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Law Students!

Hello! Namaste! Aadaab! Satsriaakal! Vandanamulu!

More than 5 and a half years back we started Lawctopus to be of a ‘helping hand’ to law students. Our logo then actually was a hand made to look like an octopus!

A large part of that ‘helping hand’ has been providing you with ‘internship experiences’ of your peers across the country, with a view to help you make informed choices about your internships and careers.

Have the internship experiences been useful? Definitely yes.

Have the internship experiences solved the problem of law students getting great internships? Not completely.

Think of Zomato here.

It can help you know what are the good restaurant options, but cannot guarantee you great food and a great dining experience!

Lawcopus wants to guarantee great internships to law students!

Yes. You heard that right.

To get an internship, you:

  1. spend months finding the internship;
  2. send dozens of emails;
  3. shift cities;
  4. devote a full month doing the internship (that’s nearly 200 hours);
  5. spend around Rs. 6000-12000 staying in a PG for a month;
  6. spend Rs. 3000 odd on travel;
  7. and many a times, you feel like Hey! This could have been better“.

We hear you.

We want to help you.

Help is at hand. Right here, right now.

Step by Step towards being a great lawyer!
Step by Step towards being a great lawyer!
If you value your time and money and want to have great internship experiences, read on!

Lawctopus Modular Internships will be carefully curated internship programs which guarantee you exceptional learning in a top notch work environment.

Here’s what we’ll do:

1. We’ll make a list of great organisations, big and small (NGOs, lawyers, law firms, companies, others).

We’ll make this list by actually visiting their offices, talking to the people there and educating them on what an intern needs.

2. You’ll be able to apply for these organisations with a click of a button.

We’ll ensure that each application is read and responded to.

If there’s something lacking, we’ll tell you that.

3. If you are selected, we’ll ensure that you have a great learning experience with our ‘modular learning’.

At every day of your internship, you’ll be handed a ‘module’, consisting of things you are expected to learn during that day. These are the things which make a great professional and a great lawyer.  These are the things you’ll learn because we’ve fulfilled on point 1.

With such internships under your belt, you’ll turn into a professional who’s confident and knows the practical niceties of law.

With such internships under your belt, you’ll be job read and competent to even start your own practice (provided you’ve done at least 3-4 of them)!

It’s true! It’s true!

Fees and sign-up

We’ll be pricing this at Rs. 1999/internship.

The money will be charged on you getting an assured internship AND on you actually doing the internship.

Also, in many cases, but not all, this should be recoverable through the stipend attached to the internship.

First 1000 sign-ups get early bird access to the Lawctopus Modular Internship Program. UPDATE [June 21 3 PM]: 100 sign-ups left.

Based on your response, we’ll either start or shelve the project!

Interested in the world of practical legal training ?


(This is just an initial ‘expression of interest’ form. You don’t need to pay for now).

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. Sir , this is something very wrong if you will do so though I know I will b able to pay then also this you are doing wrong

  2. Pimping internships? Great. Let’s make it harder to get internships for students that can’t afford to pay. I hope you realise the impact this will have on the entire internship ecosystem. Those that can afford to pay 2000 bucks will get a guaranteed internship, those with contacts will get an internship, but those in a low income household, as first generation lawyers, will be left with no opportunities. It doesn’t matter if I have a spectacular CV and a great skill set, I’ll be fending for myself – just as loads are doing now, but with the difference being that the richer students can get ahead just by virtue of being able to afford a ‘modular’ internship. Just the travel to and from the internship location is am expensive affair, why add monied privilege here? Maybe try to not disincentivize law for less privileged students, however good this idea may appear to be for your coffers?

      • And this will not really add much to our coffers. May Rs. 20 lakh/year in revenues. And maybe less than Rs. 10 lakh/year in profits. We are doing this to resolve the internship/practical legal education problem in the country. It’s easy being pessimistic and doubting the intentions and work of everyone. What would be more constructive is if and when you come up with a solution.

