Internship Experience @ Little & Company, Mumbai: Research work and court visits

Name of the Intern


Name of the Firm

Little & Co., Advocates and Solicitors, Fort, Mumbai(400001)

Duration of the Internship

1st June 2015 – 30th June 2015

Method of landing the internship

Firstly you need to jot down a nice and proper Cover Letter.

Secondly you need to prepare your C.V. (Curriculum Vitae)

Next step is you need to prepare a mail along with your C.V. and Cover Letter attached and send it to

Ms. Rajni Divkar is the H.R. Managing authority of the firm

It would be beneficial if you send your mail to the H.R. 3 to 4 months before the actual commencement of your internship period so that the slots are not already filled up before your C.V. pokes in.

First Day of the Internship

Well talking about the first day, it was pretty new environment as it was my first law firm internship experience.

The receptionist will let you wait at the reception for some time till you are being directed about the firm.

Then you will enter the office area of the firm which looks quite alluring as it offers you a view of typical old age firms.

Afterwards, you would be taken to the specific area where interns work and later you would be directed about the rules and regulations of the firm by Mr. Viraj Khatlawala.

Work Assigned

In the first week you won’t be assigned with much work so that you could understand and observe the work culture of the firm.

In the second week you will be assigned your true work based on your performance in the first week of your internship.

If you have performed well in your first week then you would be assigned to a senior associate who will provide you a lot of quality work and will also let you assist him/her in the court visits.

But if your performance in the first week was not up to the mark then you will be assigned low quality work like research, making a case note etc.

Timings of the office

The official time of the firm is 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. and your attendance will also be marked at daily basis.

The official time is not a mandate as you also may have to work after 5 P.M. is asked to.

Accommodation nearby

There is a P.G. nearby the firm at a distance of hardly 400 meters

The name of the P.G. is P.G. Hostel.

It is located at Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai(400001)

One can contact its owner for inquiries

Owner Decription: Goldi Sood (+917718866916, +919870070115)

Places nearby the firm to hangout

There are many places nearby the firm to hangout with your friend. There are many restaurants and cafeteria in the firm’s area and after your day if off from the firm you can also go to the marine drive which is only at a distance of 1 kilometer from the firm.


They won’t provide you a single penny as stipend but the experience in itself is more than a stipend.


1. Its a great place for the beginners to start their internship experiences at.

2. You will be assigned work on the basis of your performance and willingness.

3. You can take as much tea and coffee as you want from the pantry without any charge.

4. The firm is located opposite to the high court so you need not travel a lot to visit the court.

5. The people working in the firm are quite friendly and are of very helping nature which makes it a very healthy work environment at the firm.


1. You don’t get anything as Stipend.

2. You don’t get much time to interact with the partners of the firm.

3. You won’t get much work to do if you don’t go and ask for it.

Advice for the readers
Work at your level best in the first week of your internship so as to cast a good impression on the associate you are assigned to. Try to ask for as much work as can so that you will get a lot of experience out of your internship.
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