Students who've been provisionally selected 
for being the Lawctopus' college managers 
have been sent an email with a test task.

If you think you sent in a good application but 
haven't received the email (check your spam folder too), 
please send an email to tanuj.kalia@lawctopus.com

Be a part of the world’s largest website for law students.

Make your own significant contribution (brick by brick) to Lawctopus, where we’ve pledged to help law students in India with useful content of all types.

Be a part of the team that will make Lawctopus 2.0, a bigger, better Lawctopus!

Did someone say, what’s in it for me?
  1. Get internships courtesy our awesome contacts!
  2. Earn money when you bring business for us. Earn money through the internal competitions that are organised.
  3. Get discounts for the awesome courses we advertise.
  4. Benefit from our tie-up with LexisNexis (books, events and more!).
  5. Get free media passes for conferences and seminars.
  6. Connect with fellow college managers throughout India!
  7. Get a certificate on successful completion of your tenure.
  8. Personalized CV review, internship advice and career counselling.

With all this, we’ll help you make yourself stand-out from the crowd!

We make your richer in every way possible.

And with our new, bigger team recruited with Lawctopus 2.0 in mind, we’ll make sure that being a Lawctopus College Manager is worth your time.

Who can be a college manager? What are the qualifications?

Any law student in any law college in India.

You should be a proactive, sincere chap. You should be willing to work hard and take initiative. This is a serious commitment.

What are your responsibilities?
  1. Tell us about newsworthy events and opportunities conducted/held in your college.
  2. Encourage students in your college (regularly) to contribute internship experiences, law school reviews and blogs.
  3. Help us promote our advertisers and our products/services in your college.
  4. Help us connect to various people in your college.
  5. Generally promote the Lawctopus brand on social media and beyond!

lawctopus cropped

I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. How will this help with the internships as it is mentioned in the description…I will put all my effort to this cause if I come to know how will it help seeking good to great internships in my city which is Mumbai.

  2. How would the successful participants get informed about the results?And similarly do the unsuccessful one would be reported of the same?

  3. Well, I have some more referrals, which I would like to add. How can I do that?
    Because I am ready to work as the manager in our college for Lawctopus.

    • Certificate, yes, if you do all the allotted tasks (which aren’t too many).

      Paid, yes, if you get us business, or win of the competitions we organize for our college managers.


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