Are you a lawyer who is working in a technology company with no prior knowledge of “technology”?

Do you face difficulties in drafting technology contracts?

Do you as a tech-entrepreneur know what checklist do you need before drafting a technology contract?

If you are involved with a information technology or information security firm, a compliance team or managing an LPO, you would know that technology agreements are crucial for every tech company. It is imperative for you to understand the trends, industry norms and laws that govern such agreements.

Commercial space in technology is becoming a tougher place to survive by each passing day and as a business owner or a lawyer you need to ensure that a contract acts as more than transaction terms and conditions. It needs to be a security tool that can cope up with the dynamic environment.

A recent trend can be traced that companies are slowly moving towards fixed price technology contracts. As per this report by The Hindu Business Line, fixed-price contracts now account for 48% of the industry revenues. It is problematic because such contracts fail to take cognizance of the substantial risks and appreciate costs that can stem from the development, distribution, acquisition or use of the new technology and license software.

So what can we do to help you?

We have designed a highly practical, three-month long course for you which covers all the aspects of understanding, drafting and negotiating a technology agreement.

Right from understanding the legal implications of various technologies involved, vetting to putting it through a sealed agreement and finally closing the deal, this course covers it all.

The course is aimed at providing both technical and practical skill development with the knowledge you require to deliver equitable technology contracts for licensing, servicing, combining, structuring and protecting.

About the course

Over time, technology contracts have become complicated. It is not possible to work in key management or leadership position in a technology company or startup without knowing how to understand, draft, and negotiate technology-related agreements. This knowledge is critical whether you are outsourcing the creation of software, obtaining cloud-based services, preparing terms of service and privacy policy for a platform, granting a license or even uploading your content.

This course covers the latest issues in technology law without the use of jargon and does not require any prior knowledge. It is ideal if you want to start negotiating deals for your business or advise someone who is doing the same.

What is the course content?

Module 1: Introduction To Technology Contracts

Module 2: Software Licensing Contracts

Module 3: Website Related Agreements

Module 4: Other Technology Contracts

Module 5: Critical Interests To Be Protected In Technology Contracts

Module 6: How To Deal With Boilerplate Clauses

Who are the course makers?

The team behind the course include industry-academia panel with years of experience of working with the top law firms, large MNCs, startups, and government projects. Our create creators, among others, include:

Apar Gupta, Advocate: He has been one of the five briefing counsels in the Right To Privacy case.

Arpit Ratan, Lawyer and Entrepreneur: He was recently featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 for his FinTech Startup Signzy Technologies.

Pingal Khan, Partner at Ashlar Law Firm

Amartya Bag, Consultant – Legal, Corporate Strategy & Planning at SREI

Is this course certified?

Yes. Absolutely! This course is certified by LawSikho, an initiative of iPleaders, India’s largest online legal education company.

FEES: INR 3000

DURATION: 3 Months

APPLICATION DEADLINE: None. Apply anytime!

Important Dates

Apply anytime, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!

Where to enroll for the course?

To enroll in this course, click here.

Contact Details

Feel free to call on +91 11-3313-8901 or email us at in case you have any queries.

Learn on the go – get immediate access to the web, Android, and iOS on enrollment!



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