – be it Coursera, edX, Udemy or Udacity.

Through all of this, our commitment has been not just to make our courses available and accessible to the maximum number of people, but also to providing the highest standard of quality, practicality and functionality.

With the confidence now of having worked with over 15,000 learners, we are ready to evolve into our next avatar over the course of this year – myLaw.net 3.0.

The next version of our learning platform and courses will take your learning experience to a whole new level.

You will be able to work seamlessly across multiple devices, interact with fellow students like never before, and give you an even bigger set of courses to choose from – including international courses and much more.

But before we start rolling this out we felt strongly that we still need to do much more to answer the questions we are still faced with constantly – What is online learning? Are our courses actually as good as we claim them to be? Are online courses practical?

As a small step in this direction, we wanted to start off 2015 by opening up our platform to everyone – so come and register for any course on our platform, and experience the magic of online learning for yourself!

Click here to register for a free course on myLaw.net.

The world of online learning has just begun and we look forward to the long and interesting time ahead.

Nikhil Chandra
Founder and Chief Strategist

Note: This is a sponsored post.

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. Dear All

    Did u see the new marketing scheme of MyLaw.net??????????? LOl 😀 earlier they proclaimed that the offer will continue for a month to register for free courses and now it ends on 20th January. Please pay your Service Tax as well if u have not paid and teaching law and following yourself are two different things.


  2. Dear team of Mylaw.net

    My university paid you lacs of rupees for you to provide the students of my university quality courses so that we can put it on our C.V. and get an edge over other law students of the country. Your behavior is highly unprofessional when you make them free for everybody, I applied and invested my time to acquire some knowledge from your course and realized that they are basic and fundamental, you do not put any efforts in preparing the practice exercise and quiz, even a person who has not taken your course can clear them very easily. The quality of the courses is average and highly unsatisfactory. Mr Administrator is defending you for no reasons as he himself might not have taken courses and has no locus standi to comment on the content of courses and moreover he is advertising the courses of Mylaw.net so his opinion cannot be taken into any consideration. Respected Mr. Aju John and Mr. Kunal Mehra might have taught the students at Lst but the courses they are providing do not relate to Lst teaching in any manner and Lst only prepares students for CLAT coaching. Kindly Admin don not propagate the wrong behavior and do not call any student as Competitors as it is highly objectionable and discarded. Kindly do not jeopardize the interest of the users who have paid money of their parent’s hard earned money and if Mylaw.net is providing free courses then they should have provided free to people who cannot afford coming to these websites and provide them free for lifetime as they want “to provide access to learning the law to everyone”.

    • Hey, i am just starting out as a first year student in law, and since you done various courses , if you could tell me which ones are the best, that i should follow now. Also where 1st year or 2nd year students can apply for internships in mumbai

      • Dear Siddesh

        I really have no idea where you should intern in Mumbai as i am not from that area, there are various law firms dat take interns from GLC and they offer them some stipends also. Kindly do not opt any online course as of now. Please concentrate on your studies for 1st two years and then identify your interest area of law and further pursue the course.


    • Are you implying that your university has brought the rights to myLaw.net so that only you guys can put the certificates up on your CV? Wow! A couple of lakhs seems too cheap, mylaw guys. Btw, I don’t know how giving us lesser mortals free courses is unprofessional (nor is it some charitable act, its a business coup i must say). In any event it seems ‘paid user of Courses” doesn’t need any more courses – for the rest of us if we can learn to draft an SHA or make head or tail of the takeover code and that too free, we’d say thank you Nikhil Chandra (btw, isn’t he the same AZB cap marks dude?)

      • Dear Free loader

        I dont really think you have opted for any course from Mylaw.net as u are unaware of the course content which is not helpful in any manner. If you really wanna learn something go to an office or at least see the course contents. My university paid a lot of money and so others if u really want to debate, do it on the content and we all are professionals here, We have taken rights for a consideration not for free and if the team wanted to offer free courses i would have thanked him from bottom of my heart but they do not offer courses for moral support, so check ur words before u write them and it is not a charitable institution so offering courses for free does not imply anything other then their faulty marketing strategy, Nikhil Chandra might be from any top firm but he really did not put up adequate efforts to put contents on any of his courses as the pratice exercises are basic and of no use whatsoever.

