First published on January 21.

It’s the internship season and we thought our readers will find the article useful.

It’s surprising that ‘building contacts’ is a detestable, slimy phrase for so many law students.

Actually, here’s what it means:

1. Being vulnerable enough to be the first to say Hi.

2. Listening. Really listening.

3. Being compassionate. Putting yourself in the other’s shoes.

4. Making a contribution to the other because of the possibility you see in that other. (It needn’t be serious all the time. It could be just a fun conversation/event).

As a result, you make the pie bigger.

Building contacts=building relationships.

Thinking that success comes through the insane hours of a lone genius is a very limited view of life and success.

Success comes when you deal with people. And dealing with people means building relationships.

PS: A lot of what I’ve written can be attributed to the Landmark Forum (I’ll highly recommend the Landmark Education to everyone).

A law student hunting for internships!
A law student hunting for internships!
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