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LawSikho’s Company Law Course: Applications Open

By: Snigdha | September 14, 2018

Why do lawyers need to know company law? As a litigation lawyer and then as an in-house lawyer, it did not make sense to me, at least in the beginning.

Then I realised all roads lead to company laws, if you are dealing with any company or other entities covered under the companies laws! It is the very basis of all activities, actions, decisions, dispute resolution, etc.

For instance, what is the extent of interference or involvement of NCLT in an IBC proceedings? Do they intervene at every stage of the IBC proceedings, while the resolutions are in the works, or only when they are finalised?

The Supreme Court posed this question to the NCLT and stated NCLT shall stall proceedings before finalisation of a resolution plan must stop and and the tribunal should not be allowed to intervene till the committee of creditors took a final view.

Corporate law experts are in high demand with all kinds of businesses, law firms, MNCs, etc. With the changing laws and regulations, they need experts to comply with them and find creative strategies in order to accommodate the business requirements.

In the famous acquisition deal of Flipkart by Walmart, there were teams of lawyers from both sides, trying to figure out the optimal way for approval of the merger. There were strategies planned in order to structure the transaction such that, the deal was approved by CCI.

We at LawSikho researched long and hard to understand the most common applications of company law and what one needs to do in day to day work as far as company law is concerned, and created a comprehensive course on Executive Certificate Course on Companies Act.

Read on to understand how this 3 month course can make a big difference to your career.

What is the career potential after doing this course?

If you are interested in working with companies as a lawyer or compliance specialist or a corporate lawyer, or with a law firm specializing in M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital, general corporate or banking transactions teams, then this course is for you.

Company law is not only a technical subject, but quite cut and dry in the manner it is taught. You need to know the provisions of the statute,  so generally that is what is being taught in classes and textbooks. Such an approach to company laws only ensures that the lawyers and students have a superficial knowledge and not deep-dive into the subject.

The knowledge of company laws is necessary if you are working or planning to work with the sectors like corporate, banking, legal, finance, and all major corporations.The in-house legal teams in any business, law firms, corporate litigators, compliance teams in corporations, large conglomerates are looking for expert corporate lawyers with a firm grip on company laws.

Who should take this course:

This course is useful for the directors of companies, compliance officers, CA and CS professionals, corporate lawyers, lawyers and law students interested in working with general corporate teams, commercial litigation teams, corporate litigation teams with law firms or the in-house legal jobs.

How do we train you?

You get access to the study material through the digital learning management system, available on Android and iOS applications. The hard copy of the study materials is couriered to your address. You get live video sessions held after regular work hours along with 2 practical weekly exercises followed by written feedback. You get to ask questions, clear your doubts in the live session or the online forums. You get to learn conveniently on the go!

What is unique about this course?

Generally when we start learning, especially in online courses people start and end with reading the study materials. This course is not about learning the provisions of the statute and case laws.

This course is intensive and not just theoretical, it has hands on practical lessons, where your drafting skills are honed. You learn what lawyers and professionals do practically on a regular basis.

You need to spend 8-10 hours per week on this course. This course will provide you feedback, coaching from trainer to help you improve the work you produce. You will be writing an article per month under expert guidance which will publish on iPleaders blog or other publications. You will get a free course on professional networking, CV writing and interview skills so that you can easily find jobs.

Students who perform well in class get recommendation to top law firms for jobs and internships.

After completing the course, you will be able to do compliance work, provide strategic inputs and be at ease with company law aspects of various transactions as well as litigation.  Specialised learning such as corporate governance pertaining to multinational entities and their subsidiaries, or drafting of a shareholders agreement is provided which is not taught at law schools or any other courses.

Checklists, sample documents are provided as part of the curriculum so that the students can strategise and improvise accordingly.

Industry contributors:
  • Sunil Agarwal, Senior Taxation Partner at AZB and Partners
  • Ketan Mukhija, Partner at P&A Law Offices (Former Senior VP – Legal of SREI Group)
  • Shivi Agarwal, Partner, Amicus
  • Binoy Parikh, Chartered Accountant, Katalyst Advisors LLP
  • Mahesh Gupta, Practising Company Secretary, M. C. Gupta & Co.
What will you learn?

You learn how to decide when and how to incorporate a company, and which kind?

Learn about the regulation of appointments, liabilities, functions, resignation and removal of officers and key managerial personnel of a company and undertakings for a share buyback.

You can learn how to structure the M&A transactions, directors’ liability under Companies Act, how minority shareholders can operationally claim their rights against  oppression and mismanagement, etc.

Module 1: How to Start A Company  

Module 2: Company Officers and Key Managerial Personnel

Module 3: How to Run a Company: Management and Administration

Module 4: Capital Markets and Share related dealings

Module 5: Mergers and Acquisitions

Module 6: Inter-corporate transactions and RPTs

Module 7: Corporate Accounts and Auditors

Module 8: Corporate Social Responsibility

Module 9: How to obtain information about a company

Module 10: Administrative and appellate authorities

Module 11: Minority rights, oppression & mismanagement

Module 12: Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Winding up of a company

If you want to check out the whole syllabus, please click here.

Sample Exercises
  • Draft clauses of Memorandum and Articles of Association to achieve specific objectives
  • Draft clauses of an employee stock option scheme
  • Draft a notice and agenda of board meeting and drafting resolutions for items from the agenda
  • Draft clauses of scheme of arrangement
  • Draft clauses of Articles of Association to protect interests of shareholders
Course Details:

Last Date of Enrollment: 14th September, 2018

Batch Commencement Date: 15th September, 2018

Duration: 3 months

Course: INR 10,000/- (including GST)

To enroll for this course, click here.

For any of queries, please email us at support@lawsikho.com or schedule a career counselling session by calling 011-39595032.

Learn on the go! Get immediate access on the Web, Android, and iOS on enrolment.

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