  3. Hahahaaa..this is funny..
    Never knew in this world of rising prices, somebody can offer legal education for free. Give us more!! 😀 😀 ;D

  4. I’m glad some of these questions have been asked on this forum and I appreciate peoples’ concerns, especially of those who have paid for our courses in the past and are wondering why we are doing this.

    Firstly, please be rest assured that the access for the free courses is restricted both with respect to timing as well as Certification. Effectively that means those that sign up for a free course get a month to take the course as opposed to 3 months for those who pay for it and simply enrolling for a free course doesn’t automatically qualify you for a Certification.

    Possibly the next question is why are we doing this? It’s fairly simple, we believe it is time to take online learning to the world in a large scalable manner and the opening up of our platform is a step in that direction – to give you a flavour of online learning and of the quality of our courses.

    There are close to 18000 people who have taken the myLaw.net courses and showed their love to us (and our data tells us that a large percentage of them came back to us to take more courses, in fact an average myLaw.net student takes at least 4 courses) but we also realise that there are an equally large number of people who are unaware of the benefits of online learning (we continue to hear this during our interactions with students and professionals).

    Our mission, since inception, has been to provide access to quality legal learning and allowing access to the courses on our platform to everyone, for a short period of time, is one way of spreading the message – at the moment there are thousands of students and professionals across India that have responded to this initiative and we hope more will before we close it shortly.

    If you are an existing student who’s paid for the myLaw course, then we hope you will vouch for the fact that it was worth it. If you are worried that we’ll go the same way as some other course providers have and our certificate will be dime a dozen, then fear not.

    Free or not, one has to write an examination to earn the certification (and if you have taken a myLaw.net course, you’d know it isn’t a walk in the park). Remember, we are free for a limited period but never cheap (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

    We strongly encourage you to take a free course on myLaw.net as well, please take advantage of this – we genuinely want to give law students and legal professionals a real alternative to upskilling and continuous learning and we genuinely don’t want learning to stop at the classroom.

    Learning never ends – so please do come take a (or another) course on myLaw.net. We look forward to having you on the platform and engaging with you through various initiatives for a long time.

    Vice President

    • From the above mentioned bulk of information & your advertisement:

      1. Advertisement was not clear about what students are getting into. It is neither mentioned on free.mylaw.net nor in the advertisment that courses are free only for one month & thereafter you shall ask the learners to pay for the courses. I think as a reputed company, you should disclose all terms & conditions.

      2. Full Disclosure: There is no co-relation between “objectives of mylaw.net or Rainmaker”. Also, the way in which Lawoctopus admin supported your baseless claim (without knowing the facts, since you clarified them later) shows the bias which creeps in with advertising.

      3. Facts/Figures: On the website, it is mentioned more than 15,000 have undergone your course and on the post, you are stating there are 18,000. I wonder, if you are adding “free learners” in the figure, so that you can hide the real number of students.

      4. Delay: I wonder what took you so long to clarify & why is this clarification not given on the website but through this post.

      Kunal, you have shaken the confidence that people had in Mylaw.net. I am sorry to state but I am of the opinion that your free course marketing tactic or strategy (incl. iphone analogy) has not gone well with students & professionals. I think one of the reasons for this is that you are no longer dealing with students, who are preparing for CLAT; but with students of law, who have the ability and wisdom to see through the marketing gimmick.

      • lol!

        Nobody is required to make a full disclosure at the time of making advertisements. don’t you know that you have to pay more for every word?

        These allegations are baseless. I am in no way connected to mylaw and I am not pursuing any mylaw course either. Please understand what life is all about. This not a utopian world where you expect everthing to be good. Hell, I am sure that you won’t be that righteous either.

