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This is what I am at my new job. Switching from a stable cushioned job was easy. Landing a new one was not so bad either. But sticking it out on the new front is a daily battle. With so many new things to learn from scratch, erring in everything from writing to researching, I feel like a rookie again. Uncertain about what I should do, I rely on the experienced bosses and manager for guidance. They’ve been doing the job longer than I am, after all.

Last week, my boss suggested that maybe I should write an article for human resource personnel to help them understand labour laws a little better. They have to deal with such laws on a daily basis in their jobs, so it could be useful for them.

As an obedient and clueless rookie, I took the advice and started writing. However, there were so many articles on that very same topic that existed on the blog. I had to change the theme of my article. I had done the research, and I knew that more people (including human resource personnel) could benefit from such an article.

I genuinely believe that everyone should know laws. My aim in life is to be able to simplify the legal jargon so that even a layperson can understand them and be aware of his rights. After all, laws affect everyone. So I changed the theme and ended up writing an article about the rights of a private employee in India instead.

I relied on my instincts and tried to simplify what an employee should know about the labour laws in India. The article was received surprisingly well. Some people even reached out to me for advice. It helped me realise that there were other people out there, who were facing some kind of grievance at their employment. They also needed to know more about what they should do about it, on a day to day basis.

There are ways to learn about one’s rights. You could rely on the internet, newspapers, articles, blogs, experts, etc. The problem is, they are someone else’s opinion or take on things. They could be right (or not). But it is their interpretation of something, which is available for you to understand as well.

It is within your reach to learn about industrial and labour laws. You can know first hand, what you’re due or what you need to know about your employment. From your salary components, leaves, PF, gratuity, healthy work environment, non-compete,etc., you can know all your rights. You could rely on others to guide you through life. But there is no greater joy than to do things and learn on your own. Rely on yourself instead, and take a step towards learning.

It is not just for your knowledge, it also adds to your resume. Employees who demonstrate extra skill sets beyond their regular scope of work, are more sought after. After all, they show that they are willing to broaden their horizons. Have you seen how all the top jobs require a varied range of knowledge in marketing, sales, finance, laws, administration, etc.? They have to make informed decisions for all of them, and they need able experts to assist them. You could be that expert!

We at LawSikho believe in constant learning. Therefore, we bring to you the most comprehensive Diploma in Industrial and Labour Laws which is designed to be practical and task oriented. You could be a human resource professional, a private employee, a student, a lawyer, an intern or even an employer – everyone can learn this.

We try to bridge the gap where traditional or e-learning falls short. You get a thoroughly curated curriculum along with reading materials, video sessions, self-assessment quizzes, weekly exercises and regular feedback sessions. This helps you build a knowledge base in industrial and labour laws, including the rights and obligations of employees and employers. We help you develop your skills in this area with constant exercises and regular feedback.

We have limited seats in our batch. As we have provision for live interaction and private feedback along with weekly classes, we cannot admit more than 20 students in a batch. Please note that over 50% of the seats are filled up so far. Do hurry and book your seats, as after 20 seats are filled up, we will not be able to take your admission.

Course Commencement Date: 16th July 2018, Monday

Last Date To Enroll For The Course: 15th July 2018, Sunday

Course Fee: INR 20,000 [Introductory Price – Available Only Till 15th July 2018]

Duration Of The Course: 1 Year

Seats: 20 (Limited Seats)

To enroll: click here.

Join now. The seats are filling fast. If you join now, you get access to the materials right away. You can start learning right away, and the exercises and live classes will start on the designated start date.

Do you have a question regarding the course? Do you want to explore how you can use this course to progress in your career?

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For any of the above queries, please email us at or schedule a career counselling session by calling 011-39595032.

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