Law Students Need to Embrace ‘Building Contacts’ or Die. Some Advice

First published on January 21.

It’s the internship season and we thought our readers will find the article useful.

It’s surprising that ‘building contacts’ is a detestable, slimy phrase for so many law students.

Actually, here’s what it means:

1. Being vulnerable enough to be the first to say Hi.

2. Listening. Really listening.

3. Being compassionate. Putting yourself in the other’s shoes.

4. Making a contribution to the other because of the possibility you see in that other. (It needn’t be serious all the time. It could be just a fun conversation/event).

As a result, you make the pie bigger.

Building contacts=building relationships.

Thinking that success comes through the insane hours of a lone genius is a very limited view of life and success.

Success comes when you deal with people. And dealing with people means building relationships.

PS: A lot of what I’ve written can be attributed to the Landmark Forum (I’ll highly recommend the Landmark Education to everyone).

A law student hunting for internships!
A law student hunting for internships!


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