Internship Experience @ M. N. Krishnamani [Former President SCBA, Author of Spiritual Books]

Name of the Intern

Manushi Desai

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

M. N. Krishnamani, Supreme Court Bar Association President, 7.

Application Process

Email through his P.A. or call and inquire.

Duration of internship and timings

Post college 3-8, Saturday , Sunday on. But if you go to court then the work hours tend to be 11-8 on miscellaneous days.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The Cabin is an Amazing 5 star Hotel Room filed with accolades. I talked with the associates who permitted a running internship, they taught me some basics of briefing which I imbibed in other future work and Sir is extremely kind and like a grandparent.

There are paintings by his son, a famous painter all through the office which are based on deities and still life.

The book collection is unique- Sir has English and American publications, a section on his own books and on mythology apart from Law books.

Main tasks

I got to attend conferences, hearings, brief juniors and research contentions.

Work environment and people

Three associates- very friendly and helped me with a few college assignments too! Wish I always be that lucky!

Work environment was respectful, pious, learning and people are extremely dedicated to work! MN Krishnamani Sir’s place is extremely nice and the people involving and cooperative.

mn krishnamani internship

Best things

Watching Sir counseling clients! Also, a Supreme Court Senior Lawyer is generally involved in social change and I got to attend one such event chaired by Sir and attended by Mr. Soli Sorabjee, Mr. Mukul Rohtagi and political leaders.

There was good food to follow and staff ensured we ate well and reached safely.

Bad things

I got scolded badly by a junior once!


Rs. 2500.

Biggest Lessons

Keep Calm and patience, invest in your hobbies, don’t scold, be humble and the best traits of Krishnamani Sir- Philantrophy and Leadership- he is President, four times, SCBA and encourages spiritual stuff!

Any Other Thing

The market is so inviting , I feel the interns and associates- who became a big bunch of amazing friends- hung out a lot more during lunch hours and it became a habit to eat it Big Chill or Dominos sometimes two-three times a week!

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