    • Dear Underprivileged Undergrad,

      If you want to practice Law or litigation side from grassroots courts to Supreme Court Acts are one and the same. For example if you want to specialize Civil Cases alone you should have thorough knowledge of Civil Procedure Code, Civil Rules of Practice, Indian Evidence Act and in case of Criminal Laws knowledge relating to IPc, Cr PC, Criminal Rules of Practice, Indian Evidence Act .. in addition to these you should have knowledge of filing procedure and trial system in each Court. Being fresher to the profession, without having guidance of a Senior it is difficult to prepare plaint or petition or written statement or counter or written argument. Particularly you should know the presentation of the facts before Court upto the satisfaction of the Court. To know this you can join office of any Trial Court Advocate in your area. Each and every Trial Court Advocate may not pay stipend. But you will get guidance from your Senior. What you have to know is “how to approach an Advocate to work with him/her?.”

      If you don’t know any Advocate you can visit the local Bar Association and make an enquiry about the Advocates those who are willing to guide you. If you are so sincere the doors are opened always. The only thing is you have to follow a right approach. Many Associations working for the welfare of Advocates are working. Still you had a doubt, visit the local Court and sit in the litigant bench and observe the functioning of the Court. Immediately any Advocate will spot you. Once you are spotted, you can open your heart before your Senior.

      Lawctopus launched the above programme. After completion the results will be known. I think their main purpose is bridging the gap between prospective law student and Senior Advocate.

      At Trial Court there is guarantee of guaranteed monthly income to all Advocates. Opportunities are very less. In case of High Courts, people from all districts within each State have to consult H.C. Advocates, in case of Supreme Court people from all States and U.Ts. have to consult Supreme Court Advocates. Because of Writ and Appellate Jurisdiction due to few Courts they had good opportunities to grow.

      My suggestion is study the structure of Courts from grassroots to Supreme Court for Civil and Criminal and specialized branch and commence your journey. If you want to learn you will have opportunities. As mentioned earlier the Students like you have to know how to approach? Don’t get depressed. One month internship will give an idea on how to appear before the Courts and how to prepare relevant documents and how to file cases.

  3. That is a brilliant opportunity and a great initiative from your side. As law students we do face a lot of difficulties finding quality internship where we can learn and progress continuously and not be stagnant after initial few days, especially internship offers drying up in law field in Mumbai for non graduates, this opportunity is literally a savior.

  4. Dear Lawctopus team

    .. read this sentence .. Hello! Namaste! Aadaab! Satsriaakal! Vandamullu! .. it is not Vandamullu it has to be rectified as Vandanamulu ( Vandanamu singular .. plural .. vandanamulu ) it is a Telugu word.

    Another sentence is .. Step by Step towards being a great lawyer! .. rectify this sentence as

    Step by Step towards being a ‘GREAT GLOBAL LAWYER’ .. why because think globally, act locally. The ultimate aim of our law students or interns is not becoming a great lawyer but transforming into Great Global Lawyer because of globalization.

    Entire world must admire the traditional legal skills of our Advocates. India is the birth place of Jagadgurus like Sri Adi Sankara, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Madhvacharya and the like. All of us are their successors. All these spiritual stalwarts are well versed with traditional Nyaya, Tarka, Mimamsa. Their skills in deciding what is Dharma and what is not? are commendable. Because of their skills we are worshipping them even today.

    We need not copy the western models. Our legal systems must be simplified. Complicated Trial system, filing procedures have to be simplified. Every Advocate from the grassroots must have perfect clarity of filing system and trial procedure depending on the jurisdiction and powers of the Courts as per CPC, Cr.P.C. and Principles of Natural Justrice. ( they have to know where Indian Evidence Act is applied and not applied )

    I think in future you have to conduct such Modular Internship programmes in all States and Districts also. Undergoing training is the best one instead of confusing what a Law Student has to do? Right guidance at the right time is always pave a way for the best future. It will save a lot of precious life, time and money.

    Lawctopus team is doing a wonderful job to revive the dignity and decorum of our legal profession. Your journey of thousand miles begins with a small step in 2016 will become a great movement in 2020 or 2025. When the Law Students are spending lakhs of rupees for law courses, can’t they spend Rs. 1,999/- for this training programme? Every right thinking parents and students will definitely utilize this wonderful programme. Allow the participants to pay the amount by different modes which should be very easier.

    Precisely say : DHARMO RAKSHATI RAKSHITHAH .. if we protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us. … You want to revive the forgotten Dharma in our country.

    Once the movement starts all associations working for the welfare of Advocates and Legal Cells will react. Right thinking Advocates can’t keep silence any more. They are watching your initiatives. Don’t worry.

    Wish Avyakta Brahman will bless you all and make this wonderful programme a very, very grand success.


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