        I am sure that you are an adult. Instead of cribbing, understand what marketing is all about. If they are allowing you to have access for one moth, be grateful. I registered for the course a few days back. One of their representatives called me. I couldn’t talk to him at that moment.
        What you need to see is that they are nice enough to call you and tell you what the course is all about. So please! Enough of the cribbing there.

  5. I have taken up a free course and I do not find any reasons to complain.
    The material is as good as in a paid course. Looking forward to more such initiatives.

  6. Please don’t call them Free Courses. It would be appropriate to call them free introduction to the courses for a month’s time.

    *I just applied for one and the aforementioned article in economic times verifie it.

    Nevertheless, wish you best wishes for your business strategy.

  7. I always thought their courses were more expensive than others. Lets see the quality of these, now that they are free. I hope there are no hidden charges though

  8. Dear Administrator

    I am a student and not a competitor. But it is quite shocking to see how Lawoctopus is defending its “biggest advertiser”. If I were a competitor, I would have asked mylaw.net or you (it seems to be the same) about your Service Tax liability!
    I wonder why there is no ” free course” on Tax.

  9. Dear Administrator

    Firstly, Thank you for replying to the post.

    Secondly, the credentials of the persons are not in question. I have a serious issue with the post mentioned above which has been made to look like the “purpose” from the very beginning was to dole out free courses to students.

    Thirdly, I don’t think all law students studied or prepared for CLAT from LST. There are other institutes as well & moreover, qualifications for teaching for CLAT entrace test (which is a basic exam) can not be equated with teaching complex issues of law.

    Fourthly, in case the “purpose” is to spread free information and improve knowledge, why are all the courses “Protected by Copyright” & can only be viewed online. Do you really think students will start copying the courses?

    Lastly, the Economic Times post and the free courses are very much related to funding, is what I am able to gather from the information available online. Is it the case that Rainmaker wants to increase the number of students, so that it looks better to VC Funds in order to raise money? Are we being used as bait?
    Certainly, I dont see that imparting education was ever their “purpose”.

    Also, I am reflecting on the general trend that I am hearing in hostels and college canteen. Students are feeling that the importance & relevance of the courses has been substantially reduced by making the courses FREE. I am sure the founder has violated the cardinal principle of business but in the process they have ensured that their fan following is substantially depleted. People who paid for the courses from their pocket money are feeling cheated on two counts – 1) They had to pay for the courses, which are now being offered for free 2) The value & importance of the course has reduced for internships etc as all students will have same courses.

    • The post nowhere says that the purpose is ‘free’ course. The purpose is ‘quality’ courses and legal education for ‘all’.

      No one is saying that all law aspirants study at LST!

      The information is protected by copyright because it’s their creation, which took time, money, effort, creativity.

      Most companies use strategies to increase their user base and this is a very fair one.

      Am sure Rainmaker will take your feedback but well they are experienced, competent people and would have taken this decision after some deliberation.

      According to your argument if iPhone today is for 10k and is sold at 7k tomorrow, that’s Apple ‘cheating’ people? I don’t know how many people will agree with that line of reasoning.

  10. May I know the reason for the sudden change of heart?

    Firstly, I read in Economic Times that you made over Rs. 6 Crore in 2014 and you are planning to raise around 20 Crore rupees from the market. Kindly do not spread wrong information that your “purpose” is to give free courses to students, as clearly that not your motive.

    URL of Economic Times:


    Secondly, what about the professionals and the students who spent their (sometimes their parents’) hard earned money in purchasing the courses earlier. I wonder what happened to your generosity when you were charging Rs. 7800 for a LAW SCHOOL INDUCTION COURSE.

    • Hi Harshad,

      myLaw is offering free courses only for a specific and a very short duration. Their motive is not to dole out free courses but to create and sell quality courses which provide practical legal training.

      Secondly, we know for a fact that Rainmaker is a well-funded company run by quality people. Anyone who’s been taught by Kunal Mehra at LST will attest to the fact. Anyone’s who’s read pieces by Aju John will attest to the fact too.


      PS: Not defending a long time advertiser; just stating some facts.


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