LawSikho’s Online Certificate Course On Trademark Law: Applications Open

You know trademarks are useful. They are everywhere. But do you know the steps of getting your own trademark registered?

What all can you get trademarked? Marks, logos, generic phrases, or even your name?

Which countries should you get your trademarks registered in?

Can your trademark even help you get a desired domain name?

What are your rights in case of infringement? How can you ensure that the infringement doesn’t occur in the first place?

If you are a lawyer, how do you find the ways to get your client that very popular trademark that he has his eyes set on?

If you are a web developer, what are the legal complications if you build a domain for your client that is already a popular trademark?

Well, trademarks are great. They are your identity in the business world, but getting them registered can be a tricky task. Due to the ever increasing use of them, it is possible that your desired trademark is already taken. This is where you need to innovate and look for unconventional trademarks that effectively align with your product or service.

Your customer’s purchasing decision relies on your brand presence and reputation, and trademarks help you achieve that. They communicate with your consumers and convey your value attributes. They are also an asset, just like real estate, that can be sold, rented, licensed, and monetized through many other ways. The knowledge of the use and operations of trademarks cannot be emphasized enough.

Trademarks not only protect a business but also its consumers. When businesses are responsible for any products or services bearing their trademark, they tend to take more pride in products. To maintain a good reputation, trademarked companies will often work harder to provide quality services and products.

Equally beneficial for lawyers and freelancers and businesspersons alike, this one month course on Trademarks is enough to sort you out for life. Let’s see more about the course and pedagogy.

About The Course:

This course in trademark law will enable you to register a trademark (in India and internationally), protect unconventional trademarks like sounds, colour combinations and trade dress, create a trademark strategy that unlocks maximum value for your business, monetize trademarks through licensing, franchising and other strategies, deal effectively with unfair comparative advertising and enforce your rights in case of trademark infringement.

Course Contents:

Module 1: Secrets to building a powerful trademark strategy

Module 2: Steps for registering a trademark

Module 3: International registration of trademarks

Module 4: What are the different techniques for trademark exploitation?

Module 5: How to enforce your trademark

Module 6: Trademark infringement on the internet

Who Has Made This Course:

This course is designed and highly recommended by industry professionals that know the workings of the sector inside out.

Mathews V.C.: Associate Partner, Sujata Chaudhri IP Attorneys

Amartya Bag: Legal Consultant, Legal, Corporate, Strategy and Planning, SREI

Hiren Kamod: Independent Counsel, Bombay High Court

Deepshikha Sarkar: Associate, Saikrishna & Associates

Suman Bahrunani: Lawyer and Company Secretary

Benefits of this course:

Trademarks provide protection for both businesses and consumers, making them an important part of running a successful company. As a business professional, your knowledge of trademarks will go a long way in establishing your brand name in a way that makes it easily recognizable and a hit within your consumer community.

As a lawyer, your advice to your clients about trademarks can make or break their product. Your clients can also not know about how to maximize profits using just their trademarks, and you can advice them to do the same in innovative and unheard of ways.

As a law student, the whole intellectual property sector brings a lot of promise for you and in-depth knowledge of trademarks can help you conquer the sector pretty much. The opportunities are vast, and you don’t even need to be a practicing lawyer to advice anyone about rights and strategies related to trademark operations. Unlike patents or copyrights, everyone might need a trademark today, your potential  customers are all around you.

As a freelancer, you might indulge in various activities and trademarks can help you establish a brand out of yourself. Be it a graphic designer, a web developer, hairdresser, real estate agent, or any other thing you can think of. Trademarks can take your work to the next level.

Is This Course Certified?

Yes, absolutely. This online course is certified by LawSikho, an initiative of iPleaders, India’s No. 1 online legal education company.

Important Dates:

Apply anytime, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!

Duration: 1 Month

Fees: INR 3,000

Where To Enroll For The Course?

To enroll for this course, click here.

Contact Details:

Feel free to call on +91 11-3313-8901 or email us at

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